SFL Communications

January 7, 2020

The Simulation Football League is excited to announce it’s new partnership with Big Red Jelly that is helping re-launch the SFL’s web home for the first time since the summer of 2017. The target launch date is Tuesday January 19, in time for the league’s 16th season, which begins Saturday January 23:

“The Big Red Jelly team has been nothing short of exceptional since being brought on to reinvent our digital profile and how we interact with our fans and new interested participants,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Another challenge is presenting the sheer depth of our league in an easy-to-navigate way so that our fans can find the information they’re looking for as quickly as possible. We’re so excited for this re-launch.”

With thousands of games and players and hundreds of league and team staff, the web project has been months in the making. The league managed its own site from 2013-2017 prior to templating with Dan Fisher’s Alchemists in 2017 with the help of London Knights owner Liam Crowter. Since then, the league has grown from 16 to 24 teams, transitioned from partial user teams to full user teams, expanded roster sizes to 20 players per team (from 12), added television partners Eleven Sports and For the Fans and expanded to a minor league in early 2020.

“Working and collaborating with the SFL has been an exciting process,” said Zach Webber, website development. “The SFL is working towards expanding, growing, and developing the league and their digital brand. Being able to work on their project and brainstorm with them on how best to build and structure their digital solutions has highlighted a lot of their strengths and where they plan on being one year, two years or even a decade down the road. We’re excited to continue working with the SFL and even more excited to see where they take their brand in the coming years.”

More upgrades are coming soon as the league hopes to revolutionize it’s statistics and automation capabilities related to contracts, progression and records of players and teams so that team and league websites can sync.

Here are some of the many new features you’ll find on the new site:
⦁ The most important news releases about the league easily found
⦁ Direct links to podcasts around the league
⦁ An easier-to-navigate news section of community-generated content
⦁ Team social media and website links
⦁ More in-depth league history sections, information on how the SFL works, bios and images of league staff, owners and broadcasters.
⦁ More up-to-date information on the process of joining the league, the SFLm and how to hit the field as a player
⦁ A new stats section that displays important season and all-time leaderboards more prominently, league and division standings, updated all-time franchise records and more

Keep an eye out for more announcements related to multimedia, presentation, social media and broadcasts as the league build momentum towards a monumental 2021 and to see more of Big Jelly’s work, visit https://bigredjelly.com/