Written By Jason Miller

Pick #1 – San Diego Mavericks – Devin King, Linebacker

San Diego looks to bolster that defense up after spending much of their FA on offense. Grabbing the top LB in the SFLm  who will become their leader in the LB core.

Pick #2 – D.C Dragons – Riley Quintero, Wide Receiver

The expansion franchise on their 2nd go around in the SFL will be looking at weapons for new QB Shabazz Psnergy. Grabbing the playmaker from Birmingham seems to be a natural fit in the Air Coryell offense DC wants to run next season.

Pick #3 – Portland Fleet – Mike Ryan, Strong Safety

Letting Mike Ryan slip this far is exactly what Portland wants. Before I wrote this I was thinking RB, but with Ezekial Love signing, my feeling is this is the place Mike Ryan would go. Portland could really use a boost in that secondary that was torched last season.

Pick #4 – London Knights – Jack Lewis, Kicker

London will be looking at special teams for their first pick. With JT Dulany moving to Punter, this seems like a no brainer.

Pick #5 – Tulsa Desperados – Colin Pierce, Quarterback

The Desperados are looking for their franchise QB after Nickens wanted to test FA. Now they are looking towards the future with a QB with a ton of upside. I like the selection here as I could hear a lot of Pierce to Manning TD calls in the future.

Pick #6 – Los Angeles Lycans – Chris Lee, Wide Receiver

The Lycans have a pretty solid group for their first season in LA. Looking at the roster, it makes sense to take the talented Lee from Tacoma. Giving Sully Richardson another weapon at his disposal can never be a bad thing.

Pick #7 – Las Vegas Fury – Ralger Lawe, Cornerback

With the Fury needing a QB they shock the draft experts (except this one) by going defense with their first pick. With only 1 CB on the roster they need to get some help in the secondary that was 12th in Pass Yds Allowed per game last season. Losing the Ramens left Vegas in a bad spot. Getting Lawe will help for sure

Pick #8 – Carolina Skyhawks – Cliff Grizzly, Defensive End

The Skyhawks have had a hell of an off-season so far, being able to replace key pieces very well. Now they turn their luck to the draft where one of the top prospects in all the SFLm falls down to 12 to help boost that D-line. Carolina only had 2 star DL last season but I could see them adding a 3rd here with a cant miss prospect.

Pick #9 – St. Louis Gladiators – LA Reaux, Quarterback

Shocking selection right??? Not Jay Cue…Not Chrisitan Brown…What am I thinking?? I’ll tell you what I am thinking. St. Louis usually thinks outside the box, and I think they should here again. Reaux comes in with the highest QBR and the highest completion % in the SFLm. Getting Reaux here not only gives them the franchise QB that I think is in for the long haul, but also I believe he is a very underrated player and could be the sneakiest pick of this draft.

Pick #10 – Fort Worth Toros – Adam Leach, Cornerback

The Toros will be looking to improve their secondary here. I could see them going after DT here as well, but the value of Leach is something they can’t pass up.

Pick #11 – Queen City Corsairs – Josh Farnzy, Linebacker

QCC will be looking to sure up that front 7 by adding a LB. Farnzy is clearly the choice here as the Corsairs look to make a push back into the playoffs.

Pick #12 – Arizona Scorpions – Vernard Smith IV, Free Safety

The HOF Eddie Gauge has an eye for talent on the defensive side of the ball. Vernard Smith to me screams “Scorpions!”. He is going to come in and give a boost to that secondary that may or may not have the HOF playing there anymore.

Pick #13 – Houston Hyenas – Marco Swift, Cornerback

Houston has had an interesting offseason for sure. With no CBs on the roster they get the guy that they want. Solid pick here for the Hyenas.

Pick #14 – Atlanta Swarm – Michael Hammer, Wide Receiver

Atlanta, with only one pick in this draft, will be spending it on another weapon for Bryant Dynasty. Getting a big target in 6’3 Hammer will make that WR core complete.

Pick #15 – Lone Star Glory – Deuce Fenech, Wide Receiver

This pick is going to feel like a family reunion. Deuce coming home to LSG is a story that even Slinn Shady couldn’t write. Hearing Cam say “Fenech to Fenech for the TD” is something we need to get used to.

Pick #16 – Florida Storm – Will Todd, Tight End

The first TE is off the board. Will Todd will have some big shoes to fill since Optimus left for SD. But I’m sure Mighty will figure out how to use my top TE prospect in that offense next season

Pick #17 – Vancouver Legion – Gary Clem, Linebacker

Keeping the theme of a defense-heavy draft, I can see Vancouver taking Clem here. Clem, being under Coach Craven’s wing, will benefit Andy Hamilton’s defense that was already one of the best run defenses in the SFL.

Pick #18 – Jacksonville Kings – Maverick Hughes, Linebacker

Jacksonville, already one of the best run defenses in the league, will take a page from the team before them and select a LB to help that front 7. Even though Hughes would probably be a natural fit – due to his name – in SD, the Kings will get his services and hope he can be a key piece to stopping the run this season.

Pick #19 – Mexico City Aztecs – Dan Tritz, Defensive Tackle

MXC is going defense here taking the first DT off the board. Dan Tritz is going to provide that beast in the middle to fill the void from the Krimm Reaper leaving for LA.

Pick #20 – Denver Nightwings – Josh Gill, Wide Receiver

Denver is known for the Play-Action pass. With only 2 WR on the roster, adding Josh Gill, who was 5th in the SFLm in receptions, should make this offense even more dangerous

Pick #21 – Sioux Falls Sparrows – Mike Scott, Cornerback

Sioux Falls has 1 CB on the roster. So Mike would be the best selection here. Being the highest rated CB on the board it would be hard for them to pass up. Almost went FB here due to Wells leaving for SD but in the end I think they can get that later in this draft


Pick #22 – San Diego Mavericks – Achilles Papatonis, Defensive End

The Mavericks get a steal here at the end of the first round with Papatonis. The Cavalry DE was 2nd in the SFLm in sacks and should be the boost the Mavericks defense is looking for.

Pick #23 – DC Dragons – Guy Clawson, Tight End

The DC Dragons will keep looking for playmakers here. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went WR, but getting a TE like Clawson who was 2nd amongst all TE’s in receptions could prove to be a masterstroke. The Dragons can’t pass him up.

Pick #24 – Portland Fleet – Ronnie Watson, Linebacker

Portland will take Ronnie Watson here – and so they should. Watson was 7th in Total Tackles and 7th in TFL’s. After losing 2 LBs in the offseason, Watson will fit in nicely within this defense.