Written By Ashley Jackson, Jacob Clear, Tony Benefield

Images by Jon Bond

Life is 10 percent of what happens to you and 90 percent of how you respond to it.- Lou Holtz


Half of the SFL season is in the books and it was a week full of unexpected and welcomed wins and humbling losses. The quote stated earlier was a great representation of how this week played out and the Players Of The Week represented this as well. Teams left 100 percent of their efforts out on the field and these awards and recognitions go out to the players that out performed the rest. Here are the picks for the top players for week 6.




Offensive Player of the Week: Cameron Curtis, QB, Ft Worth

Our Offensive Player Of The Week for Week 6 is Fort Worth Toro’s Quarterback Cameron Curtis. The 6’8, 228lb giant completed 22 of his 27 Passes for 358 Yards and 5 Touchdowns in his side’s 42-3 win over the struggling San Diego Mavericks. The Toros are now 5-1 and a genuine contender, and Curtis has played a huge part in that success thus far. Congratulations Mr. Curtis!


Runner Up: Donnie Hands, WR, Arizona

Our runner up for Week 6 is Arizona Scorpions Wideout Donnie Hands, who hauled in 7 Catches for 220 Yards and 3 Touchdowns in a high-scoring affair with the Portland Fleet. Excellent work as always, Mr. Hands!


Honorable Mention: Ashley Jackson, QB, Arizona

The special mention must go out to another Arizona player, Quarterback Ashley Jackson. In a game played in tribute to her late father, she threw 30 Completions from 45 Attempts for a total of 526 Yards, 4 Touchdowns and 7 Interceptions. Jackson spreading the love as always! Great effort as always, Mrs. Jackson!




Defensive Player of the Week: Bob Funk, CB, Portland

Who else could this go to except for the guy that pulled down 4 INTs in one game this past weekend? Although the game ultimately resulted in a Fleet loss, Bob Funk was never playing like they were out of the game, picking off one pass after another in a great CB showcase. In between giving the ball back to his Offense, he also found time to get a Pass Defense in there as well as 3 Tackles, stopping plays from series to series and leaving it all out on the field. He’s going to need another performance like this as his squad has the Nightwings coming to town this weekend and I, for one, think he’s up to the challenge. Congratulations Mr. Funk!


Runner Up: Giovanni Bolt, FS, Baltimore

Bolt proved he was ready to face Vancouver this weekend, coming down with 2 picks off of QB Tom Pepper in a contest that wasn’t decided until the final whistle.  The Legion definitely showed up and showed out against the S15 Champs, but the Vultures took their best shots and were the last team standing at the end of the day, thanks in large part to Bolts’ 2 Pass Defenses, 7 Tackle, 2 INT game. When the Vultures needed a stop, they put it in Bolts’ hands, and he in turn put 2 errant passes into his. Next week, BAL plays host to the S14 Champs in a game that ATL needs more than they do to keep their playoff hopes alive. I’m sure Bryant Dynasty will be keeping track of Bolt’s position all game – because if he doesn’t, we just might be talking about him again. Great Job Mr. Bolt!


Honorable Mention: William Davidson, DT, London

A big man in the POTW again? That’s right! William Davidson locked down the interior of the line and was able to generate enough pressure on his own to account for 3 Sacks of rookie QB Christian Brown as the Gladiators hosted the Knights this past weekend. 3 Sacks in a game would be enough to get into the conversation for anyone, but adding an additional pair of Tackles For Loss (for a total of 5 in the game) proved that Davidson isn’t a 1-trick pony; he’s a show horse ready to run down anyone on the other side of the line of scrimmage. One team that won’t impress, though, is the Sioux Falls Sparrows, who come to town this weekend. They won’t shy away from a defensive game, and London will need Davidson to maintain this level of output to put the Sparrows away. Well done Mr. Davidson!


Special Teams


Coming through with a clutch performance when needed should be a specialty of the Special Teams unit. These players can add the cherry on top of the winning sundae or can be the saving grace of a close game.


Special Teams Player Of The Week: Shark Tarkington, K, Baltimore

The Baltimore Vultures and the Vancouver Legion, two of the SFL’s top performing teams, battled all the way to overtime where the Vultures came out on top winning 30-27 on the road. The Special Teams Player Of The Week is Mr. Shark Tarkington, Kicker for Baltimore. With Tarkington being one of the most elite Kickers the SFL has to offer, it is no surprise that yet again he was called upon to deliver a game winning blow to his opponents. He had 3 Field Goals made of 3 Attempts and his longest kick was 52 Yards. Sure footed. Accurate. Powerful. Clutch. Congratulations Mr. Tarkington!


Runner Up: Larry Barr, K, Arizona

Runner up for STPOTW also kept his team from receiving an L this week by making sure every kick mattered which was the deciding factor between the Arizona Scorpions win over the Portland Fleet on the road, 36-30. He is Mr. Larry Barr, Kicker for the Scorpions. Barr had 2 Field Goals made out of 2 Attempts and his longest kick was 43 Yards. If it wasn’t for his two vital field goals, who knows what would have been the outcome of that game. Great Work Mr. Barr!


Congrats to all of our awardees!