Written by Jason Miller

Images by Tyler Falk

Week 2 Miller Report

What’s up SFL! Welcome to the first edition of the Miller Report. This is your favourite SFL reporter, Jason Miller. (Editor’s Note: This opinion is debated by many of reporters across the SFL). This article will be a weekly dive into various interesting things that happened during the previous week in the SFL. I do apologize for this not coming out after the Week 1 games but it is what it is. So here are topics that in my mind dominated the SFL Week 2 game slate.

Louisiana is 0-2

What in the world is going on in Louisiana?

Defences have seemed to figure out how to stop the MVP Reggie Streeter. He has 174yds total rushing this season, which isn’t what we are used to seeing. The defence played great last week, only giving up 9 points, but the offense only scored 7. QB Jonny Pichler has thrown 7 picks so far. He didn’t have 7 picks last season until Week 6. So the offense is going to have to get their game plan in order and figure things out in order for the Revs to get back on the winning side of things, ’cause the next 3 games (STL, @ATL, DEN) won’t get any easier for them. I still have them as a team that can do some serious damage this season. Hope I’m still right.

St Louis is 2-0

Here is what I said in the Miller Manifesto earlier this season. “I like them, but with another QB and another system to put in, I have to see it on the field before I say they are a playoff team. I think they can be. Time will tell.” Well…I have seen it…and I like what I am seeing. Kudos to Drew Reilly and the coaching staff in STL for what they have done. Rookie QB Christian Brown is showing some serious talent on the field. He has completed 68% of his passes this season, which is best among the rookie QB class. This team fights hard each and every game and if they can go into Louisiana and take advantage of a Revs team that looks off this week, then the SFL will take notice for sure. 

The Sparrows…

Did anyone see this coming?

SXF is 0-2. More worryingly, they have only scored 10 points total! Even more pertinent, they have given up 63 points total!? Luckily, that’s not the worst mark in the SFL (Tulsa 73), and they have played the two best teams right now (BAL, DEN). I’ll cut a little bit of slack for them. I mentioned in my manifesto that if Hart was stopped, Tyree didn’t have the tools to carry the team. I have seen that come to light this season. Now they have two home games against a revived Charleston team and MXC. Hopefully they can show the league why they are still a team to fear. 

The Legion Offense

If you haven’t seen this team play yet, where have you been? Hiding under a rock? This team is fun to watch. The Legion boasts 93 points scored so far this season, which is tops in the SFL. WR Kendra Hall has been the SFL MVP so far in my mind. She has 11 catches and has 211yds and 4 TDs! To me that shows ‘Diva-like’ qualities? IF she doesn’t win DOTW on Axis Live, we must all riot! Seriously though, this team has been extraordinary in all phases of the game. The offense has really stood out. They get Portland this week, so my guess is that they stay undefeated. 


The Glory, to me, had high expectations coming into this season. I predicted they would be a top 4 team by the end of the season. I still think they are, but the Skyhawks swooped in and brought them down to reality. They just came out flat against a team that not a lot of people thought they would lose to. Now they have to rebound and look to take out their frustrations on Houston. This should be a team that they beat…but hey!…so was Carolina, and look how that ended. 

Skyhawk Nation

Speaking of that game, I need to give props where props should be given. Carolina came in and really showed the SFL who they are. This is a team that I said in my manifesto had one of the best off-seasons and they are trending up. That defensive game plan was brilliant against LSG. Now, I was a little disappointed to not hear more praise from the wrap-up show about this game, but wanted to give a shout-out to this team. If they can keep that momentum going, then they should be making some noise.  Now they have the Florida Storm. Florida is always a tough matchup, so this will be an interesting challenge for this promising Skyhawk team.

I’m Lycan what I’m seeing!

LA is 2-0. Did Tyler say they only win 2 games this season? I’m sure Tyler will eat some crow on NETMA for that. LA have simply played well. They moved from Chicago and retained some players but for the most part have done a very good job on both sides of the ball. They are 5th in total points (61) and have only given up 30. QB Sully Richardson seems like he is back to his All Star calibre self, completing 72% of his passes this season. I want to see that INT number go down (5 in total) but that will come once they get the game plan in place. This defense has been pretty good, so look for them to continue that. They face a tough team in Las Vegas, who is also 2-0. Look for LA to keep this streak going.

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