“Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss.”
Doug Williams


With 3 quarters of the season over it is pretty clear who are in playoff contention and who will have another shot next season. There were teams that have complete blowout and unexpected wins and even close calls. #thedramaisreal has never been more prevalent and as the regular season draws to a close we will see who truly has the never-say-die never-give-up mentality. When you are successful against a team that most people thought would have the upper hand on you, its the best to show good sportsmanship and to keep karma at bay.


Without further ado here are the picks for week 8!



Offensive Player Of The Week: Robert Redford, RB, Vancouver

Our Offensive Player Of The Week for Week 8 is Vancouver Legion Tailback, Robert Redford, who was instrumental in Vancouver’s 31-16 win over the Charleston Predators. With only 14 Carries, Redford produced 181 Yards on the ground with 2 Touchdowns with a longest run of 76 Yards. Redford continues to tear up the competition in his second season with the Eternal Frost. Great work Mr. Redford!


Runner Up: Christian Christiansen, QB, Jacksonville

Our Runner Up for Week 8 is Jacksonville Kings Quarterback, Christian Christensen, who had a huge game in Jacksonville’s 31-17 win over the Queen City Corsairs. CC completed 32 of his 39 Passes for 351 Yards and 4 Touchdowns. Once again steering the Kings to another win as they go 5-3 on the season. Great effort Mr. Christiansen!


Honorable Mention: Xander Gold, QB, Carolina

The Honorable Mention must go out to Carolina Skyhawks Quarterback, Xander Gold, who guided his team to an improbable 34-27 upset over the Baltimore Vultures. Gold completed 32 from 41 Attempts for 321 Yards and 4 Touchdowns in another huge performance in his first season as a Skyhawk. Great work Mr. Gold!




Defensive Player Of The Week: Succo Lohmano, FS, Jacksonville

Oh Lohmano!  Talk about a statement game – how’s 7 Tackles, 1 Pass Defense and 4 INTs sound as a Free Safety? I’d say it sounds like a career-defining performance that JAX rode to a win over a QCC squad that looked outmatched through the 1st 3 quarters of this contest. Lohmano went everywhere the ball did, stifling a Corsairs pass attack that is notoriously difficult to solve by beating the receiver to the reception more often in 1 game than most FS do all season. He’ll have a chance to do it again too, the Lycans come to town this weekend in a matchup of 2 Secondaries that love to pick the ball off vs. 2 Offenses that love to air it out. With post-season seedings on the line, both teams will come to play and it should be a hell of a game! Congratulations Mr. Lohmano!


Runner Up: Rachelle Colston, FS, Los Angeles

In a close game throughout, turnovers were clearly the difference in the Lycans’ showdown with the Swarm – and no one was responsible for more of them than Rachelle Colston this past week. She played her position masterfully, snatching 3 INTs off of QB Bryant Dynasty and doing what was necessary for her team to hold off the Swarm in a key game for the post-season standings. LA is going to need her to continue to dominate going into next week as they host the Jacksonville Kings fresh off of a W over the Queen City Corsairs and looking to vie for seeding as both of these teams are playoff-bound at the moment. Way to ball out Mrs. Colston!


Honorable Mention: Alex Perez, LB, Houston

What a game for Alex Perez! He was able to come up with 2(!?) INTs at the LB position this past weekend as the Hyenas faced off with the Portland Fleet which, for a LB, is a pretty damn good day! Not only did he get the picks, but he took one 44 Yards the other way, setting his Offense up for success and giving his Defense a rest at the same time! Coupled with his 3 Tackles and a Fumble Recovery, you can be sure that as HOU travels to Ft. Worth this weekend, their OC will make it a point to be a little more cautious when throwing to Perez’ side of the field – or in his general vicinity. Great work Mr. Perez!


Special Teams


Special Teams Player Of The Week: Doug Britton, WR/KR, Las Vegas 

Special Teams have been on point this season and sometimes are the deciding factor in key moments of the game. In the hard fought battle, the Las Vegas Fury took on the Fort Worth Toros and won 31- 20. If the Special Teams Player Of The Week didn’t make the plays that helped his team seal the win, who knows what may have happened. He is Mr. Doug Britton, Wide Receiver for the Las Vegas Fury. Britton shined bright like diamonds that night as he had 5 kick returns for 200 yards but his top moment was his Kick Return Touchdown for 104 yards. Success starts with effort and he definitely gave all he could. Congratulations Doug!


Runner Up: Rob Emms, K, Los Angeles

In an exciting matchup between Atlanta and Los Angeles, the Lycans were able to win on the road 22-20. Watching this game was the perfect example of why #kickersmatter. Our Runner Up for Player Of The Week is none other than Mr. Rob Emms, Kicker for LA! With Emms’s perfect aim, he was able to score much needed points to give his team the edge and the win. He had 5 Field Goals made out of 5 Attempts and his longest field goal was 54 Yards. Great job Rob!


Honorable Mention: Amanda Moyer, K, Charleston

Honorable mention goes out to Ms. Amanda Moyer, Kicker for the Charleston Predators. Moyer scored 3 Field Goals out of 3 Attempts and her longest FG was 52 Yards. Congratulations Amanda!


Congrats to all of our awardees!