Speculation by Griffin King

For entertainment purposes only!!!

Note: This mock focuses primarily on perceived team needs and value.  I will also consider positional scarcity.  Enjoy.

  1. San Diego Mavericks   

Mike Ryan, SS

San Diego enters the draft with most of their glaring needs met. They figure to pick up a couple of starting safeties at some point, and either a Nickel DB or third linebacker is possible later on. They could go in a few different directions here, but Mike Ryan(Tyler Falk) has made a name for himself in ways that will make him a hot commodity early in the first round.

  1. DC Dragons   

Riley Quintero, WR

With 15 open roster spots, it’s hard to rule much out for DC. What we do know is that they want to have a vertical passing offense. Riley Quintero would be a nice first piece of the puzzle. He led the SFLm in Receptions, Yards, and Touchdowns and showed that he could run the whole route tree. Not much would shock me here, including Kevin Seay.

  1. Portland Fleet   

Ralgar Lawe, CB

Portland has 18 players under contract and is likely to select a Nickel or LB3. OL is possible, but they didn’t use one last season. Given their 4 DL, a third LB would likely not play in their Nickel package. Ralgar Lawe is the top rated DB and had an SFLm high 13 pass deflections.

  1. London Knights   

Jack Lewis, K

I had London taking a fullback here, and they still might, if they are okay with not having a star kicker. It’s possible that they chose to move JT Dulaney to punter because they expected to have the option to pick up Lewis in the draft. Either way, I expect them to grab a FB or TE at some point to give them some options on offense.

  1. Tulsa Desperados   

Exodus O’Brannon, DT

Tulsa can get a good value pick at QB, TE, or FS in any round. The same can’t be said for DT.

  1. Los Angeles Lycans   

Deuce Fenech, WR

I’m lycan the idea of Fenech adding more firepower to the LA passing attack. He’s the top available WR in this scenario and has a nice catch radius at 6’5” 220.

  1. Las Vegas Fury   

Jay Cue, QB

Jay Cue is the top rated QB and could give the Fury a nice spark in the passing game.

  1. Carolina Skyhawks   

Cliff Grizzly, DE

With 4 LBs, Carolina seems committed to a 3-4 defense. They moved veteran Chris Colon outside but do not yet have another DE to play opposite him. Enter Cliff Grizzly.  At 6’5” 280 he has the measurables teams often look for in a 3-4 end. He showed his pass rush ability with 9.5 sacks in SFLm.

  1. St. Louis Gladiators   

Tom Tanner, DE

The third team without a QB on the roster, instead St. Louis adds a third defensive lineman to their front.

  1. Fort Worth Toros   

Dan Tritz, DT

Fort Worth replenishes their front four here. Tritz is a nice value at this stage. They can get a Nickel DB, WR, or TE later. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they went offensive line here either.

  1. Queen City Corsairs   

Greg McDonaldson, OL

QCC went from 4 OL to none. It would make a lot of sense for them to target an OL coach.

  1. Arizona Scorpions   

Max Night, DT

Arizona has three picks, and knowing Eddie, it would not surprise me to see them all used to bolster the defense.

  1. Houston Hyenas   

Achilles Papatonis, DE

Houston could use another end to boost their pass rush. They also need two corners, but that can wait.

  1. Atlanta Swarm   

Michael Hammer, WR

My notes for Atlanta say BWA – Best WR Available. In this scenario, that’s Michael Hammer.

  1. Lone Star Glory   

Adam Leach, CB

Adam Leach could easily go higher with no complaints. He’s a highly skilled, physically imposing cover man at 6’4”. New OC Greg Soto might want a skill position player depending on his vision for the offense. Perhaps that comes later. Kicker is also a possibility.

  1. Florida Storm   

Devin King, LB

Florida gets to add the top rated LB to the second level of their defense.

  1. Vancouver Legion   

John Gary, DE

I expect Vancouver to consider any defensive ends that may be available in this spot. Converting a defensive tackle could also be an option.

  1. Jacksonville Kings   

James Richards, OL coach

Jacksonville used 3 OL last season, but currently have none. If they want to use a similar build, Richards would give them that option. Richards has also been around the league and could go earlier than this. This pick could easily be a LB too.

  1. Mexico City Aztecs   

Caibren Womack, DT

Mexico City currently has no DTs on the roster so I expect them to take whichever one they feel most comfortable with here. This could be a TE, but they will probably grab a sidekick for Mike Daggs later.

  1. Denver Nightwings   

Nate Ritters, WR

I think it would suit Jeremy Vega just fine to snag a big play WR like Nate Ritters here. LB3 or TE2 are also possible, but with just one pick left, I project WR as the priority.

  1. Sioux Falls Sparrows   

Marco Swift, CB

Snagging the third rated CB would be incredible value for Sioux Falls. They can round out their roster with a TE later on.

  1. San Diego Mavericks   

Eric Gugger, FS

San Diego needs two starting safeties, so they could kick off their draft by checking those needs off. Depending on their offensive plan, they could also go for one of the few remaining fullbacks.

  1. DC Dragons   

Benny Butcher, DT

DC has no defensive linemen currently signed. This may be the last pick where they have the option to select one. Indeed, in this scenario they take the last one off the board. Perhaps they can pick up some LBs later on to blitz and supplement the pass rush.

  1. Portland Fleet   

Josh Farnzy, LB

Portland continues to boost their defense with a good value pick in Farnzy. He would fit nicely next to Mel Davis and Khalil Thomas.