Written by Ashley Jackson

Images based off of the original by J.R. Lawless

POTW Playoffs

Tis the season for giving and receiving and this week marked the battle to the ring and these games definitely lived up to the hype. Each player gave it their all to make sure they #makeanimpact and give viewers something to remember. Today the top performing players will receive the award and recognition they deserve for their effort on the field.  The hard work that coaches put into their team will finally payoff and here are the POTW for the Playoffs.


On the Offensive side of the ball, there were players that had a fantastic performance, but there were a couple that out shined the rest. Our Offensive Player Of The Week is Atoms Wide Receiver, Mr. Nate Ritters. Albuquerque was pretty solid from start to finish as they took the win over Salt Lake City 28-20 and one of the reasons was because of Ritters coming up with sure feet and Velcro fingertips catching most passes that came his way. He was targeted 7 times and received 5 of those passes for 95 Yards averaging 19 Yards Per Reception. He also had 2 welcomed Touchdowns and his longest reception was for 46 yards. Being someone the Quarterback trusts to make the plays is of import, and Ritters has shown throughout the season that he is capable of such a task. Congratulations and good luck in the Championship game Nate!

Runner up for Offensive Player Of The Week is Ms. Brooke Beissel, Running Back for the Salt Lake City Rustlers. Despite the loss, the Rustlers made it this far with the efforts Beissel as she had 10 carries for 46 Yards and averaging 4.6 Yards Per Carry and her longest carry was 42 Yards. She also had 9 Receptions for 35 Yards and averaged 3.9 Yards Per reception. She added to the score with 1 Touchdown and her longest reception was for 10 yards. Making an impact is vital in establishing your player and she did a great job with that. Congratulations Brooke!    

Honorable mention goes out to Mr. Michael Hammer, Wide Receiver for the Memphis River Runners. Hammer had 9 Receptions for 112 Yards. He averaged 12 Yards Per Reception and he went for 22 yards on his longest reception. Congratulations Michael!


Defenses had a strong showing this week as and there were a few players that thrived on collecting souvenirs. One of those was our Defensive Player Of The Week, and he is Mr. Ralgar Lawe, Cornerback of the Birmingham Fuel. The Fuel were victorious as they beat the Memphis River Runners, 24-13 and it was because the Defense did a great job of making stops any way they could. Lawe was highly effective in the secondary as he had 5 Tackles, 3 Assists, 1 Tackle For Loss and 4 Pass Deflections. He also had 2 well timed Interceptions for 3 Yards and went for 3 Yards for his longest return. He laid down the Law(e) and put the League on notice that his side of the field is covered like a blanket. Congratulations and good luck in the Championship Ralgar!            

 Runner up for Defensive Player Of The Week is Salt Lake City’s Free Safety, Mr. Peanut Seay. Seay found a way to leave his mark on the field and in our hearts having 3 Tackles, 2 Assits and 1 Pass Deflection. He also had 2 Interceptions for 14 Yards and went 14 yards for his longest return. You can say what you want, but Seay is money and will make a great addition to the team that will draft him. Congratulations Peanut!

Honorable mention goes out to Mr. Jorge Torres, Free Safety of the Albuquerque Atoms. Torres had 8 Tackles, 2 Pass Deflections, and 1 Interception. Congratulations Jorge!