Written By Ashley Jackson

Images by Jon Bond, Cam Irvine


“When you’re GOOD at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re GREAT at something, they’ll tell you.”

Walter Payton, Chicago Bears


The weeks of the regular season have dwindled down to only one game left. Teams are giving it all they got and players are putting on some of the best performances that we have seen this season. Being “Great” manifests itself in what you do on the field when the game is on the line and your team relies on you to make that game winning play. Our Players Of The Week showed this and so much more. The feeling of greatness is just like heaven and here are the picks for week 11!




Offensive Player Of The Week: Jarrod McChessney, RB, Denver

This week, SFL football felt like the playoffs had already started featuring matchups that where past playoff and championship contenders at one point. In one of the classic battles, the Denver Nightwings took on the Sioux Falls Sparrows and won the game 50-24. The Offensive Player Of The Week has been making his Mark in the league for a very long time and again proves why he is an important member of his team. He is Mr. Jarrod McChessney, Running Back for the Denver Nightwings. McChessney made an impact by having 24 Carries for 257 Yards averaging 10.7 Yards Per Carry and he had two Touchdowns with his longest carry being 41 Yards. In addition, he had six Receptions for 41 Yards averaging 6.8 Yards Per Catch with one receiving Touchdown that was for 14 Yards. He is a Pillar of Strength and will remain one of the league’s top running backs for a very long time. Congratulations Mr. McChessney!


Runner Up: Robert Redford, RB, Vancouver

Runner Up for Offensive Player Of The Week is Mr. Robert Redford, Running Back for the Vancouver Legion. In their win over the Jacksonville Kings, 43 to 37, Redford had 24 Carries for 238 Yards. He averaged 10 Yards Per Carry with three rushing Touchdowns and his longest carry was for 67 Yards. He also had six receptions for 40 Yards averaging 6.7 Yards Per Catch and his longest catch was for 18 Yards. Excellent work Mr. Redford!


Honorable Mention: BDG Hollewood, RB, Atlanta

Honorable Mention for Offensive Player Of The Week is none other than Mr. BDG Hollewood, Running Back for the Atlanta Swarm. In their win over Arizona 37 to 29, Hollewood had 39 Carries 147 Yards averaging 3.8 Yards Per Carry. He also had three Touchdowns and his longest carry was for 56 Yards. Well done Mr. Hollewood!




Defensive Player Of The Week: Kanye Rockafella, FS, District of Columbia

Making it work when your back is against the rope is how you pull out major victories on the field. In a morale-boosting team win for the DC Dragons over the Houston Hyenas, 17 -12, the Defensive Player Of The Week made sure that his presence was felt on the field. He is Mr. Kanye Rockafella, Free Safety for the DC Dragons. Rockefella definitely contributed to his team win by having six Tackles, three Assists, two Interceptions for 24 yards and his longest return was for 21 Yards. He showcased his talents even more by having 3 Kick Returns for 139 Yards and one Kick Return Touchdown as well. He has been a part of this community for a long time and if he continues to make plays happen like these, he will be a Hall of Famer in no time! Congratulations Kanye!


Runner Up: Tanner Hendrix, CB, London

Runner Up for Defensive Player Of The Week is Mr. Tanner Hendrix, Cornerback for the London Knights. Hendricks managed to make 6 Tackles, 1 Pass Deflection, 3 Interceptions for 47 Yards and his longest return was 28 Yards. Great job Tanner!


Honorable Mention: Slinn Shady, LB, Las Vegas

Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. Slinn Shady, Linebacker for the Las Vegas Fury. Shady had 9 Tackles, 2 Pass Deflections and  2 Forced Fumbles. With his performance this week he tied the single game record for Forced Fumbles as well! Brilliant Slinn!


Special Teams

Sometimes you don’t have to win the game to make a huge impact on the field. In a tough loss against the Fort Worth Toros 24-37, the London Knights put on a great performance in particularly their wide receiver/ special teams contributor.


Special Teams Player Of The Week: Dustin Zeck, WR/KR, London

Mr. Dustin Zeck, Wide Receiver for the London Knights. Zeck had a fantastic performance that directly effected his team’s ability to stay in the game . He had 7 Kick Returns for 328 Yards but his 2 back to back Kick Return Touchdowns, with 103 yards being the longest, gave London and SFL fans something to remember! If he keeps performing like this, he will be in the record books very soon for his efforts. Congratulations Mr. Zeck!


Runner Up: Jacob McCall, WR/KR, Arizona

Runner Up for Special Teams Player Of The Week is Mr. Jacob McCall, Wide Receiver for the Arizona Scorpions. In their loss to the Atlanta Swarm, McCall managed to have 8 Kick Returns for 274 Yards. He also had 1 Touchdown and his longest return was for 105 Yards. With hard work and perseverance this young man can go far in this league. Great work Mr. McCall!


Honorable Mention: Kramer Jackman, K, Denver

Honorable Mention for Special Teams Player Of The Week is Mr. Kramer Jackman, Kicker for the Denver Nightwings. Jackman had 5 Field Goals made out of 5 Attempts and his longest Field Goal was for 52 Yards. Nice job Mr. Jackman!


Congrats to all the Awardees!