Written by Ashley Jackson, Tony Benefield

Images by Jon Bond


Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” –Mike Singletary

Finding  a community like the Simulation Football League allows you to have an experience of playing football that may not be given otherwise. The opportunity to play, even if it is a simulation, can have a positive impact on someone’s life. Whether it be the lack of talent, physical or mental ability, or anything else that would prohibit you from being on the field in real life, having this experience is memorable, entertaining, and satisfying win or lose. The Players Of The Week this week made a difference in the games that were played and for some, allowed the their team to inch closer to a Championship. The festivities of week 10 finally comes to an end, and without further delay here are the picks for week 10!




Offensive Player Of The Week: D.J. Moses II, RB, Arizona

In the Dust Bowl Battle of Spring 2021, the Arizona Scorpions battled the Tulsa Desperados and won the game 44-33. In a game so nice that it had to be played twice, the Offensive Player Of The Week came back after suffering a devastating injury last week to being one of the dominating forces for Arizona. He is running back, Mr. D.J. Moses II of the Scorpions. Moses’ top tier performance included 22 Carries for 239 Yards averaging 7.5 Yards Per Carry along with 3 crucial Touchdowns and a longest run of 45 Yards. He also had 5 Receptions for 38 Yards averaging 7.6 Yards Per Catch and his longest Reception was for 19 Yards. Moses parted the defense on the field and helped lead his team to victory. If D.J. keeps playing that song all night long, the Scorpions could stand to make a great playoff run. Congratulations Mr. Moses!


Runner Up: Cameron Curtis, QB, Fort Worth

Our Runner Up for Offensive Player Of The Week had an amazing game showing off his skills as a top ranked Quarterback and he is Mr. Cameron Curtis of the Fort Worth Toros. In his phenomenal performance over the Mexico City Aztecs 38-31, Curtis had 19 Completions out of 22 Attempts and 333 Passing Yards. He also had four Touchdowns and his longest pass was for 77 Yards with a Completion Percentage of 86.36 and a perfect passer rating of  158.3. The Tex-Mex Division is known to be one of the most dominant Divisions in our League and with players like Curtis, it is easy to see why. Great work Mr. Curtis!


Honorable Mention: Ezekiel Love, RB, Portland

Honorable Mention for Offensive Player Of The Week has to go to Mr.Ezekiel Love , Running Back for the Portland Fleet. Love directly helped his team win over the L.A. Lycans, contributing 34 Attempts for 170 Yards, 2 Touchdowns and his longest run was for 48 Yards. He also had 1 Reception for 15 Yards. Congratulations Mr. Love!




Defensive Player of the Week: Giovanni Bolt, FS, Baltimore

The Vultures Defense really showed up last week against the Lone Star Glory in a game that they both needed for the Post-Season, and while their front seven definitely did work – it was the secondary that really took care of things in this one, with Giovanni Bolt standing out as the brightest as he grabbed 3 INTs to go along with his 1 Tackle and 3 Assists. Going up against QB Ace Fenech, Bolt was all over the WRs lined up against him during this game and did a lot to hamstring the Glory’s offensive efforts on the day. Congratulations Mr. Bolt!


Runner Up: Tina Begin, DT, Queen City

Another week with a hat trick of sacks? Another week of DTs in the DPOTW article! Tina did work in the trenches during her team’s losing effort against the DC Dragons, recording 4 Tackles, 3 Sacks and 4 Tackles For Loss against the expansion team that picked up it’s first win of the season last weekend. DT’s don’t get the recognition they deserve with all of the picks being thrown this season, but Begin is another example of a front seven player making enough noise to get a look in a sea of DBs, and we’re happy to do our part to make sure the frontline defenders get some shine here as well. Great job Mrs. Begin!


Honorable Mention: Troy Loshaw, SS, Baltimore

2 Vultures in the DPOTW?  Get used to it if you’re not there already – these Baltimore boys don’t play when it comes to defense, and Troy Loshaw is here again to remind you in case you forgot. Let’s run down the stat sheet real quick; 10 Tackles, 2 Assists, 1 Tackle For Loss and 2 INTs, with 1 being a 98 Yard, pick 6 to put points on the board and keep the Vultures in the lead and also a Forced Fumble. What more can we ask from the veteran SS? The man is 2nd in the league in INTs (11) with 2 TDs and a Forced Fumble! Clearly in the running for DPOTY, Loshaw isn’t taking games off, and these last 2 weeks will make or break his campaign. Here’s to hoping he keeps it going all the way through to the finish line. Way to baall out Mr. Loshaw!


Special Teams


Special Teams Player Of The Week: Gabriel Manning, WR, Tulsa

Despite a heartbreaking loss to the Arizona Scorpions, the Tulsa Desperados showed glimpses of brilliance with the performance of the Special Teams Player Of The Week. Even though the outcome wasn’t what they wanted Mr. Gabriel Manning, Wide Receiver for the Desperados, made this a game to remember! Manning had 9 Returns for 324 Yards. However, his shining moment was his one Kick Return Touchdown for 106 yards, End Zone to End Zone plus some! He also had two Punt Returns for 10 Yards and his longest return was 7 Yards as well. Never count out the gunslingers because they have an arsenal of weapons and Manning is definitely one of them. Congratulations Mr. Manning!


Runner Up: Amanda Moyer, K, Charleston

Runner Up for Special Teams Player Of The Week is none other than Ms. Amanda Moyer, Kicker of the Charleston Predators. Despite their loss to Florida, Moyer made sure that she helped her team score as best she could. She had 4 Field Goals made out of 4 Attempts and her longest kick was 49 Yards. With a few more kicks from her, perhaps the outcome may have been different because she is spot on. Great work Ms. Moyer!


Honorable Mention: Anthony CeCe, K, Jacksonville 

Honorable Mention for Special Teams Player Of The Week was Jacksonville Kings Kicker, Mr. Anthony CeCe. In the win over the Carolina Skyhawks, CeCe had 3 Field Goals made out of 3 Attempts and his longest kick was 48 Yards. Nice job Mr. CeCe!



Congrats to all of our awardees!