Written by Ashley Jackson

Images based on one created by J.R. Lawless

This week marks the completion of the SFLm regular season and these games decided the fates of teams and their chances in the playoffs. Players and coaches left their hearts on the field as they tried to seal their spots in playoff contention. Congratulations to all the rookies participating in the SFLm and for progressing their players to become stars. You all did a great job of entertaining us this season with high class performances and giving GMs and Owners good film to watch for roster consideration. Now it is time, to name the Players Of The Week for week 9.


The Salt Lake City Rustlers came in to their game as underdogs as they battled the Madison Lynx for playoff contention. The Rustlers won 34-21 and they made it hard for the Lynx to catch up once they had their foot on the gas. Offensive Player Of The Week showed off how sure handed he was in his performance this week and he is Mr. Kingston Ellington, Wide Receiver for Salt Lake. Ellington wants to land a spot on a major league teams roster by showing that a QB can trust him to make the scoring plays. He was targeted 12 times and had 10 Receptions, 111 Yards and 11.1 Yards Per Reception. He also had 2 Touchdowns and his longest reception was 26 yards. Those hands will be put to the test very soon during the playoffs for sure, but it seems he has the grip to get the job done. Congrats on a job well done Kingston! Always in “Good Hands”!

Despite the loss to the #1 seed Albuquerque Atoms, the Birmingham Fuel put on a great effort but fell shy of wining their game losing 24-14. Runner up for OPOTW had a memorable performance and that was Mr. Tucker Warner, Wide Receiver for the Fuel. When the ball came his way, Warner was on it having 11 Receptions, 192 Yards, and 1 Touchdown. He also had 17.5 Yards Per Receptions and his longest reception was 81 yards. With almost 200 yards in this game, he displayed drive and skill and maybe that will give them the win in the playoffs. Congratulations Tucker!

Honorable mention goes out to the Ottawa Calvary’s Quarterback, Mr. Scar Patterson. The loss to the Memphis River Runners didn’t stop him from making an impact. Patterson made 35 Completions out of 40 Attempts, 211 Passing Yards, 1 Interception and his completion percentage is 71.4% with his longest pass going for 29 yards. He also showed he has great decision making ability with his 2 carries for 4 yards and 1 scrambling Touchdown. Passing is great, but when you can show that you can pass and run, that makes all the difference in the world. Congratulations Scar!


The Tacoma Grizzles overcame the odds to steal the win over the Annapolis Navigators, 13-10. The Grizzles defense did a fantastic job defending the line largely due to the ability to stop the play before it developed. Defensive Player Of The Week was a Quarterback’s nightmare and he is Mr. Exodus O’Brannon, Defensive Tackle for Tacoma. Defense has been known to win championships and getting to the Quarterback will definitely change the odds of winning as O’Brannon did. He had 3 Tackles, 2 Assists and 3 Tackles For Loss. However, where he showed true hunger, toughness, and drive was having 2 Sacks and 1 1/2 sacks. He is true a defensive beast when he takes the field and will be a valuable piece to the conundrum of putting together a well-rounded defense. Congratulations Exodus! The journey to stardom begins…

The Albuquerque Atoms are now the number one seed in the SFLm after a stunning win over the Birmingham Fuel and the win came from the defensive side of the ball. The score was 24 to 14 and the Atoms worked hard and only allowed those 14 points to be scored in the fourth quarter of the game. Runner-up for Defensive Player Of The Week is Mr. Adam Leach, Cornerback for the Atoms. Leach seemed to attach himself to the ball every chance it came his way having 1 Tackle, 1 Assist and 4 Pass Deflection. He proved to be a wiz at reading the Quarterbacks eyes as he also made 2 Interceptions for 27 yards and went 27 yards on his longest return as well. Way to step up and dominate! Congratulations Adam!

Honorable mention goes out to Mr. Alden Bleeker, Cornerback of the Memphis River Runners. In his all-star performance against one of the top teams in the SFLm, the Ottawa Calvary, Bleeker helped his team win the game 20-13 by having 7 Tackles, 2 Assists, 2 Tackles For Loss and 4 Pass Deflections. Messing the WR’s route was the name of his game and it worked. Congratulations Alden!

Special congratulations goes out to all the playoff contenders, Atom, Fuel, Salt Lake and Memphis and may the best team win!