Written by Hunter Norwood

Edited by Mike Ahl

*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets. 

Hunter Norwood (HN): I said I wanted to talk about them this week and here we are. The St. Louis Gladiators are 3-0 for the first time ever in franchise history and have a chance at cementing their best start thru 4 games at 4-0 this week. So in reference to this teams record breaking streak of 3 games I will be covering streaks this week. Whether your team is on a winning or losing streak or just starting one off we will go on a journey through the history books.

Jack Wall couldn’t be here this week, as he has been voted Captain this week for Jacksonville’s Offense and is currently forcing our Rookies to stand on their desks at our facilities and repeat over and over, “Oh Captain, My Captain.” at him while he giggles and dances around.

Biggest movers: Charleston Predators(+4), St. Louis Gladiators(+4), Houston Hyenas(+4), Sioux Falls Sparrows(-3), Louisiana Revolution(-3), Arizona Scorpions(-3)

(+1)1. Denver Nightwings (3-0)
HN: In the battle of the Top 2 the Nightwings stand victorious. We now have a 3-0 Denver for the second time in franchise history, the first of which they jumped out to a 7-0 start. That was back in Season 12 where they lost in the finals to the Florida Storm, so could we see a similar result for Denver this time around? Or may we see the Nightwings team of the very next season who after starting out 1-1 ripped off a 13 game win streak en route to their first and only championship? Time will tell but we can all agree that this team is looking dangerous.

(-1)2. Baltimore Vultures (2-1)

HN: So the Vultures dropped a game which, for the rebranded Baltimore team, doesn’t happen a lot(only their 21st loss since rejoining in season 11). You know what else doesn’t happen a lot to this team? Losing streaks. Since the rebrand Baltimore has only gone on losing streaks of 2 games max and the only time you see them go any higher is back in the Crabs days. The worst streak I could find was a 6 game losing streak to close out Season 8 and miss the playoffs for the first time in their 6th go around as the Crabs.

(-)3. Vancouver Legion (3-0)

HN: Vancouver has started 3-0 once before back in season 14 and sure enough this is also the same season and streak that turned out to be their longest at 6 games. The 6-0 Legion were having their best start to a season and although they limped into the playoffs with a 3 game losing streak they were able to make it to the semifinals before losing to the eventual champs, the Atlanta Swarm.

(-)4. Jacksonville Kings (2-1)

HN: The Kings were able to overcome the Mavericks after a strong 2nd half and won their must-win game in Week 3(more on those metrics in last week’s article(I would hyperlink it but the website isn’t showing it) as they hope to start a win streak of their own. Now if you’ve been around or know your history then the Kings longest win streak should be a gimme here. Still feels like yesterday I was joining the Pride and feeling intrigued about how a full defensive line would work out for us. Then we went on a 14 game win streak and Alaska dashed our hopes of a perfect season. Sigh! Editors note: Jacksonville heads to Lone Star this week looking to secure win number 100 in only 151 games played.

(-)5. Los Angeles Lycans (3-0)

HN: I guess I didn’t think through how I wanted to do expansions since elo resets on a change of scenery and new ownership. I guess we can look back at Chicago for old times sake. The Wildcats enjoyed a 6 game win streak back in season 9 as they charged into the playoffs and made it all the way to the finals that year before falling to Mexico City. The Lycans are halfway there and the way they are looking they may be able to break that record or at the very least tie or beat the best start by the Wildcats at 4-0.

(-)6. Florida Storm (2-1)

HN: The Florida Storm do not need much of an introduction here. The three time champs have the longest win streak in league history at 23 games from Seasons 11-12 until they finally lost to Baltimore in Week 6, 16-24. The Storm have never quite reached that level of dominance since the end of season 12 but they are always a force to be reckoned with and will look to take this current 2 game win streak as far as they can take it.

