Written by Josh Farnzy

Images by Hubba Kimbrel

The Rookie Index – 4.0
Congrats on finishing your first full season, rookies! (Well, except you, Houston and London. Finish strong). Now, it’s time to be good little freshmen and go out retrieve that championship for your squad. Many rookies are on deck to officially pivot from first-time-SFLers to first-time-playoff-ers. SFL-playoff-ites? SFL-playoff-ians? Whatever. We can let these ideas breathe a little. While dozens will be in position to start making playoff memories, there are a handful of rookies that stand to have the most impact in front of them during the postseason. This doesn’t mean the four best rookies in the playoffs necessarily. (Although if you are one of these four, go ahead and say you’re the best. Sure. You’re the best. Why not? Feel better?) See the ones who the Rookie Index believes as needing to have the greatest impact in order to help their team survive and advance, in no particular order.