Written by Ashley Jackson

Images by JR Lawless

Another chapter of SFLm action has been captured and recorded in history and this has to be one of the highest scoring wins so far this season. All teams that won scored at least 20 points or better and showed that there was a lot to prove as the season is coming to an end. It’s time to pull out all the stops because the championship will be here in a flash! The top performance of this week proves that rookies are eager to sign on the dotted line as the draft draws near as well. Coaches and Owners are working closely with the future stars to make sure that they are ready for the majors through progression advice and it shows.  Let’s celebrate our picks with some of our top performances for week 6

Offensive Player of the Week

The Annapolis Navigators pulled off a high scoring victory over the Madison Lynx 52-13. The Navi’s had the recipe needed to stir up trouble for the Lynx, scoring in every quarter with big plays. This was mostly because of the efforts of the OPOTW, Mr. LA Reaux, Quarterback of Annapolis. In his stud like performance, Reaux had 28 completions out of 37 attempts, 269 passing yards and 4 touchdowns. His completion percentage was 75.68% and his longest pass of the game was 19 yards and his QBR was 84.52.  With the championship drawing near, helping your team to be successful is the name of the game and he did that by putting the ball where it needed to be. He should also make sure he is by the phone during the draft! Roll on Mr. Reaux and congratulations!

Salt Lake City had a good tug of war battle with the Ottawa Calvary. They battled back and forth all game as both teams scored the same amount of points at the end of each quarter but the Rustlers won 34-27. Runner up for OPOTW had the right touch to cross the pylons twice and that was Wide Receiver Kingston Ellington. He was able to help them win with 5 rec 163 yards and 2 touchdowns. Ellington had 32.6 yards per rec and his longest rec was 71 yards. Scoring 14 points is no shabby task and teams will take note, keep up the great work and congrats Kingston!!

Honorable mention goes out to Birmingham Fuel’s Wide Receiver, Tucker Warner. In the Fuels victory over the Tacoma Grizzles, Warner had 10 receptions for 116 yards and 1 touchdown. Making sure he was good for the first down, he averaged 11.6 yards per reception. Amazing job and congratulations Warner!

Defensive Player of the Week

Birmingham Fuel’s defense stepped up in a big way in their win over the Tacoma Grizzles. The Fuel stifled the Grizzles performance by doing one very effective thing, getting to the Quarterback, which helped earn them the win 20-10. Defensive Player of the week is Mr. Tom Tanner, Defensive End for Birmingham. He found holes in the offensive line to get through to have a direct effect on the game. Tanner had 4 Tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and while those aspects are vital, his 2 sacks gave his team the edge and the win. If you can keep the leader of the offense off balance by stopping plays before they start, then any defense can win a game. Fantastic work and congratulations Tom!

The Albuquerque Atoms defense limited the offense of the San Jose Flight to only 3 points and our runner-up for DPOTW made sure that happened. Assisting his team to win 20-3 is Mr. Marco Swift, Cornerback of the Atoms. He read the Quarterback’s eyes and acted “Swiftly” reeling in 2 interceptions, 6 tackles and 1 assist. He also had 60 int return yards and went 42 yards for his longest. Making an impact in a game is important and when you give it your all, it shows. Brilliant work and congrats Marco!

Honorable mention goes to free safety Mr. RD Smith of the Tacoma Grizzles. Despite the loss to the Fuel, Smith had an all-around great performance with 6 tackles, 1 assist, 1 tackle for loss and 1 pass deflection. He also had 2 interceptions for a total of 30 yards, 29 yards and a touchdown on one of them. Great performance and congratulations RD!