Written by Ashley Jackson

Images by JR Lawless

Like crossing the hot desert for days and then finding an oasis and a glass of water, ice cold water to satisfy your thirst, week 5 came to us like a dream come true. It was great to see SFLm action as this rookie class of amazing players showed why they should be drafted to the major leagues, which is coming up just around the corner. As the close of the SFLm season draws nearer, we will see more high flying, game winning action like we did Tuesday night. Everybody, Look Alive! Here are the Players Of The Week for week 5.

Offensive Player Of The Week


The Memphis River Runners had a great defensive battle with the Albuquerque Atoms and won 13-6. The Offensive Player of the Week lead his team to victory by being being very careful with ball and putting it exactly where it needed to be. He is Mr. OJ Bruin, Quarterback of the Memphis River Runners. In this close victory, Bruin had 25 completions out of 30 attempts,  226 yards passing, and 1 touchdown. More importantly he had 0 interceptions and a 83.33% completion percentage rate. He only missed 5 passes all game long. This was a nearly perfect game for him and if he keeps up this type of play, major league teams will be beating down the door to have him them lead their team. Congratulation OJ!


Our runner up for OPOTW helped his team during a David vs Goliath style match up this week. The Madison Lynx took on the undefeated Birmingham Fuel and won 30-10 because of the arm of Mr. Eric Price, Quarterback for the Lynx. Price had 25 completions out of 34 attempts and 321 passing yards. Although he had 2 interceptions, he made up for them with 2 touchdowns and his longest pass was 32 yards. Overcoming adversity is the key to success and with Eric leading the way for this team, the sky is the limit. Congrats Eric!

Honorable mention goes out to Mr. Tommy Utah, Quarterback of the Salt Lake City Rustlers. In an entertaining win over the San Jose Flight, 27-22 , Utah had 17 completions out of 27 attempts, 223 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. He also had 2 interceptions but has a 62.96% completion percentage and his longest pass was 52 yards. Finding a way to win is vital for the offensive and he did just that. Congrats Tommy!


 Defensive Player Of The Week


On the defensive side of the ball in the SFLm this week, our Defensive Player of the Week was so fired up that he was able to make an interception within the 1st quarter of the game. The Ottawa Calvary battled the Tacoma Grizzles and won 26-6. A defense being able to hold a team to 6 points in scoring is no small task. Mr. Emmanuel Blackman, Free Safety, had a positive effect on his team in the secondary. Being all over the field is important as Blackman had 3 tackles, 1 assist, 1 pass deflection and 1 interception for 1yards. He set the tone early with the interception thus spelling victory for his team. He has a championship spirit and it will continue to shine throughout his career if he keeps this up. Well done and congrats Emmanuel!

Runner up for DPOTW had a stunning and surprising loss to the Madison Lynx. The Birmingham Fuel’s Strong Safety, Mr. Tom Creeg, tried to keep his team in the game by making an impact on defense. Despite the loss, 30-10,  Creeg had 7 tackles, 3 assists, 2 tackles for loss and 1 pass deflection. Having 2 sacks on the quarterback wasn’t too shabby either! Performances like this will win you a spot on a roster every time. Congrats Tom!


Honorable mention for DPOTW is Mr. Dan Tritz, Defensive Tackle for the Madison Lynx. Dan helped secure a memorable win for his team. In an exciting win over the undefeated Birmingham fuel 30-10, Tritz was able to get 3 tackles, 1.5 sacks, and 4 tackles for loss. Showing grit, hard work and determination as he did, helped him get a win over one of the top teams in the SFLm. Congrats Dan!