Written by Ashley Jackson

Images by Bryant Dynasty

The SFLm season is drawing to a close and it seems as though the season flew by quickly. Many times, choosing just three recipients (a winner, runner up and an honorable mention) is grueling in and of itself, as there are so very many different people out there carving out their legends in their own way. There was no shortage of excitement this week including 3 teams scoring exactly 26 points to win their games and one of which going into overtime! It came down to who wants the win more and these players definitely displayed award wining performances and reasons why they should be selected in the S16 Draft.  Here are the players for SFLm week 7.



Being a good leader is important because the more selfless and confident you are, the more your team wil trust you and the more likely your team wins. The Memphis River Runners Steamboated a victory over the Salt Lake City Rustlers, 26-17, and it was largely because of the performance of our Offensive Player of The Week. He is Mr. Joseph Green quarterback of the Memphis River Runners. Green had 25 completion out of 30 attempts, 223 passing yards, 2 Touchdowns and 0 mistakes. His longest pass was 26 yards, and he has an 119.9 QBR and 83.33% completion percentage. When Mr. Mean Green is in the pocket, he is poised and precise and that is an asset that will be beneficial for his future in the league. Congratulations Joseph!

Runner up for OPOTW goes out to Mr. Nate Ritters, Wide Receiver of the Albuquerque Atoms. In a exciting game that took overtime to decide a winner, the Atoms prevailed over the Tacoma Grizzles, 26-23 and it was Ritters’ sticky fingers and sure feet that helped seal the win. He had 11 receptions for 177 yards and 2 Touchdowns! His longest reception was 38 yards and he averaged 16.1 yards per reception. Well fought battle and congratulations Nate!

Honorable mention has to go to Birmingham Fuel’s Running Back, Mr. Randy Squarebush. Despite the loss to the  Annapolis Navigators, 26-23, Squarebush was able to shine. He had 23 carries, 81 yards and 2 Touchdowns. He also had 3.5 yards per carry and his longest carry was 22 yards. Congratulations Randy!


Defensive game planning is so important because careful planning can give you an edge and keep Offenses from scoring by any means. The Madison Lynx showed this as they battled the San Jose Flight and won 26-10. Anytime you can make the Quarterback make a mistake or prevent them from getting the ball down field is a small victory for the Defense each time. Defensive Player of The Week is Mr. Dan Tritz, Defensive Tackle of the Madison Lynx. He had 2 tackles, 1 assist, 3 tackles for loss and 2 key sacks that killed momentum and helped put the game out of reach for the Flight. QBs should have an extra set of eyes watching behind them when Tritz is on the field. Otherwise, they may find themselves on the turf! Congratulations Dan!

Runner up for DPOTW is none other than Mr. Jay Mart, linebacker of the Annapolis Navigators. In a close battle for the win, the Navigators won over the Birmingham Fuel 26-23, Mart proved that being in the right place at the right time can be rewarding. He had 4 tackles, 5 Assists, and 1 tackle for loss. A critical interception for 3 yards gave them the slight edge to win the the game. Great work Jay!

Honorable mention goes to Mr. Keenan Samuels, linebacker of the Tacoma Grizzles. In the loss to the Atoms 26-23, Samuels did his best to keep his team in the game. He had 10 tackles, 4assists, and 6 tackles for loss. Congratulations Keenan!