Written by Ashley Jackson, Tyler Falk and Tony Benefield

Images by Cameron Irvine

Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

-Lou Holt

Week two of the Simulation Football League is in the books and this week was a perfect example of the quote given to us by Lou Holtz. Players who possessed all three of these attributes, Ability, Motivation and Attitude, found themselves in the winner’s circle and made an impact on their teams success. It is a shame that we only have 8 awards to give because there were so many players, win or lose, that had that never say die attitude! However, the ones chosen here deserve this award for the outstanding sportsmanship and contributions displayed this week. Without further ado, here are the picks for week 2!

Offensive Player Of The Week

In a game that was focused on the Hand’s brother’s huge milestone and Arizona leading late in the 4th quarter, there was Buchanan Simons, Wide Receiver for Charleston, who made clutch catch after clutch catch to not only keep Charleston in the game, but leading the Predators to tie the ball game late in the 4th quarter. Both of Simons’s Touchdowns went for 50+ (54yds in the 1st quarter and 67yds in the 4th). He was the most reliable target for T.D. Drew in a game where consistency was the order of the day. The WR ended up with 168 Yards on 8 Catches and those 2 TDs. Way to ball out Mr. Simons!

Runner Up

In a league that is moving more and more toward an air raid offense heavy league, it is always nice to see a Running Back have a stand out performance. Jarrod McChesney was electrifying this week! McChesney dominated the D.C. Dragon Defense for 206 Yards and 2 TDs on 25 Carries to lead Denver to “3o-rock”! Very impressive Mr. McChesney!

Honorable Mention

Meanwhile across the Pond in Queensway it was a Mexican invasion lead by Phoenix Jones, RB for the Aztecs, whose tough, take no prisoners, smash mouth running reminiscent of his FB days got the job done. Jones would finish the day with all of the points for Mexico City being scored by him (118 yds, 3TD’s on 17 carries). Keep up the great work Mr. Jones!

Defensive Player Of The Week

The objective of the Defensive team is to prevent the other team from scoring and win possession of the ball for their side. No one personified this role more thoroughly last week than Shaud Allen, starting Strong Safety for the Portland Fleet. Shaud did his best Aegis Weapons System impersonation during the game, deflecting a pass attempt in addition to intercepting 3 others and taking 1 back all the way to home port for the Fleet against the Tulsa Desperado’s squad during action on Saturday. Lets be fair though, every rookie QB has that one game where the DBs have their number and this one happened to be Jay Cues’, as Shaud was everywhere the rookie was trying to put the ball throughout the game.

Next week, Shaud and the Fleet’s secondary will look to do much the same against Tom Pepper and the Vancouver Legion as they travel to the Great White North to try and shut down a red-hot Legion Offense that has shown no signs of regression from last season’s campaign, but that’s for next week.  For now, let’s all take a moment to recognize a great individual defensive effort put forth by one of the Fleet’s best! Way to step it up Mr. Allen!

Runner Up

In a close second, Kyler Murray, CB of the Vancouver Legion seemed to be driven as well as he did his best to shut down opposing QB Bryant Dynasty in their contest this past weekend. With 2 pass deflections in addition to his 2 interceptions (one of which he took back for a ridiculous 100 yd Pick 6?!) he accounted for more yards in the game than a vast majority of wide receivers did in Week 2, and although that wasn’t good enough for DPOTW, it was good enough to put opposing WRs on notice that they better bring their “A” game against this CB or run the risk of being outperformed on the field! Keep it up Mr. Murray!

Honorable Mention

An interception returned for a touchdown (a Pick 6 in Football parlance) is not the easiest thing to do in football.  Most DBs dream of one day getting one, to check that box off their career bucket list and put some points on the board for a change, instead of just preventing it. That being said, Iverson Gamble was not only able to get the ball into the end zone for his team in Week 1, but he did it AGAIN in Week 2!  Nothing else needs to be said other than to tell him to get off the field and let some of his fellow DB’s get some of that shine! Great work Mr. Gamble!

Special Teams Player Of The Week

Whether a Kicker/Punter, a designated Returner or a Gunner, there are all sorts of ways to get your mentions as the Special Teams Player of the Week. For Week 2, no one had a more impactful day in the 3rd phase of the game than Larry Barr, Kicker for the Arizona Scorpions. He had 12 points on the day, but none were more crucial than the last 3, putting his team up for good (and a nail in the coffin) from 50 yards out. Larry better get some ice on those legs though: Arizona faces a tough test next week as the visiting London Knights come to town looking to get back in the win column. Great job Larry!

Runner Up

It’s not everyday that a STPOTW is also the best player on the field for his or her team, but Taco Sicario, Kicker for the FT. Worth Toros fit the bill this past weekend, booting 3 FGs through the uprights on the way to accounting for 100% of his teams scoreboard contributions in their contest against the Louisiana Revolution. Probably not the way that they drew it up, but when your defense holds the opposing team to 7 points, 9 is good enough for both a W in the win column AND a mention in STPOTW!  Well Done Taco!

Congrats to all of our awardees!