Written by Jason Miller
Images by Jason Miller

What’s up SFL Nation. This is SFL Reporter Jason Miller back here, once again, with the 3rd edition of the Miller Report. Due to power failures and other things last week, the Week 4 report was not released. So I am DOUBLING the content this week! I know you can’t contain your excitement…Neither can I. So let’s dive in!


The Revs won! Congrats to the Revs on getting a win Week 4 against Atlanta. Now, do I get any credit for calling them out? Probably not, but still, I’ll give myself a pat on the back. They played a great game. The offense showed up with Streeter getting almost 100yds and 2 TDs. Pichler only threw 1 pick so the offense flowed better. They followed it up in Week 5 with a hell of an effort against the #1 ranked Nightwings. No one has played Denver that good in my eyes, so maybe the coaching staff and the ownership finally said “Let’s show the league why we are the Revolution ”. Good for them. Now, I do have to point this out or else I wouldn’t be doing my job. The Dennis Rodman of the SFL, Jonny Pichler, went on Axis Live and talked about the first half of the season and called out coaches and staff for “focusing on other things”. They came out and have made a statement on the field with their play. But in my mind, the GM Ross Napoli probably shouldn’t have commented in their own newspaper “Swamp Talk” about conversations being had behind closed doors about Jonny’s appearance. Some things to this reporter should be behind closed doors. If you don’t want people talking about it, then don’t comment on it. 


What the hell St Louis? 5-0! First off, congrats on the best start in franchise history doing it while only scoring 112 points (15th in the SFL). It’s been the defense that has been lights out, only giving up 85 (3rd in the SFL). Kudos to the real hero in St Louis, HC Andrew Reilly. The play of QB Christian Brown has been efficient enough to get things done which is all you can ask of the rookie. Now they host the London Knights who struggled last week against LSG. Look for STL to try and keep the streak alive. 


This is another team that has surprised me. NOT!. In my Miller Manifesto, I said that this team is one of my surprise teams this season. Once again showing all you beautiful readers that I am right more often than not. I am shocked, however, about how good their defense has been, leading the lead in Points Allowed with 61. Their defense has been nothing short of amazing and it shows with their 4-1 record. They get the Mavericks in Week 6 so I can easily see them being 5-1 when it’s all said and done. Not only do we have to look at them as a sure playoff team, but I can see them as a threat to the crown if they keep playing the way they have been. You heard it here first.


I know that DC is one of three teams that haven’t won a game yet, but of all the 0-5 teams, they have been the most impressive to me. My initial perception of them has changed for sure and that is due to the veteran leadership of this team and the veteran coaching staff. Destro and Mullenax have done a great job with this squad. The last three games that they have played they only lost by a combined 12 points. And those were against MXC(11th in Miller Rankings) Charleston (12th) and STL (2nd). So to me, the trend is moving up in DC. They get to face the Desperados this week who are on a 2 game win streak against weaker teams (QCC & SXF). I am saying it here now. DC gets their first win this week! Book it!


Yes Tyler Falk, what about that?! The host of NETMA has made some odd predictions so far but this one was the worst. The Lycans are legit. And it’s not a surprise to this analyst. I said that Vancouver would win the division in the beginning, but now I am not so sure. Sully Richardson is playing out of his mind right now. The coaching staff has done a fantastic job and now they get the Corsairs in Week 6. It’s a LOCK that LA wins this game. If they keep this up, then the Lycans will be another threat for the title.


What is going on in SXF? I don’t know if they have ever started 0-5 but to me its a combo of a lot of things. I mean, for one, RB Colin Hart is still getting his. 5th in the league in rushing shows that the main part of the Sparrows is intact. But I just keep going back to a lack of the passing game. QB Julian Tyree is 23rd in Yards (961) 23rd in Completion % (60.4%) and dead last in TDs (2). Now I know they aren’t built that way and that’s their identity, but I think they need to treat this like Halloween and be something different. They need a passing game if they want to survive. This isn’t your grandpa’s SFL anymore. You can’t just pound the rock and expect things to work. Look at Louisiana for example. If they can’t pass the ball then the Revs are losing also. Sioux Falls need to take a long look at themselves and see if this path is the right way to go. 


Look, I have been critical of the Portland Fleet. I have said things about them that probably didn’t go over well in Portland (worst QB and coaching staff in the league) blah blah blah…It’s a wonder if I can ever walk the streets on Saturday morning for the Portland Saturday Market without having a bunch of wine bottles thrown at me. I’ll admit, it was a good win against SD, but that is a winnable game. SD is rated as the worst team (no offense Optimus). Getting a win against a winless team doesn’t prove anything to me. If the Fleet wants me to quit bringing them up, then do me a favour – BEAT SOMEONE LEGIT! The Fleet are playing Arizona this week. Could be a good ballgame. Beat Arizona and I’ll write something nice about you. 


I wanted to wait until Thursday morning to write this part. We all know the backstory after listening to the interview last night on a special Wednesday edition of Axis After Dark. Now first, I want to give props to host Dave Axis. This is why I’m glad Mr. Varner came on his show. He asked the tough questions and I thank him for that. Now, let’s get into this discussion. I had mixed feelings on how I thought this interview would go. Would Shann apologize for everything? Would new revelations come out about what happened? What would Demond Simeon say about hiring him? I was thinking this would clear the air. Start the healing process.

Well folks, I was WRONG! Way wrong. This was a dumpster fire if you’re a Houston Hyenas fan. Now, Varner didn’t start off on a very good note by saying he only logged in “twice” as Cody Scott and Shaun Harrelson, to change it later, stating “I only logged in once as Shaun”. He was also asked the question of “Do you have any information on who paid Shaun Harrelson’s sub?”. Right there, Varner could have admitted whatever he knew. But for him to answer with “I don’t…I mean I do, but at this point I was let go from ownership/player and took the hardest punishment the league has ever seen, Why keep this going?”, sounds like a COC violation. I could be wrong but that is a bold strategy readers. Let’s see if it pays off for him! Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Simeon got combative. Simeon and Axis got into a little heated debate which really didn’t bring much to the table as far as healing the situation goes. I mean, Simeon saying “Head Coach doesn’t matter” and giving Axis grief about “You just got here” was a bad look on him. There are plenty of SFLm coaches worthy of HC gigs in the pros. So to say that it doesn’t matter hurts the people who put in so much time coaching. My question to Simeon would be “How do you think Eddie Gauge would take that comment?” or “Mighty always says head coaching matters in this league, so are you saying Mighty doesn’t matter to Florida?”. Max Paul has been here a long time as well and has won 3 SFL Titles, so I guess head coaching does matter a little bit there. This whole interview was supposed to be about starting the healing process for Varner and it failed in many respects. The SFL took an L tonight on this one folks. No other way to put it. Hopefully the league sees this and makes their voices heard. 


So there you have it! Thanks for reading and be ready for next week when I hand out Mid Season Awards. Peace.