A Clearer Picture – Episode 8

Bob Funk – Free Safety – Portland Fleet

Interview and image by Jacob Clear

Clear – We are back! Another Monday night in the SFL means another episode of A Clearer Picture and tonight we have yet another big name; welcome in Portland Fleet free safety Bob Funk!

Funk – Pleasure to be here.

Clear – So I must first start by asking, how did the SFL find you?

Funk – I found it when I bought a new TV and it had some free channels, as I was flipping I found the league on Next Level. I watched it for about two weeks before I decided to join.

Clear – So, who is behind the player Bob Funk?

Funk – My real name is Bob Funk. I’m a 41-year-old construction worker that installs fire sprinklers and lives in a small town just outside of Syracuse, NY.

Clear – How did you end up playing free safety, and is there a story behind the number 44?

Funk – I first started as a cornerback and switched to free safety this season. I just wanted to be a defensive back, I didn’t really care what position I got. The number 44 comes from being a huge Syracuse University fan and that’s the number they typically give to their best players.

Clear – You were a product of the Birmingham Fuel, what do you remember about playing for the Fuel and the locker room there?

Funk – Coming from the fuel was great. We had a good bunch of guys there that I still stay in contact with.

Clear – Can you describe the feeling of getting the call from Nelson and Jacob to tell you you were going to Portland?

Funk – It was so exciting. I thought I was going to be picked by another team earlier in the draft but I’m so happy that I ended up in Portland because I kept saying before the draft that I wanted to got to one of the new expansion teams.

Clear – What’s it been like in Portland so far? Who are the leaders in the locker room?

Funk – We have had lots of growing pains so far but this team sticks together. Mel Davis is a great leader in our locker room. We try to get as many people together in our voice chat to watch the games together as a team. Mel streams every game for us, so that’s great.

Clear – What does the future hold for you in the SFL and in Portland, Bob?

Funk – I see myself being in Portland for many seasons to come. Right now I’m focused on being a player as I don’t own the game or a computer to get more heavily involved in the league.

Clear – Thank you for your time, Bob!

Funk – My pleasure.

That concludes another episode of A Clearer Picture. Do you want to be in the next episode? Send Jacob Clear a Discord message and let your story be heard! Have a wonderful week, SFL nation, and I’ll see you next week.