Written by Ashley Jackson

Images based on the original by J.R. Lawless

As the whistle blows ending the last game of week 8, fans leave the stadium breathless and satisfied from the awesome performances that occurred this week. We saw everything from underdogs getting their first win of the season to teams taking things to double overtime to decide a winner which also meant, there was no shortage in drama. Coaches are putting their best foot forward in creating plays for every member to shine and show of their talents with the Rookie Draft fast approaching. GMs and Owners are focusing on who will #makeanimpact for their teams so now we are at a very crucial point in this completion. It is harder and harder to choose between so many performances that were great. So let’s figure out who will reign supreme this week with Player Of The Week awards, runner-ups and honorable mentions for week 8.

Having heart and a never give up, never surrender attitude is what is needed to carry your team to victory. With an 0-7 record the San Jose Flight came in to this game as underdogs to battle the Memphis River Runners and came out victorious, winning 30-17. It came down to the playmaking abilities of our Offensive Player Of The Week, Mr. Colin Pierce, Quarterback of the San Jose Flight. Accuracy and nearly perfect timing was the name of the game as Pierce had 21 Completions out of 23 Attempts, 227 Yards and 1 Touchdown. His longest pass was 46 yards, he made absolutely no mistakes and his current completion percentage is 91.30%, one of the highest in the SFLm this season. Major league teams and sport agents take notice…a new super star is on the way and is looking forward to making an impact for you! Congrats Colin on leading your team to victory!

Runner–up for Player of the Week is Mr. Chris Lee, Wide Receiver of the Tacoma Grizzles. In an exciting double overtime thriller, a first in the SFLm, The Grizzles found themselves in a tug of war game with the Salt Lake City Rustlers and both teams wanted the win so badly that it took two overtimes to decide the winner, which was the Grizzles 23-17. Lee helped make a noteworthy difference having 12 receptions for 183 Yards and 1 Touchdown. He averaged 15.3 yards per reception and 34 long. With 183 receiving yards Lee is proving to be reliable and someone the QB can trust to have “Good hands”. Congratulations Chris!

Honorable Mention goes out to Albuquerque Atoms Wide Receiver, Mr. Kyle Finamore. He had 6 Receptions for 151 Yards and 1 Touchdown. He also had 25.2 yards per reception and his longest reception was for 59 yards. Congrats Kyle!         


Reading the Quarterbacks eyes and being in the right place at the right time as a Defensive player is vital in making key turnovers. Defenses have been known to win games and championships because of this. Defensive Player of the Week this week, showed he had stamina and drive when making plays and he is Mr. Marco Swift, cornerback of the Albuquerque Atoms. The Atoms and the Navigators put on a fantastic show but the Atoms walked away with the win 33-20. Swift reacted swiftly when the ball found its way into his area with 2 key Interceptions for 54 Yards that stopped the Navi’s momentum. He also had 3 Tackles, 3 Assists, 1 Pass Deflection and went 30 yards on his longest return. Pure Ball Hawk abilities are showing strong in this game and his chances of getting drafted are even stronger. Congratulations Marco…polo….!

The Ottawa Cavalry also had a great win over the Madison Lynx, winning 17-7. Ottawa seemed to be everywhere the ball went and runner-up for DPOTW is the Cavalry’s Cornerback, Mr. Andrew Roush. Andrew had a very productive night, he had 3 Tackles, 2 assists, and 1 Tackle for Loss. He also had 1 Pass Deflection, 1 Interception for 11 yards and 1 Forced Fumble. He was everywhere he needed to be and made an impact for his team to win. Congrats Andrew!

 Honorable Mention for DPOTW is Madison Lynx Linebacker, Mr. Ronnie Watson. He had 11 Tackles, 4 Assist and 1 Tackle for Loss. Watson also had 1 Pass Deflection and 1Interception for -1yard. Congrats Ronnie!