Hunter Norwood (HN): I will be taking a step back from doing write-ups for a few weeks as I collect myself and take a mental break from the content cycle. I have reached a point where I have loaded myself up with too many tasks and while I truly dislike doing this I know I must make hard decisions as I look to recoup and come back in a better place mentally. Rankings will still be posted weekly on Thursdays with biggest movers and full rankings. Thank you.

Jack Wall couldn’t be here this week as that would mean he would have to do all the work, and to paraphrase the immortal words of Austin Powers, “That’s not his bag, baby!”

Biggest movers: Atlanta Swarm(+4), D.C. Dragons(+3), Vancouver Legion(+3), Jacksonville Kings(-3), St. Louis Gladiators(-3), Fort Worth Toros(-4)


(+1)1. Denver Nightwings (6-1)


(-1)2. Baltimore Vultures (5-2)


(+3)3. Vancouver Legion (4-3)


(+1)4. Florida Storm (5-2)


(+2)5. Mexico City Aztecs (5-2)


(-3)6. Jacksonville Kings (4-3)


(+4)7. Atlanta Swarm (4-3)


(-4)8. Fort Worth Toros (5-2)


(+3)9. Charleston Predators (4-3)


(-2)10. Los Angeles Lycans (4-3)


(-2)11. Louisiana Revolution (2-5)


(+3)12. Houston Hyenas (4-3)


(-3)13. Lone Star Glory (3-4)


(-)14. Sioux Falls Sparrows (2-5)


(+1)15. Arizona Scorpions (4-3)


(-3)16. St. Louis Gladiators (5-2)


(+1)17. Queen City Corsairs (3-4)


(+3)18. Las Vegas Fury (3-4)


(-2)19. Tulsa Desperados (3-4)


(+3)20. D.C. Dragons (1-6)


(-2)21. Carolina Skyhawks (3-4)


(-2)22. London Knights (3-4)


(-1)23. Portland Fleet (2-5)


(-)24. San Diego Mavericks (0-7)


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