Written by Ashley Jackson

Images based on one created by J.R. Lawless

Vince Lombardi was once quoted as saying that football is like life… It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect for authority in which all teams displayed this season. The championship game that took place on Sunday had no shortage of excitement and drama as the top two teams did battle to see who would reign supreme for season 2 of the Simulation Football Minor League. Kudos to both coaching staffs and teams for giving us a game to remember and for leaving their hearts on the field. As much as I would like to award everyone for their efforts, the top players for the game had stand out performances and some even landed themselves in the SFL Hall of records as well. Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of our selections for the SFL Championship.


Offense is vital in any sport and the Birmingham Fuel had the drive and spirit to win but fell a bit short. However, Offensive Player of the Championship game made significant strides in this game as well as all season, so much so, that he was entered into the SFLm Hall of records in multiple categories this season and he is Mr. Christian Brown, Quarterback of the Birmingham Fuel. Brown had 32 completions on 51 attempts for 348 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. Despite the 4 Interceptions, his longest pass was for 72 Yards and his completion rate was 62.72%. He also made it in the record books for most Passing Yards(3098), most Passing Touchdowns(19), most Completions(288), most Attempts(452) and most Interceptions(23) for season 2. Kudos for all the hard work and dedication and showing what good leadership qualities are all about. Congratulations Christian!

Runner up for Offensive Player of the Championship is none other than Mr. Riley Quintero, Wide Receiver for the Birmingham Fuel. Quintero made history as well having the most Receiving Yards(1305), most Receiving Touchdowns(9), and most Catches(92) for season 2. He was an instrumental part of the Fuel’s success this season. Quintero displayed true workhorse capabilities and gumption every single time he hit the field and this game was no different. He was targeted 14 times and had 12 Receptions for 182 Yards and 1 Touchdown. He also averaged 15.2 Yards Per Reception and his longest reception was for 72 Yards. Any team looking for a WR will be looking his way for sure in the upcoming draft. Congratulations Riley!

Honorable mention goes out to Albuquerque Atoms Wide Receiver, Mr. Kyle Finnamore, for his efforts in this game as well. Finamore received Player Of The Game and he was targeted 9 times and had 5 Receptions for 88 Yards and 1 Touchdown. He averaged 17.6 Yards Per Reception and his longest Reception was for 37yards. He also had a historic performance with having the most Yards Per Reception for season 2 at 17.7. He is truly a reliable target which is a QB’s best friend. Congratulations Kyle!


Defense can win championships and in the case of the Atoms, that was definitely the case! Stopping the play before it starts is a key way to stifle the opponent’s offense and that is what our Defensive Player of the Championship managed to do, quite often. So often in fact, he made history as well by being one of the players that had 9½ Sacks for season 2, and he is Mr. Cliff Grizzly, Defensive End for the Albuquerque Atoms. Grizzly was able to bear hug the QB and threw a wrench in the offensive scheme of things for the Fuel. He had 4 Tackles, 2 Tackles For Loss, and stopped the drive with 2 key sacks that helped make a difference in the game. He was key to the success of the Atoms performance and with his place already cemented in SFLm history, he is sure to shine bright like a diamond while he is in the majors as well! Congratulations Cliff!

Runner-up for Defensive Player of the Game and also making history is Mr. Adam Leach, Cornerback of the Atoms. In this game he had 4 Tackles, 2 Assists and 1 Tackle For Loss. He also had 1 Interception for 1 Yard. He went down in history as well, having the most Interceptions(7) for season 2 as well so Major League Quarterbacks should take notice. This rookie is good at reading your eyes, so be cautious when throwing to his side of the field because he might be coming back with it. Congratulations Adam!

Honorable mention goes out to another top player performance for this game as well as all season and he is Mr. Marco Swift, Cornerback of the Atoms as well. Swift was very savvy most of the game as he had 3 Tackles, 3 Assists, 1 Pass Deflection, and 1 Interception for 12 yards. He is consistent and well-rounded and will be a great pick-up for any team that needs him. Congratulations Marco…polo!

Editors Note: Congratulations to everyone that was mentioned in this article all season long, but also congratulations to all of you Rookies for helping to make Season 2 the most entertaining season thus far! You all brought a lot to the League and I look forward to seeing where you all land for Season 16! If you don’t make it to the Pros this season, you will kill it next season! Thank you for all that you’ve brought to the SFL! Good Luck everyone!