Written by Jason Miller

Week 3 – Miller Report

What’s up SFL Nation. This is SFL Reporter Jason Miller back here once again with the 2nd edition of the Miller Report. This week we are going to touch on things that I think were the most important topics of Week 3. Feelings will be hurt this week so let’s just get into it.

Hibernating Grizzly

Some shocking news came through the wire saying that Carolina Skyhawk DE Cliff Grizzly is no longer in the league. A shocking blow to that defensive line for sure. Cliff was a guy I got to know during my interviews with rookies for the Miller Mock Drafts. Probably one of, if not the top rated prospect on my board. I thought it was an excellent steal for the Skyhawks defense. Now it’s back to the drawing board. Since his player won’t be able to get better, I wonder if it will affect the way that D-line plays? 

Not your Grandmother’s London Knights

Commissioner Cameron Irvine said it best on the Week 3 wrap up show today. “This is not your grandmother’s London Knights.” The Knights went on the road in one of the toughest places to play in Arizona and took down one of the best defensive minds in Eddie Gauge. That defense was torched by Angus MaClaine for 39/41 for 421yds 4TD and 1INT. That’s the best game I have seen out of a QB in my short time covering the SFL. Angus is 7th in yards, 1st in completion%, 3rd in TDs, 1st in INT with only 2 and 2nd in QBR. If he can keep those numbers right where they are, I could easily see Angus in conversations for MVP. I would like to see Robert Merrill get more yards then just 5, but maybe London has found the recipe for success. Time will tell.

The Revolution

A revolution normally fails due to conflict of philosophies hence the Revolution of 1848 in Europe. Not throwing out history lessons here, but still, this is the only thing that makes sense of why the Revs are 0-3. Is there something going on behind the curtain we don’t know about? I mean, take Jonny for example. He threw 11 picks in Season 14 for STL, Season 15 in Louisiana he threw 16. This season just through 3 games, he has 13. 13! They have to fix the offense. Reggie is still getting his, just not as much as we have seen. So what is the problem? To me, if they can’t get this figured out, we can add this revolution to the history books as a failed one.

The Fleet

It’s always a tough task to go into Vancouver and pull out a victory. Vancouver looks really good so far. This is about Portland. They just look terrible. I said in the Miller Manifesto that Portland could make some noise. I didn’t think it would be the sound of garbage hitting the can but that’s what is going on. It’s a shame because that defense is being wasted. They have a really good defense. Holding Vancouver to 27 points shows that. All I can point to is coaching and Matt South. Matt South is a QB that isn’t cutting it in the SFL. They could have drafted Tommy Utah or OJ Bruin and been better off. Matt South so far, since he came to Portland last season, has thrown 9 TDs and 35INTs! That is a QBR of 58.33! That’s why Portland is the way they are. They have to get better. Maybe that coaching? Maybe get rid of Matt South? I don’t know, but there is no way just going off of what I have seen in 3 games that Portland even sniffs the playoffs until something changes.

The Hyenas

The Houston Hyenas did a lot of things right this past weekend. One was those uniforms. Awesome job with those Demond! Second, they took down the Glory. The Glory have their own problems, but I want to focus on the Hyenas. ET King actually came out and played well, going 25/35 266yds 1TD 1INT. For ET, he has to keep those INTs down, which is a good way to do it. If he can perform like that and have Warren Murray run better than he did Sunday, this team could be a sneaky team come later in the season. That defense has played better than I thought they would, having a TO Diff of +1. If they can keep all that up then we should see them surprise some people.

Top Gun: Maverick

I felt like I was watching Tom Cruise fly around on the field Sunday Night. Even though the Mavericks lost this game, they did a great job against a tough Jacksonville team. They were able to score their first TD in history on a BOMB to WR Connor Weston. Vasquez looked good completing 87% of his passes. They need to get TE Optimus Cline the ball. I know Weston is a valuable weapon but Cline is a beast when used properly. But after watching that game, I do like what I am seeing. Hopefully they can continue the trend.


I love SFL Content just as much as anyone does, especially the power rankings on Tyler Falks show, NETMA. If you haven’t checked it out, please do yourself a favour and do it. He does such a fantastic job. With that said, I can’t wait to see what goodies we have for this week’s power rankings. I have questions Tyler and hope you read these on air (if this publishes in time).

  1. Does SXF and LOU fall to the bottom of the rankings? Or do you see someone else as the worst team?
  2. How far does London go up? You had them at 19 last week and they beat the #5 team in your power rankings. To me they would move up into the 11-13 range.
  3. Do you now have LA higher than 17??

So if feelings are hurt then all you have to do is prove to me that you will turn things around. With that this is the Miller Report. I’m Jason Miller.