A Clearer Picture – Episode 9

Nate Haul – Strong Safety

An interview with Vancouver Legion safety Nate Haul

Clear – Welcome back to another episode of A Clearer Picture. What a weekend it was in the SFL – with a doubleheader of re-scheduled games, and Denver, Florida and Baltimore all booking their tickets to the playoffs. Tonight, we are joined in the interview booth by another Madison Lynx alum, Nate Haul. First of all, who is behind Vancouver strong safety Nate Haul?

Haul – My actual name is Nathan Hall, an army veteran (from 2011-2017). Currently Full-time driver for FedEx. Married for almost two years to Kendra Hall, also with Vancouver.

Clear – How did the SFL find Nate Hall?

Haul – I found the SFL like a lot of people do, I caught a game on TV during season 14 and during the game, they announced signups were open to join the SFL’s inaugural minor league season. I joined Discord, created my player, and was signed onto the Madison Lynx.

Clear – What were your first impressions of being in the league, and with the Lynx?

Haul – I really loved the sense of community, both within the Lynx organization and the SFL as a whole. No one ever gave me a hard time, and everyone has been very supportive.

Clear – What was your experience like playing for the Lynx, as well as winning the SFLm championship?

Haul – I really had a fairly quiet season all the way through the regular season up until the playoffs (other than a few tackles and pass deflections each game). Once the playoffs started, something clicked and in the championship game, I believe I had both a very important interception and a very important forced fumble that helped our defense seal it down the stretch.

Clear – When you heard you were going to Vancouver (along with fellow Lynx alum Michael Percoco) to play O-line, what was going through your mind, and how did you react?

Haul – I was surprised I went so far down the draft line (drafted in the 7th round). But a lot of gratitude goes to Andy Hamilton. He reached out to me at the end of the sixth round and expressed how he was just as surprised as me, and if I was still available he’d draft me at OL in the last round. Sure it wasn’t what I was hoping for, but looking back now everything worked out for the best.

Clear – How was your first season with the Legion, and what did you enjoy being with the franchise early on?

Haul – Honestly I really enjoyed being responsible for blocking for both Tom pepper and Robert Redford. I believe when I was a part of that offensive line alongside Mike Newtones, Pepper hardly took any sacks, which is a huge testament to our coaching. I also enjoy the legion locker room, it’s one big family over there.

Clear – What’s the gameday experience like in Vancouver?

Haul – We are very active in the Twitch chat, supporting all of our fellow teammates.

Clear – In the off-season, you switched to strong safety, how did that conversation come about?

Haul – That was actually part of the plan when I got drafted. Play one season at OL and then if they had an open position on the defense at safety, whether it be strong or free, then they’d put me in that spot during the offseason.

Clear – How did you convince Kendra to join and what is it like playing on the same team as her?

Haul – Andy and I talked to her in the off-season and told her how the opportunity would benefit her in the long run. It’s fun playing on the same team as her.

Clear – What’s it like playing in the backfield for the Legion this season?

Haul –  This season I’m a 5th DB, meaning I only play in nickel and dime packages. I’m being patient and biding my time until I can get put in a starting role.

Clear – Over the past couple of Saturdays, you’ve been alongside Cam [Irvine] during game breaks, breaking down all the action. Can you describe that experience?

Haul – Well, not only that but I’ve also managed to land a couple of shows in between those appearances (NETMA and Axis Live). And I’ve found myself on Axis’ top 16 in his panellist rotation. I’m happy I’m getting all of these opportunities to get myself out there in a podcast/show capacity. But when I covered with Cam last Saturday, I told him I could get used to covering Saturdays, so Mike St Green better watch out!

Clear – What does the future hold for Nate Haul in the SFL?

Haul – Well first and foremost, I want to be one of the premier safeties in the league eventually. But after that, just staying busy with show appearances and potentially on the broadcast team calling games.

Clear – Where do you see the Legion ending up this season?

Haul – I see us winning the Pacific and finding ourselves in a home playoff game on wild card weekend. After that, our hope is to win a championship. But of course, that remains to be seen, as it’s always a tall task to be able to make it that deep into the playoffs.

Clear – Thank you very much for your time, Nate.

Haul – Absolutely, thank you for the opportunity to join you for this interview.

That concludes another episode of A Clearer Picture. Do you want to be in the next episode? Send Jacob Clear a Discord message and let your story be heard! Have a wonderful week, SFL nation, and I’ll see you next week.