Written By Andre Krimm with Contributions from Jeff Gagne and Editing by Mike Ahl with a Banner Graphic by Johnny Law

This week the recently announced Director of Communications for the brand new Los Angles Lycans Andre Krimm had a chance to interview several of our young Receivers and Tight Ends from the SFL Minor Leagues. We have a group that is very impressive! It’s a real Melting Pot from old to young, male to female, and they are ready to make an impact on the major league! Krimm did what we would like to call a “football card interview” with these prospects. If you were to open a package of rookie SFLm cards, what would it say on the back for each prospect? Hopefully, after this, you all get to know them a little bit better, and you get that free piece of bubble gum that comes in the old school pack of cards! Lets see what Krimm was able to learn about each of these prospects:

My first chat was with Tight End Guy Clawson, a Tight End for Annapolis.

Height: 6’1″ | Weight: 234 lbs

S2 SFLm Stats Thus Far: 20 Rec, 163 Yards, 8.2 YPC and 1 TD

He works at a college in New Jersey and lives with his grandmother and father.
He is currently playing for Annapolis in the minor leagues and he’s enjoying his time there!
He wants to concentrate on being a player and learning what he can to be successful at his position.

Afterwards, I got to speak with Josh Gill, a Receiver for Annapolis.

Height: 6’4″ | Weight: 211 lbs

S2 SFLm Stats Thus Far: 37 Rec, 417 Yards, 11.3 YPC and 5 TDs

He’s a big Washington Football Team fan, he was a big fan of Sean Taylor before his untimely passing.
He’s a father of two kids, a nine-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy.
He is learning Photoshop and is willing to pick up other skills to help his next team at the pro level.
Josh feels he’ll be a credit to his team at the next level as right now on 3rd Downs he hauls in 68% of the catches thrown at him.

Next, I spoke to Jeff Banfield, Receiver for the San Jose Flight.

Height: 6’3″ | Weight: 220 lbs

S2 SFLm Stats Thus Far: 31 Rec, 366 Yards, 11.8 YPC and 2 TDs

The man has a lot of responsibility with four kids and he lives in Nebraska.
He is eager to learn and get into The Scouting part of the SFL.
He loves spending time in the locker room with his team (“I found that with all of the players I spoke to.”)

Then I spoke to Receiver Chris Lee of the Tacoma Grizzlies.

Height: 6’3″ | Weight: 215 lbs

S2 SFLm Stats Thus Far: 28 Rec, 352 Yards, 12.6 YPC and 0 TDs

Chris is a 32-year-old Digital System Engineer for a local television station.
He has great video skills that would come in handy for any football team in this league!
His knowledge of it was quite impressive and we kind of got off-topic talking about IT.
He did say he’s great at programming what other people want,
let’s say you wanted a video done for your team,
you explain the concept and what you want and Chris will get it done!
(“Again another guy who loves his teammates and loves being in the locker room!”)

I next chatted with Tight End Will Todd from the San Jose Flight.

Height: 6’4″ | Weight: 240 lbs

S2 SFLm Stats Thus Far: 19 Rec, 274 Yards, 14.4 YPC and 2 TDs

Will really impressed me right from the get-go!
His willingness to try to pick up scouting in the minors will benefit him with his team at the next level!
In my opinion, this guy will be a top 15 pick.
San Jose is known for bringing out great character players in the draft(note the Author did indeed play for the Flight in the Minors).
(“I was very impressed with Will, he gave a great interview!”)

My next interview with was Riley Quintero, Receiver for the Birmingham Fuel.

Height: 5’11” | Weight: 190 lbs

S2 SFLm Stats Thus Far: 55 Rec, 820 Yards, 14.9 YPC and 6 TDs

Another one who had some basic Photoshop skills and is willing to learn and grow to bring more abilities to a Pro team.
Riley spoke glowingly about the league and how much he is enjoying his time in the minors.
(“This crop of receivers and tight ends, I’ve been very impressed with each and everyone so far!”)

I then spoke with Receiver Doug spelling, who plays for the San Jose Flight.

Height: 6’6″ | Weight: 222 lbs

S2 SFLm Stats Thus Far: 32 Rec, 293 Yards, 9.2 YPC and 0 TDs

He currently lives in Arizona, he’s 40, and a father of seven!
He feels that one of his biggest skills is his ability in marketing, to help push a clubs visibility
in and outside of the Simulation Football League!
I found it interesting that he got bored with newer video games and decided to look into the older games like APF.
I told him he should check out last year’s draft so he can get an idea of how this all works.
I also asked him how he handles a loss and he said it’s a growing experience,
you have to understand it as a new opportunity and get ready for the next game.
(“That’s a great attitude to have!”)

A final note from Krimm: “I was very impressed with this group of people I spoke to this week and feel our league’s future is in great hands! Now let me give them some advice from someone who’s been through the process. Be open when you have an idea, share it, this will help boost your draft stock. If you think you can scout, do stats, videos, graphics, writing, etcetera and you have an interest then do it! Again the idea is to boost your draft stock, show the value you can bring to them off the field, and let these teams know you want to play for them. The better you convey this the better chance you have to be drafted. Good luck, and we’ll see you on the field!”