(+3)7. Atlanta Swarm (2-1)

HN: Atlanta is a team that hasn’t been able to put too many streaks together one way or another but they did put together a good one back in season 14 when they pulled off 7 games in a row after starting 3-1. This propelled them to a 10-2 finish, a #1 seed in the playoffs and a championship to go along with it. It will be interesting to see if they can do something similar after starting 3-1 assuming they can win this week.

(+1)8. Mexico City Aztecs (2-1)

HN: Mexico City is currently enjoying a two game win streak and will hope to break down the wall that is 5 games straight. Throughout my research within the history books the Aztecs have attained a 5 game win streak but could never quite get to six. The schedule they have lined up for the next 3 games looks doable for them and if they can get there then game six should be in the bag for them. We’ll come back to this in a few weeks depending on the next few outcomes. 

(+4)9. Charleston Predators (2-1)

HN: So Charleston wins then loses then wins again. I’ve seen this one before somewhere. Oh right, back in season 14 the Predators started 2-1 and then had their best win streak in their short time as a franchise at 5 games in a row. Could we see that here again? With a game against a struggling D.C. team they have a good shot at moving forward to 3 and onward.

(-3)10. Sioux Falls Sparrows (0-3)
HN: Sioux Falls is not much of a streaky team in their history and unfortunately for them the current streak they are on is their worst to date. Going back to the loss in the season 15 finals, the Sparrows are on a 4 game losing streak and have a tough Predators team coming to town as they try again to snap it. 

(-3)11. Louisiana Revolution (0-3)

HN: Louisiana here is in a similar boat as the Sparrows with a 4 game losing streak dating back to the season 15 playoffs and since the rebrand this is the worst losing streak that the Revs have had. Looking back at the Pharaohs I can see that the worst was a 6 game streak of losing and if the Revs can’t get through ATL with a win they have two tough matchups afterwards with Denver and Las Vegas which could push them past the 6 game mark and start a new record. 

(-1)12. Lone Star Glory (1-2)

HN: Being in only their 2nd season, the Lone Star Glory do not have much to go on and after an inaugural season where they bounced back and forth between winning and losing the worst loss streak was only 2 games. The Glory have tied that mark and welcome the Kings to their house this week hoping not to further this streak as they look to get back into the playoffs again. 

(+2)13. Fort Worth Toros (2-1)

HN: Congratulations are in order for the Fort Worth Toros as they have officially started their first ever multiple game win streak in franchise history. I really have nothing else to say here with a lack of data to project where they go from here. Looking ahead to this week they have a so-so Portland team as they look to extend the streak to 3. 

(-2)14. Las Vegas Fury (2-1)

HN: Man, Vegas, y’all almost had it against LA and a 3-0 start but instead we see where you could fall from here. Well I’m pleased to report that it does not get too bad for Las Vegas in their history with only a few occasions of 3 game losing streaks Now the Fury starting 2-0 to fall to 2-3 could really hurt their playoff chances(Kinda like how I said last week was a must-win for them) but with a game against Houston coming up they have a decent chance to get back on track but no game is a gimme in the SFL.

(+4)15. St. Louis Gladiators (3-0)

HN: Now to the stars of the show on this here article. To be clear I’ve heard the talk of the Gladiators being too low on here and if it helps you to understand what I mean by them being in a clump. The Glads are 15th but 10th is only 33 points(weighted) away and even just 50 points is 8th. The full spread of Elo is 250 points from first to last and from 7th to 20th it’s 100 points if that tells you anything. Now onto the streaks and a 3-0 St. Louis for the first time ever. As you may have seen on our Twitter(@JaxData), the Gladiators have their longest streak of wins here and from what I’ve heard they will at worst tie their best start thru 4 games at 3-1 this week. The milestones are starting to pile up for this team and it’s still early.

(-2)16. Queen City Corsairs (1-2)

HN: The Corsairs have the most storied past in the League seeing as they were a part of the Original 7 and the only ownership group left standing(technically the Kailua Wyverns of the OG7 had been sold and rebranded to the Carolina Skyhawks so that team’s history still lives on in some capacity)! After 3 weeks the Corsairs have dropped two straight and with a record worst of 5 they have a ways to go before then. Queen City typically does not go down the rabbit hole of losing multiple games despite being in the league for so long and with a game against a sputtering Tulsa on the horizon the Corsairs will be hoping to stop the bleeding.

