Written by Ashley Jackson

Image by Jon Bond

**Greatness, whether athletic or otherwise, doesn’t come from those content on just being but from those who seek being the difference.“-Kirk Mango

The Simulation Football League’s 16th season has started and week one was a reflection of Mr. Mango’s quote as many teams set out to make a difference and prove that their off-season planning was spent wisely. There were a few notable events like the Baltimore Vultures hoisting their banner for the season 15 championship, Queen City winning their 100th game in team history, multiple teams scoring over 40 points on their opponent, and rookies making impactful performances in their debut in the majors. The Players Of The Week selected reflected greatness in their various performances. The passion, the drive, and the sportsmanship has begun and now here the picks for week one.


Offensive Players Of The Week

The job of the Offense is to move the ball down the field and score points. Each offensive position has a unique set of responsibilities, and each player has specific attributes that better enable him or her to do their job. That said, season 14 championship winners, The Atlanta Swarm’s offense made a dominating statement with their win over Tulsa winning 44-17. The Offensive Player of the week shined bright like a diamond with his performance and he is Mr. BDG Hollewood, Running Back for the Swarm. His top notch performance included 24 Carries for 237 Yards. He also averaged 9.9 Yards Per Carry and 3 Touchdowns that put the game out of reach for the Desperados. In this game Hollewood crossed Hollywood Boulevard 3 times and if he keeps this up, Atlanta could find themselves back in the championship this season. Congratulations BDG!

Runner up for Offensive Player Of The Week is Mr. Jared Willis, Running Back for the Jacksonville Kings. He helped carry his team to victory over Houston winning 27-13. He blew past defenders having 24 Carries for 251 Yards and averaging 10.5 Yards Per Carry and 2 Touchdowns. Jax has a balanced offense and Willis makes them that much more dangerous. Congratulations Jared!

Honorable mention goes out to Wide Receiver for Mexico city, Mr. K.L Barrett . He had 12 Receptions for 174 Yards, averaged 15.8 Yards Per Reception and 2 Touchdowns. Congratulations K.L!


Defensive Player Of The Week

The objective of the Defensive team is to prevent the other team from scoring and win possession of the ball for their side. The Vancouver Legion had a jaw dropping performance against the Louisiana Revolution 45-34, who are known to be one of the top tier teams of the SFL. One of the main reasons for their high scoring win was that our Defensive Player Of The Week found a way to disrupt the offense every chance she got! She is Ms. Ashley Rose Finch, Cornerback for the Legion. Finch made an impact with 6 Tackles and 1 Pass Deflection, but where she shined was her 2 Interceptions, which one of those interceptions was a phenomenal 96 Yard pick 6. With playmakers like Finch, it is easy to see why she is a vital member of her team and the league in the 5 seasons she has been here. Congratulations Ashley!

Runner up for Defensive Player Of The week Mr. Buddy Blaze, Cornerback for the LA Lycans. LA arrived on the scene and showed the San Diego Mavericks that they will be a new found force within this league winning 31-17. Blaze helped to fire up the Defense having 11 Tackles, 4 Assists, 1 Tackle For Loss and 2 Pass Deflections. If LA can keep shutting down Offenses like this and as long as they have Blaze with them, the sky is the limit. Congratulations Buddy!

Honorable Mention goes out to Defensive End, Mr. Mike Coverson, also for the Vancouver Legion. He had 4 Tackles, 2 Assists, 3 devastating Sacks and 3 Tackles For Loss. Congratulations Mike!


Special Teams POTW

On Special Teams there are some Specialist roles that are unique to the Kicking game. One stand out member of the Kickers helped put his team in great position to get a victory for his team. He is Mr. Shark Tarkington, Kicker for the Baltimore Vultures. The Baltimore Vultures defeated the Arizona Scorpions 27-21, and those extra 6 points scored was just enough to put them over the top. Tarkington had 6 Field Goals made out of 6 Attempts and his longest Kick was a 53 yarder. They are the current champions for a reason and with the sure leg of Tarkington, they prove they have multiple weapons to look out for. Congratulations Shark!

**Special thanks to Jacob Clear, Tyler Falk and Mike Ahl on their input**