Written by Ashley Jackson, Tyler Falk and Tony Benefield

Images by Jon Bond

Life is full of all sorts of setbacks and twists and turns and disappointments. The character of any team will be how well you will come back from this letdown, this defeat. You could still be a great team and you can still accomplish great things as football players but it’s going to take a real resolve to do it.” –Coach Ladouceur

Week 3 has come and gone and what a week it was! There were ups and downs and even record breaking performances. This proves that coaches are doing their homework and the countless hours they spend game planning are not wasted. #thedramaisreal was in full effect as players left their hearts and efforts on the field and many games came down to the wire. Progressions are taking effect and adding value to team builds in a major way. Join me on this journey as we present unto thee, Player of the week picks for week 3.




Offensive Player Of The Week: Angus MacLaine, QB, London

Going on the road to Arizona is never easy. Now tell your Quarterback to drop back and throw 47 of the 53 plays that you call up against an Eddie Gauge run Defense. Tell me that doesn’t end up resulting in disaster with at least 3 Interceptions or that it was the result of your team being down by 21 points to start the game. No one gave Angus MacLaine that script. 421 Yards, 4 Touchdowns, and 0 PICKS! The man was simply playing out of his mind! To play near perfect on the road and to be this dominant is why we are giving MacLaine the honors this week. Congratulations Mr. MacLaine!


Runner up: John Blades, WR, Las Vegas

John Blades is our runner up this week and he would have gotten the top spot any other week except this one. Blades was the one receiver that QB Collin Pierce was able to find time and time again. He finished the day with 325 yards on 14 Receptions (23.2 YPC) and 4 Touchdowns. A fantastic performance from the Las Vegas wide out. Keep up the great work Mr. Blades!


Honorable Mention: Jarrod McChesney RB Denver

Jarrod McChesney again finds his name on this list with another strong performance. This week it’s nearly a double 100+ yard performance through both the Rushing and Receiving department. He went for 142 Yards on 32 Carries and a Touchdown on the ground and 99 Yards on 12 Catches and a Touchdown through the air. McChesney continues to prove to the SFL that he is one of the best Running Backs in the game today. Great job Mr. McChesney!




Defensive Player Of The Week: Ryan Yoseph, SS, Los Angeles

Safety is a hybrid position in Football. Strong or Free, either way you’re out there to back up the other Defensive position groups in Pass Coverage or Run Coverage, to ensure that your opponent doesn’t break a big play. You might be tackling a charging Powerback behind the line of scrimmage on one play, and then dropping back into deep Zone Coverage to defend a Receiver running a Post Route on the next. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Strong Safety, it’s a catch-all position… and Ryan Yoseph caught every ball thrown his way last weekend against the Las Vegas Fury.

Doing his best Lebron James impression, he Intercepted not 1, not 2, not 3… but 4(!) attempted passes from SFL Rookie QB Colin Pierce. He managed to still have enough gas in the tank to take one all the way back to the house to put some points on the board for the Lycans secondary! In a high-octane showdown, Yoseph was the difference-maker for the Lycans defense, shutting down the Las Vegas offense in key situations and winning the Time-Of-Possession battle for his team by getting the ball back to his QB before the Fury had a chance to re-take the lead in a closely contested game that both squads took personally.

Next week, Yoseph and the Lycans look to continue their unbeaten streak as they make the cross-country trip to Florida for their first-ever meeting with the Storm and SFL QB Ron “Riverboat” Cockren. Mighty is sure to give this Defense some new looks this weekend; it’ll be up to Ryan and the rest of the Lycans Secondary to identify the Storm’s strategy quickly and expose it when the opportunity presents itself – just like they have every game so far this season. Congratulations Mr. Yoseph!


Runner Up: Drew Really, CB, St. Louis

There was a lot of talk this week prior to the showdown between the Gladiators and the Revolution. Whenever a teammate leaves your organization to join up with a competitor in the SFL you’re going to feel some type of way, but QB Johnny Pichler took that up a notch with his departure from St. Louis, joining Louisiana and directing that competitive energy that made him a Star in St. Louis directly at the franchise he left throughout last season. Needless to say, St. Louis had a whole wall of bulletin board material for their Week 3 matchup vs. the hometown Revs and boy, did the Gladiators show up.

Leading the Gladiators Secondary throughout the game was none other than Drew Really, tallying 3 Interceptions on the day to quiet his outspoken former teammate. Any other weekend and that would be enough for top honors, but this weekend, the math didn’t work out like that, and maybe it’s better than way. Hopefully this serves as yet another motivating factor for St. Louis moving into Week 4, when they will welcome the Vancouver Legion to the Show Me state. Way to show me Mr. Really!


Honorable Mention: Troy Loshaw, SS, Baltimore

Not much to see here; just Troy Loshaw (owner of the SFL Record for Most Interceptions in a Season) out here leading the league in Interceptions through 3 weeks with 6. He’s AVERAGING 2 INTs a game – I’ll let that sink in.

He’s on pace for 24 INTs in a season – yeah, you read that right – and is blacking out passing lanes back there in coverage every game, leading the defending Champion Baltimore Vultures game in and game out. Even in their loss, he pulled down a 21 Yard pick off of Josh Miller, one of the best Quarterbacks in the league. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out for him, and maybe even witness another SFL Record be re-written. Way to put in the work Mr. Loshaw!


Special Teams


Special Teams Player of the Week: Sammy Steele, K, Atlanta

Special Teams can either suck the life out of a team or give it a much-needed boost to win the game. The Atlanta Swarm had that much needed boost to help them win their game over the 4 time Champion Queen City Corsairs in Buffalo. Our Special Teams Player Of The Week made a difference in this game and he is Mr. Sammy Steele, Kicker for the Swarm. His ” Steele Toe” helped give his team the edge as he had 4 Field Goals made from his 4 Attempts and his longest kick was 51 Yards. Having a sure leg to trust when you need it is vital to any team and Mr. Steele has shown that this week. Congrats Sammy!


 Runner Up: Amanda Moyer, K, Charleston

Runner Up for her outstanding performance on special teams is Ms. Amanda Moyer, Kicker for the Charleston Predators. Moyer contributed to her team winning over one of the top tier team of the League, Sioux Falls Sparrows 19-13. She had 4 Field Goals made out of 4 Attempts and her longest kick was 49 yards. Way to ball out Amanda!

Congrats to all of our awardees!