Written by Stefaun Forge

Forging Some Thoughts

Welcome to ‘Thoughts From the Forge’. This column is simply some of my thoughts and opinions as relates to the SFLm. It is in no way designed or intended to offend or disparage any player or team. The content will change every week based on how the season progresses. Please enjoy it!

Let’s start right at the top.

The Albuquerque Atoms are the best team in SFLm after 3 weeks. The have shown themselves to be a complete team with both good offense and good defense. They are undefeated having beaten San Jose, Lexington and Tacoma. They are the only loss for both San Jose and Lexington who are both 2-1. They are the only team to contain Lexington RB Baylee O’Shaughnessy, a testament to their defensive prowess. Holding him to 24-82, 1 TD, – in his other 2 games he totalled 59-331 with 4 TDs. More on him later. Their offensive line is anchored by man-mountain Zee Cummings, seriously, dude is HUGE at 6’8” 350! He has the makings of a dominant center for years to come. They have the league’s leading rusher in RB Douglas Brown and standout WR Nate Ritters. The one trouble spot that continued to show up against Tacoma is turnovers. They have 8 total in 3 games and a -6 ratio. Correct that and they may be almost unbeatable.

I said there would be more on Baylee O’Shaughnessy later…Here it is.

No offense to all the outstanding players in the SFLm, but O’Shaughnessy IS currently the #1 prospect in the SFLm. His smooth running style, speed and knack for the big play are reminiscent of current SFL superstar, Robert Redford. He also has shown ability as a pass catcher with 22 receptions for 149 yards. While the yardage may not stand out, the volume of catches do, currently ranking 4th in the SFLm. All due respect must go to Douglas Brown of Albuquerque, who is definitely top notch as well with more rush yards on fewer carries, the same rush TDs plus a receiving TD. The volume of receptions and receiving yardage give O’Shaughnessy the nod.

The Birmingham Fuel are MUCH better than the record shows.

Their defense is a force. Among the 5 teams that have played 3 games, they rank 2nd in points allowed. 1st against the pass. 1st in total yards. They have shown some difficulty against the run ranking 4th, though they rank 1st in pass TDs allowed with 0. No it’s not a misprint. They have allowed 4 rush TDs but…they are tied for fewest total TDs allowed with San Jose and Salt Lake with 4. Both those teams are currently top 4 in the standings. The offense has had significant struggles but considering the youth of this team and the level their defense is already at, they are a team to watch going forward this season and a team that should be among the favourites in Season 4.

Did anyone else see the game Ottawa QB Scar Patterson had this week?!?!

Yes, he is my teammate but check the stats…31-48 338 and 4TDs – each of those led the league this week. For that matter, has anyone seen the season he is having so far? With only 2 games played, he ranks 3rd in completions (64), tied for 3rd in attempts (100), 4th in yards (655), 4th in comp % (64), 2nd in TDs (6), has the 2nd fewest INTs (2) and ranks 1st in QBR at 94.4. The numbers speak loudly for themselves. Scar is leaving defenses ‘scarred’.

Editor’s Note: The SFL Written Content Team can not be held responsible for any split sides or permanently rolled eyes after that pun. Thank you.

Lastly San Jose QB Joseph Green lived up to the “Mean” moniker with his last second Hail Mary to snatch victory away from Madison in a dramatic fashion. Crazy finishes carry over from the SFL to SFLm!

That’s all my thoughts for now. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to next week’s! Best of luck to everyone in Week 4!