SFL Communications

Updated June 15, 2021

Now that the SFL season has wrapped up, the league’s off-season hits the ground running with owner meetings, beginning with a preliminary meeting Tuesday May 11 to finalize team lineup and business structure for Season 17 and beyond. Owner Meetings will hit full stride during a conference call on Wednesday May 19 to go over all proposals submitted for discussion and voting.

The full off-season calendar is below, headlined by the start of re-signing (May 31), the start of free agency (June 17), the SFLm Championship (June 20), the schedule release (June 22) and the SFL Rookie Draft (June 26-27).

Off-season signing and roster completion dates could be pushed back as automation projects for contracts nears completion. Automation of rosters could provide relief in July when rosters are usually built by hand, which typically takes a full 7-10 days plus a reporting period to check for manual human errors, meaning the three weeks of roster-building prior to the season may not be needed.