Our own intrepid reporter and 3 time Community Ambassador award winner, Ashley Jackson, loves doing her best to get out the names and stories of as many rookies as she can but she just doesn’t have enough time to get everyone on her show. For this interview she sits down with “The Greek Freak” Achilles Papatonis, Defensive End for the Ottawa Cavalry. He had a good season with 14 Tackles, 6 Sacks, and 9 Tackles For Loss. He’s a very positive guy, very active in chat, and can’t wait to land on a team so he can get out there and take down every QB in the league!

Ashley Jackson: Who are you and what are your interests?

Achilles Papatonis: I am Achilles Papatonis. I was born in Pasadena, California which is the home of the Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl Game on New Year’s Day. Being from southern California we have good weather and that makes for lots of interests. I am a private pilot and fly at least once a week, I have been a pilot since my solo on my 16th birthday. I also love building computers. I am also a ham radio operator and talk to people from all over the world. I also love to go backpacking. I work for USGS Studying Earthquakes here in California using GPS.

AJ: Have you ever played Sports and if so what were your positions?

AP: In high school I played in and lettered in 7 sports. Baseball(CF), Football(WR/DB), Soccer(D), Track and Field(Many events), Golf, Basketball(SG), and Tennis.

AJ: How did you find out about the SFL?

AP: I have the usual story. During the Covid-19 lockdown I did a web search and found the league on FTF(For the Fans). At the time I think MLB had just ended and the NFL had not yet started. The game play was great and the announcers were first class!

AJ: What was the first game that you watched and can you describe the feeling you received while watching it?

AP: I really do not remember the teams that were playing in the first game I watched. I watched so many games! I went back and watched a few championship games as well. When I found out that I could have my own player that is when I said I really want to be a part of the SFL.

AJ: What position are you trying to fill and why did you select that particular position?

AP: I am currently playing DE, but I feel could move over to DT if needed. In high school I played WR/DB and always wondered what the game was like for the BIG men in the trenches. It has really been fun to see the game through different eyes. I also noticed us DE’s stick together, Cliff “Grizz” Grizzly and I had a friendship develop as the season went on, we had a little battle for the sack leader in which he beat me 7.5 to 6, it was very cool and fun.

AJ: Do you plan to get involved with the SFL in more than one capacity such as Broadcasting or doing stats?

AP: I would like to find out more about doing Stats and maybe even Scouting.

AJ: What are your expectations from the team that drafts you?

AP: Having a strong bond in the locker room. Lots of participation from everyone at all levels. Make it a positive experience.

AJ: What values will you bring to your team?

AP: I bring a winning attitude. I am a good listener and I am great teammate. My Ottawa Teammates always relied on me to fire the team up. This was fun, we had a great locker room.

AJ: How do you handle trash talk and adversity?

AP: I do not mind trash talk, it is part of the game. I let the trash talk bounce off me. Adversity is a part of life. We all want to be a winner but sometimes we can learn more from a little adversity.

AJ: Why should a team select you?

AP: I feel I have a lot to add to any team that selects me. My winning attitude is contagious. I will play at any position that is needed by my team. I will be a great teammate in the locker room and an active positive influence on the team.

AJ: Where are you on the rookie Big Board currently?

AP: I am currently the number one overall DE numerically.

Progressions missed during Season: 0

AJ: Thank you for your time Achilles and good luck in the draft and going forward in your career!

Good luck to all you rookies out there, can’t wait to see your future success!