(-1)17. D.C. Dragons (0-3)

HN: D.C. has not had the best of times coming back into the SFL, with the Dragons starting 0-3 for the second time in franchise history. The last time the Dragons started 0-3 they turned it around quickly and went 3-0 just to flip flop the rest of the season to a 6-6 finish way back in season 6. Now the official streak is four games as we pull the loss that ended season 7 up to the present which makes this their longest losing streak. D.C. did hear my calls and showed me a lot of things in a 34-31 OT loss to the Aztecs so hopefully for them they are close to snapping this streak!

(+4)18. Houston Hyenas (1-2)

HN: Houston has finally got a win on the board and based on their history they will potentially have some extra games to look forward to. First things first, the Hyenas have a 6 game win streak that they can look back on from season 11 where they were able to follow that up with their 2nd consecutive semi finals appearance. However, looking further into the data you can see that on the two occasions that Houston started 0-2, then won in week 3, they have been able to turn the season around and make the postseason. So will the Hyenas make it 3 for 3 this time around? A big game against a surging Las Vegas will tell us a lot this week.

(-1)19. San Diego Mavericks (0-3)

HN: So now we have the first and only true expansion team for this season to talk about. 3 games and 3 losses for the Mavericks as they start their franchise off on the wrong foot and have a record losing streak for every additional loss they have here. San Diego seems to be bringing their team together each week and I can see that they will pull a few wins out of the bag this season and build on those to a more successful season 17. 

(-3)20. Arizona Scorpions (1-2)

HN: The Scorpions longest losing streak has been four games and back then Eddie was still figuring the team out and I do not see this Arizona team approaching that record any time soon. Now I could look back on the Oklahoma City history, but do I have to? OKC (OKC OKC) was the original, as the guys on Axis Live say, dumpster fire. Dead last in all-time Elo amongst 41 uniquely owned teams with two straight championship appearances followed by 1 playoff appearance in 10 seasons. They may be an Original 7 team but I’m ready to move on.

(-1)21. Carolina Skyhawks (1-2)

HN: You know, Harish, I always wondered how you guys have so many franchise losses and now as I look back on Carolina’s history it makes more sense. With multiple 6 and 7 game losing streaks Carolina has had some rough seasons in their past, but the record for them is set at 8 games and luckily for them I believe that they have moved past those days and will be able to turn these losses around and be in the mix for playoffs as the season draws to a close.

(+1)22. London Knights (2-1)

HN: It’s a good thing that London won last week because they do not want to see the other side of this conversation. As far as win streaks go for London their best is a single 3 game win streak and the Knights may be able to tie or break that this season but not during this part of their schedule, in my opinion. With games against Baltimore and St. Louis on the horizon for them I just can’t see them beating both of these contenders to get to easier games for this London team.

(-2)23. Portland Fleet (1-2)

HN: Despite a 2-10 finish to their inaugural season they were able to space their wins out enough that the record for them is a 5 game losing streak in season 15. Portland is starting to turn things around, but the offense still needs some work. The defense is there and once the offense figures it out they will be a force to be reckoned with! Until then though, this Fleet team could easily break their losing record of 5 with the series of games in front of them.

(-)24. Tulsa Desperados (0-3)

HN: The Enigmas, the Tulsa Desperados have started the season on a 3 game losing streak but looking back to last season and adding in the games they lost to close the season out we can see that Tulsa is on a current 8 game losing streak. This is the longest in their history and with a game against the Corsairs on the docket for this week, the thought for most would be that this will increase to 9, but the data may point to a different direction. The last time Tulsa won a game was back in Week 7 of season 15 when they beat the Queen City Corsairs 38-16 at home. This week’s game is at home for Tulsa. Is it time to finally snap the streak?


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