Written by Ashley Jackson, Jacob Clear, Tony Benefield, Slinn Shady

Images by Jon Bond

“The most valuable player is the one who makes the most players valuable.” –Peyton Manning

This quote from Mr. Manning was a great example of what happened this week. Some of the players chosen represent making the most players valuable on their team, thus helping to #makeanimpact on the field by making their team better. If you can do your job well, not only will you succeed, that will inspire others to give the same or a greater effort. Without further delay we will dive, into the Player of the Week picks for Week 5.




Offensive Player of the Week: Ron Cockren, QB, Florida

Our Offensive Player Of The Week is the 6 season veteran from the Florida Storm, Quarterback Ron Cockren. Currently leading the league in completion percentage (79%), Cockren led the Storm to an impressive 41-31 victory over Ramos Lynn’s Mexico City Aztecs at The Eye. Completing 28 of 35 Passes for 278 Yards and 4 Touchdowns, Cockren was instrumental in the Storm’s 4th win on the season. Congratulations Mr. Cockren!


Runner Up: Bryce Battle, WR, Denver

Our Runner Up for Week 5 is none other than Bryce Battle, Wide Receiver for the undefeated Denver Nightwings. Denver are getting better every week, and a huge part of that has been their passing game. Now with 289 Yards on the season, Bryce Battle was Josh Miler’s favoured target this week and he delivered, hauling in 9 of his 10 Targets for an impressive 147 Yards and 2 Touchdowns, causing all sorts of problems for the Louisiana secondary in Denver’s 27-20 Week 5 win. Great Work Mr. Battle!


Honorable Mention: Ken McCarro, WR, Charleston

A special mention this week goes out to Charleston Receiver Ken McCarro, who hauled in 7 of 14 Targets for 167 Yards and 2 Touchdowns in Sunday’s 32-30 loss to the Carolina Skyhawks. Well done Mr. McCarro!




Defensive Player Of The Week: Iverson Gamble, CB, Arizona

Arizona’s vaunted Defense showed up to play in Week 5, and while DE Mark Melo made one hell of a case for DPOTW, his teammate Iverson Gamble would not be denied.  In addition to a Tackle For Loss, “Instagram” racked up 2 Pass Defenses and 3 (3!!) INTs, one of which he took back for a 53 Yard score!  IGs’ lockdown pass defense erased half of the field for the first 3 quarters of the game, forcing the visiting Fury to adapt their game plan to account for him while taking away a key Offensive player in Mason “the GOAT” Kirby.  Don’t get me wrong – Melo and his buddies on the line set up those INTs with their pass rush – but Gamble was the one responsible for the turnovers that put his team in a position to jump out to a lead that they maintained for the entirety of the game.  You are a Beast Mr. Gamble, Congratulations!


Runner Up: Mark Melo, DE, Arizona

Mark Melo was playing like a DE possessed against the Las Vegas Fury.  He tallied 4.5 Sacks and 6 TFLs – but the real story was just how often he was in the backfield throughout the game, tormenting rookie QB Colin Pierce and forcing him into some throws that he most likely wished he had back.  In other weeks, his performance would have put him clearly ahead of everyone… this week, he can thank teammate Iverson Gamble for his Runner Up nod. Amazing job Mr. Melo!


Honorable Mention: Jay Mart, LB, Jacksonville

Jay Mart couldn’t have done more in his Week 5 performance against ATL if he had tried.  He led the Kings in tackles with 11 (2 of those behind the line of scrimmage) while being equally effective in Pass Coverage, defending a pass and also pulling down an INT, which he took back to the house for six to close the game out.  If he continues to perform so well in both facets of the Defensive game, we’ll be sure to see his name on a list like this again. Way to ball out Mr. Mart!


Special Teams


Special Teams players often get disregarded as less important to the outcome of a game than players on the Offense and Defense, most probably because of considerably less time on the field. However, when you take into consideration that when they are on the field, it is often at the most crucial points of a game, then that trope kinda loses weight and things start to balance out. In the SFL, games can be won and lost on Special Teams play, Week 5 being no exception. Here are three Special Teams players who had huge impacts on their teams fortunes this week.


Special Teams Player Of The Week: Whistle Jones, K, Carolina

Jones had an excellent game this week, showing poise and an ice-cold nerve to slot 6/6 FG’s for the Skyhawks, helping them to a fantastic 32-30 victory on the road in Charleston. Not only did Jones single-handedly score 18 points (excluding extra-points) he also slotted the game-winner with no time left on the clock after a huge passing play by his offense. The Skyhawks were down with seconds left in the game. Thanks to Jones, they came away from Charleston with a victory. That is why he is the winner of this week’s Special Teams Player Of The Week. Congratulations Mr. Jones!


Runners Up: Amy Schillizzi, K, St. Louis and Nico Cappucino, K, San Diego

This week’s Runners Up go out to another pair of kickers who have shown consistency and ability to be accurate from long range. Both Ami Schillizzi of the St. Louis Gladiators and Nico Cappucino of the San Diego Mavericks made 3/3 FG’s this week, with their longest efforts coming in the shape of a 51-yarder and 46-yarder respectfully. Only one of these cannon-legged kickers did enough to help their team to victory, but both made their mark on the game. Well done Mrs. Schillizzi and Mr. Cappucino!


Congrats to all of our awardees!