Written by Jeff Gagne

It’s almost that time of the year again, can you feel it? SFL teams are getting ready for the playoff push. The rookie prospects are getting restless and want to get on the field. For some, this is their last chance at their dream. For others, it is the very start of their journey. It is truly an exciting time in the league! As I begin my personal scouting, and using my time in the community discord chats, I have put together a list of some of the prospects that have really stood out. This combines their activity, their creativeness, their attitude, their build, their tenure all in one ranking. Who knows how this list will hold up come even week one, things change so fast in the SFLm. However these are the top 25 prospects I will have my eye on week one, who will move up the list and who will fall off it? I can’t wait to find out this coming Friday, April 16th!

  1. Axel Raven LB Tacoma
  2. Dante Grimm SS Atoms
  3. Aaron Alexander FB Lexington
  4. Terrell Southerland FB Salt Lake City
  5. Baylee O’Shaughnessy RB Lexington
  6. Leon Thunderman LB Madison
  7. Robert Krohn DE San Jose
  8. Juice Parrish TE San Jose
  9. Brogan Speraw DE Lexington
  10. Perrin Aybara OL Ottawa
  11. David Ware LB Atoms
  12. Josh Styles WR Ottawa
  13. Douglas Brown RB Atoms
  14. Tommy Utah QB Salt Lake City
  15. Everette Willis LB Tacoma
  16. David Burr QB Lexington
  17. Stefuan Forge LB Ottawa
  18. Myles Gibson LB Memphis
  19. OJ Bruin QB Memphis
  20. Hattori Hanzo FB Tacoma
  21. Joseph Green QB San Jose
  22. Chance Wall DT Madison
  23. Justice Blackwell WR Madison
  24. Daryll Bullock CB Lexington
  25. Jimmy Hazard RB San Jose

Don’t see your name on the preseason top 25 prospects? Feel you’re ranked too low? Does it upset you? Well what are you going to do about it? The best advice one can give is to be active, be knowledgeable and be known. Get into chat and say more than just good morning every day. Work with your coaches to ensure you have a build that is attractive to teams in the draft. Market yourself, get to know players, GMs and Owners so that they know what you bring to the table. This list could and likely will mean nothing come draft day. Remember, the content team doesn’t know what goes on behind the closed doors or private chats. However, your future is in your hands. What are you going to do with it rookies?

Let the debates begin…