A Clearer Picture

Episode 11 – Jacob Bouvette

A one on one interview with Jacob Bouvette

Clear – Good evening, and welcome back to another episode of A Clearer Picture, the interview series uncovering the stories behind the stars in the SFL. Tonight, we aren’t joined by a player, but a team owner! Welcome in, team owner of the Portland Fleet, Jacob Bouvette! Welcome in Jacob!

Bouvette – Pleasure to be here.

Clear – You joined the league in S14 – how did the SFL find you?

Bouvette– I joined the league officially in Week 4 of Season 14 as the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator for the Denver Nightwings. I found the league in a bar at around 11:30pm after a night of drinking.

Clear – It was a great surprise when you did enter the league – how did you get onto Denver?

Bouvette– Well I was posting games that my buddy and I were simulating in general chat. I guess that’s what caught team owner, Jeremy Vega’s eyes.

Clear – So who is Jacob Bouvette? Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the SFL?

Bouvette– Well I am 42 years old and I own an antique mall in Spokane Valley WA. I coach a women’s modified softball team; I have been doing that now for 11 years.  I also have 30 or so chickens and one turkey.

Clear – What made you decide you wanted to enter ownership?

Bouvette– When I found the league, I told my buddy that I will be an owner one day.  If you asked my wife, when I get into something, I jump in head-first. I knew E-sports was going to explode and I wanted to be part of the explosion and promote an up-and-coming sport.

Clear – What was the expansion process like and how did the Fleet come to life?

Bouvette– The expansion process is a very tedious one; you have to show the other owners that you have what it takes to be an owner.  The Fleet came to life when I was on the Oregon coast and I saw a few US Coast Guard ships just doing their patrols and that’s when it came to me – the Portland Fleet.

Clear – Tell us about the Fleet – what’s the locker room like and what are your staff like?

Bouvette– The locker room is, in my opinion, one of the best in the league! We had a 2-10 Season 15 and kept all but 3 players (1 retired), one went to Carolina, then Connor [Weston] went to San Diego.  This year, we ended the season on a 3-game winning streak and ended the season 5-7. The locker room is jacked for next season!  My staff again, in my opinion, is the best in the league, with Mel Davis leading the team as the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator. He puts in close to 30 hours a week game planning and making sure we are always competitive in games. Nelson Lozano as GM – he puts in a lot of work, talking to rookies and making sure they fit our teams’ values and visions. Then you have Art Vandelay, who is the defensive co-ordinator, and he also has found his zone this season.

Clear – What does the SFL itself mean to you on a personal level?

Bouvette– It’s a brotherhood and sisterhood that, I can say now, I couldn’t live without. I have met lifelong friends that I wouldn’t have ever met if I didn’t join the SFL.

Clear – What does the future hold for Jacob Bouvette and the Portland Fleet?

Bouvette– The way I see it, the future looks very bright for the Portland Fleet in the up and coming season(s).  I can’t wait to see all the hard work the players and staff have put in come out on the field in the very near future.

Clear – Appreciate your time, Jacob.

Bouvette– You’re very welcome!

That concludes another episode of A Clearer Picture. If you would like to get on in a future episode, send Jacob Clear a Discord DM. See you next week!