Written by Ashley Jackson and Tony Benefield

Images by Jon Bond 


Success is no accident.

It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do-


(*1940, retired Brazilian footballer)


This week, teams started to separate themselves from the pack a bit while others continue to struggle to obtain their first win. All of the hard work, the learning, and studying is finally paying off for some coaches and it is showing through their player’s ability on the field. Through perseverance and sacrifice of time and sleep for the love of this sport, our players of the week were able to prove why they deserved this award. Now here comes what you’ve been waiting for! Here are the Players of the Week for Week 4!




Offensive Player Of The Week: ET King, QB, Houston

Offensive Player Of The Week is a player that grew from the trials and tribulations he has been through into making a real impact on the field. The Houston Hyenas battled the Las Vegas Fury in a nail-biting performance and won 34-27. Our player of the week is Mr. ET King, Quarterback for Houston, because of his ability to lead his team to victory. King’s award winning performance included 42 Completions out of 55 Attempts for 560 Yards. He also had 4 Touchdowns and his longest pass was for 69 yards! King had one of the best performances this week and maybe even in his career, if this continues Houston can easily win the Tex-Mex division hands down. Congratulations Mr. King!


Runner up: Phoenix Jones, HB, Mexico City

The Mexico City Aztecs had a phenomenal showing this week against the Sioux Falls Sparrows and they won 41 to 38. One of the reasons why they were successful was because of runner-up, Mr. Phoenix Jones, Running Back for the Aztecs. Jones  had 18 Carries for 157 Yards and 4 key Touchdowns to help seal the win. His longest carry was 78 yards and he averaged 8.7 Yards Per Carry. His team and his coaches counted on him to make the necessary plays to win and he did. Great work Mr. Jones!


Honorable Mention: Colin Hart, HB, Sioux Falls

Honorable mention goes out until Mr. Colin Hart, Running Back for the Sioux Falls Sparrows. Despite the loss, Hart showed heart by having 30 Carries 194 Yards and 3 Touchdowns. His longest carry was 17 Yards and he averaged 6.5 Yards Per Carry. Well Done Mr. Hart!




Defensive Player Of The Week: Ryan Davidson, CB, Florida

The Storm had to have been slightly nervous this past weekend with a Los Angeles Lycans team coming to town that had eviscerated all challengers up to this point in the season, however Ryan Davidson didn’t buy into the hype. Facing Sully Richardson, Davidson stepped up and showed out via 2 INTs in their contest – including the dagger Pick-Six to seal the game! Florida is used to getting everyone’s best shot nowadays, and although they’ve been on everyone’s radar for the past 6 seasons, Mighty and Co. keep finding ways to make goliath offensive teams look pedestrian by the time the final whistle blows. Hats off to this defense for solving another puzzle no one else had figured out yet! Congratulations Mr. Davidson!


Runner Up: Evan Lacey, FS, Lone Star

The Glory were clearly ready for their greatest homefield test of the season (so far) with Christian Christensen and the Kings coming into town for their game this past weekend as Evan Lacey laced up both his cleats and his Pass Coverage to the tune of 2 INTs, one of which was a 49 Yard trip to pay dirt in a crucial game that surely earned Lone Star some bragging rights (and some Elo cred) as they maintain their playoff pace in Season 16.  It’s always hard to get a W against the Kings, but having Lacey sitting back in coverage seemed to be a big part of their strategy and it paid off for them in Week 4. Way to Ball out Mr. Lacey!


Honorable Mention: Matt Papineau, CB, Denver

Jeremy clearly had a plan to get Papineau involved vs. the Scorpions and it showed – he was all over the field, notching not only a Pass Defense and 2 INTs, but also a Tackle For Loss against an always-game Arizona squad that was looking ready for their showdown with the best team in the league. Matt is quietly making a name for himself out there, and teams would be wise to not test this Corner Back, unless they’re looking to contribute to his already impressive stats for the season! Well done Mr. Papineau!


Special Teams


Special Teams Player of the Week: Kramer Jackman, K, Denver

Kickers in the SFL are truly important people because they make significant differences in games and that is what this weeks Special Teams Player Of The Week did. The Denver Nightwings remain perfect after their win over the Arizona Scorpions 36-23. One of the reasons for this is because of the sure leg of their Kicker, Mr. Kramer Jackman. Jackman has only missed 1 Field Goal in his career and the sure-footedness trend continued this week as well. He had 5 Field Goals made out of 5 Attempts and his longest kick was 57 Yards. If you look up the word clutch in the dictionary, you should see Jackman’s picture right there. With his ability to not miss, he is the most reliable part of the Denver offense and always will be. Congratulations Mr. Jackman!


Runner Up: Anthony CeCe, K, Jacksonville

Runner up for STPOTW is Mr. Anthony Cece, Kicker of the Jacksonville Kings. Despite the loss to the Lone Star Glory, 22-38, he managed to keep his team in the game with his efforts. Cece had 5 Field Goals made out of 5 Attempts and his longest kick was 56 Yards. He has been with the Kings for only a short time, but with his performance, I don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon! Great job Mr. CeCe!


Honorable Mention: Doug Britton, WR, Las Vegas

Honorable mention goes out to Mr. Doug Britton, Wide Receiver of the Las Vegas Fury. Britton had 7 Kick Returns for 205 Yards and one Kick Return Touchdown for 91 Yards! Well done Mr. Britton!



Congrats to all of our awardees!