Written by Ray Bentley, Rachelle Colston, Ethan Kye and Matthew Slinn

Images by JR Lawless



Birmingham Fuel
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The #2 ranked (4-1) Birmingham Fuel hosted the 8th ranked (1-3) Tacoma Grizzlies this week. Quarterback Christian Brown ended the night with 221 passing yards that included a 20-yard touchdown pass to his WR Tucker Warner. The leading receiver was Tucker Warner with 111 receiving yards. HB Randy Squarebush had 68 rushing yards. The offense also managed 2 field goals. The defense was led by LB Josh Farnzy who had 8 tackles including a TFL. DE Tom Tanner also contributed with 2 sacks. If there is a category for the most bizarre play in the SFLm, I think it would have to have happened in this game. The Fuel line up to punt the ball to the Grizzlies. The snap sails over the punter heads. The punter recovers the ball and gets the punt off; however, the punt is blocked and recovered by #35 from the Fuel who would take the ball to the endzone for a touchdown. The Fuel add another W to their season as they defeat the Grizzlies 20-10. Birmingham will travel to Annapolis next week to take on the 3-2 Navigators.


Maddison Lynx
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Wasn't this supposed to be a victory for Madison? Was this not intended to be their chance to solidify the #1 spot in the Power Rankings after last week's heroics against Birmingham? Well, the Annapolis Navigators had other ideas. This was a game where the Madison Lynx simply did not have the ball. And, guess what people? You need the ball to score points. Madison were outpointed 13-52 by Annapolis, yielding 13 more minutes of clock time as the defence just couldn't make a stop. Leo Morris and Ronnie Watson tried their best making 3 TFL's between them, but the Navigators were allowed to run at will. On offense, Eric Price and his boys played solid, mistake free football but at times it looked toothless. Price had to throw 37 times in this game as the Lynx chased it, finding the endzone only once on a nice play to TE Randy Pierce. Alas, it wasn't enough to trouble the opposition at all. The now #2 Lynx need to go back home and lick their wounds. They can't let this drubbing derail what is a good season so far. Week 7 sees them host the San Jose Flight, who are 0-7. This couldn't have come at a better time.


