Written by Hunter Norwood

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets.

Hunter Norwood (HN): If you are interested in possibly joining the team in either an analyst role or content role please reach out to me by DM on Discord (Xivilai47#0421). We are looking into potentially branching out into a general SFL brand to give us and others space and support for larger projects within the SFL data landscape.
To further clarify this: You do not have to join the Kings for this. This will be its own thing within the SFL; think like a more advanced and focused stats team. If you have ever wanted to work on and bring to life any sort of advanced metrics or bring up cool stats you’ll have a play to work on them and have others to help you along the way. We have ideas that have sat on the backburner due to limited time(SFL stat database or SFL Scorigami to name a few) and I have heard of others ideas like a SFL fantasy league that are on hold due to time restraints.

We would love to have a place you can call home to nerd out on stats, talk about trends and outliers or create the content you wish to make within the SFL ecosystem. If any of that sounds intriguing you know where to find me.

Jack Wall couldn’t be here this week as he is looking into investment property in Shelbyville, so he can become a lemon farmer!

Biggest movers: Tulsa Desperados(+4), Portland Fleet(+4), Charleston Predators(-4), London Knights*(-4)
*: The reasoning is explained in their section.



(-)1. Denver Nightwings (10-1)


(-)2. Florida Storm (9-2)


(-)3. Baltimore Vultures (7-4)


(-)4. Jacksonville Kings (7-4)


(-)5. Vancouver Legion (7-4)

HN: For reference here the Legion are 0.7 Elo points off from the Kings despite the win last week.


(-)6. Fort Worth Toros (8-3)

HN: Are the Toros overrated in the standings or are they underrated by Elo? I guess we’ll find out soon.


(-)7. Mexico City Aztecs (7-4)


(-)8. Lone Star Glory (6-5)


(+1)9. Atlanta Swarm (5-6)

HN: Atlanta in the Top 10 but not in the playoffs just yet. Will Elo pull through?


(+2)10. Las Vegas Fury (7-4)


(+3)11. Los Angeles Lycans (6-5)


(-1)12. Louisiana Revolution (3-8)


(-4)13. Charleston Predators (5-6)


(+1)14. Houston Hyenas (5-5)


(+4)15. Tulsa Desperados (6-5)

HN: Tulsa at home vs. St. Louis for the division title and a spot in the playoffs is a helluva storyline that I wasn’t expecting.


(-3)16. Arizona Scorpions (5-6)

HN: I spoke too soon on the late season push.


(-1)17. Sioux Falls Sparrows (3-8)


(+4)18. Portland Fleet (4-7)


(+1)19. Carolina Skyhawks (5-6)


(-3)20. St. Louis Gladiators (6-5)


(+2)21. D.C. Dragons (3-8)


(-4)22. London Knights (5-5) 

HN: This is more so a product of having to take away their Elo gains from the rescheduled game so look for London to gain back their spots assuming they repeat as winners in the game against Houston.


(-2)23. Queen City Corsairs (3-8)

HN: Maybe now really is a good time to clean house and start over for the Corsairs.


(-)24. San Diego Mavericks (0-11)


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