Annapolis Navigators
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Well, well , well! BOY did Annapolis come back strong from their BYE week break. The Navigators have directed themselves up to #3 in the Power Rankings (3 of our panel actually have them at #2 above Madison) after a mesmeric 13-52 victory over the defending champion Madison Lynx. The stars of the show were obviously on offence, but lets give a quick mention to the Annapolis defence, who held Madison to just 13 points, preventing this game from being a shootout. Now, onto the exciting trio that is LA Reaux, Baylee O'Shaughnessey and Josh Gill. All three of these young stars contributed to at least 3 of the Navigators' many touchdowns, Reaux tossing 3 of his 4 touchdown passes to Gill and O'Shaughnessey running in for 4 of his own, not to mention the almost immeasurable 289 yards he gained. Interestingly enough, this performance reminded me of Scott Johnson from SFLm Season 1, a player who does seem to break the odd 200 yard game out AND, used to play for Annapolis. You have to believe the Irish Flash has put his name on some draft boards after this performance. There isn't really much more to say , other than keep this up next week at home to the Birmingham Fuel. Once again, Annapolis seems to be building momentum towards the end of the season.
Albuquerque Atoms
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The Atoms defense held strong against the San Jose Flight. They would take the ball away 6 times through the air and would only allow the flight to score only 3 points off the foot of Kicker Jack Lewis. QB P.J. Slaughter would connect 15 times out of 34 attempts for 185 yards and 2 touch downs while also getting sacked 3 times and throwing 4 interceptions. HB Douglas Brown would rush for 86 yards on 24 carries. WR Kyle Finamore would have 5 receptions for 108 yards and 2 touchdowns. On the defensive side of the ball. We have the CB duo of Adam Leach and Marco Swift who combined for 9 tackles 2 assisted 1tfl 1 pd and 4 ints between them. LB Syrok Black had 7 solo tackles and 2 assisted. Both FS Jorge Torres and LB Ryan Ray would each also have a interception. The Atoms face off against the Tacoma Grizzlies on Sunday. Will the Atoms be able to go off and get another win or will the Grizzlies prove to be to much.
Salt Lake City Rustlers
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Salt Lake City rustled up a win against the visiting Ottawa Cavalry to put them (along with a glut of other teams) at 3-2 for the season. Tommy Utah came out strong for the home team, throwing 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. While most of their yards came through the air, they were able to utilize the ground game in the red zone with RB Brooke Beisel to great advantage as well, notching a rushing touchdown to put them over Ottawa. It wasn't just the offense that was soaring, however, as strong safety Kristopher Magle nabbed an interception and took it back a hefty 36 yards to set the Rustlers in excellent field position. Salt Lake City travels to Memphis this upcoming week to take on the River Runners in a battle for the fourth win of the season.
Memphis River Runners
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A mid season BYE week for the Memphis River Runners actually sees them drop a couple of places in our Power Rankings, purely down to the performances of the teams around them as the SFLm standings bunch up. We currently have 6 out of the 9 teams on a record of 3-2, making this season's minor league just as competitive as the SFL itself. A crucial Week 7 game looms for the River Runners against fellow playoff chasers, the Salt Lake City Rustlers. A win for Memphis allows them to dip their toe in post-season waters; a loss sees them running back to shore. We can't guarantee victory for the River Runners and their fans, but one thing we do know...it's gonna be a war.
Ottawa Cavalry
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The Cavalry were defeated on the fields of battle in Salt Lake City this week to the tune of 27-35, putting them in the mix of 3-2 teams. While they took home an L, they were efficient in both the air and on the ground, racking up almost 200 yards for each while only suffering one interception to the Rustlers. Unfortunately, while their yardage was high, the only trips into the endzone were on the back of Kevin Seay and his extreme rushing game - including a barn-burning 74 yarder! The defense ended up with 22 total tackles, but quantity in this case was not quality, as they were unable to prevent the Rustlers from finding the promised land four times. Though they might have lost the battle, at 3-2 they most certainly have not lost the war yet, and will spend week 7 on bye before returning to take on the defending champion Madison Lynx in week 8.
Tacoma Grizzlies
The 8th ranked (1-3) Tacoma Grizzlies travelled to Birmingham to play the #2 ranked (4-1) Fuel. Johnny Reno would finish the evening with 174 yards, but the Fuel’s defense would hold the Grizzlies to just one field goal. TE Ziggy Hronec was the leading receiver with 58 yards and HB Brad Jones rushed for 51 yards. The defense had a descent night. Cody Griffin led the defense with 8 tackles. FS RD Smith had a pick 6 that would be the sole touchdown scored by the Grizzlies. The nail in the coffin for the Grizzlies was the bizarre, blocked punt that would be recovered by the fuel for a touchdown. The Grizzlies would take another L on the road 10-27. Next week they will host the (3-2) Albuquerque Atoms.
San Jose Flight
The San Jose Flight drop yet another one and have struggled all season long to get win #1 under their belt. They came into the game against the Atoms flying high on the hopes they would get that win. The defense of the Atoms proved to be to much for the Flight as QB Colin "Fierce" Pierce would connect for 24 of his 45 attempts for 169 yards and would throw 6 interceptions. HB Jimmy Hazzard also had a tough time running the ball on the ground as he had 24 carries for 33 yards. WR Doug Spelling had 6 receptions for 40 yards. The Flight offense had a tough time moving the ball. The Flight defense proved to do better has they were pretty busy. FS Evan Lacey had 7 solo tackles 2 assist 1 tfl. LB's Gary Clem and Devin King would combine foe 12 solo tackles 3 assisted 2 tackle for loss 2 pass deflection and and interception. SS Monte Wyatt and CB Josh Centini also each got and interception. The only scoring player on the Flights team was Kicker Jack Lewis. The Flight move on to face off against the Madison Lynx in hopes to find the first win. Can the Flight soar out of the reach of the Lynx claws or will they be dragged down to the ground with another loss.