Written by Ashley Jackson

Images by JR Lawless

Week 4 of SFLm action is a part of history now as well as some of our top performance picks of this week. Some players actually made SFL history this week and deserve reward. #makeanimpact is the goal for these rookies to be noticed and they are doing just that. Coaches are finding ways to put the right players in winning positions and to create the right plays to spell success for their team. Largest win of the week was by 2 touchdowns, and then there were teams that barely escaped. Teams are finding a way to narrow the gap of wins and losses so lets dive deep and explore, the Simulation Football Minor Leauge Players of Week 4.

Offensive Player of The Week.

When you are on offense, you must find a way to score by all means necessary to win games. These Players of the Week found a way to dig deep and come out on top.
The Birmingham Fuel had a big come from behind victory over the Ottawa Calvary winning 26-20 .That battle came down to overtime and was dramatic all the way to the finish. The Offensive Player of the Week not only helped his team win, but he also broke a record! Mr. Christian Brown, Quarterback for the Birmingham fuel. Brown had 28 completions of 55 attempts, 445 yards passing with 2 TD. Although he had 4 interceptions, his longest pass was 99 yards and he has a completion percentage of 50.91. He now holds the record for Most Touchdowns thrown in a single season and that currently is 12. The sky seems to be the limit as he is a contributor of the Fuel’s success and leading his team to possible playoff contention. Congratulations Christian!

The Tacoma Grizzles pulled out a big win over the San Jose Flight 34-20. Runner up for OPOTW is Grizzles own , Mr. Jay Cue, Quarterback for Tacoma. Cue was right on time with his passing game. He had 27 completions out of 34 attempts, 353 yards passing and 2 touchdowns. He also has a completion percentage of 79.41 and his longest pass was 73 yards. That dig in and grind attitude helped give his team the win. Congratulations Jay!

Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. Riley Quintero, Wide Receiver of the Birmingham Fuel. Quintero had a great game with 8 receptions, 216 reception yards with 1 touchdown. He averaged 27 yards per reception and his longest one was 67 yards. Quintero also tied the record for Most Reception Touchdowns with 5 and and almost broke the Record for Most Reception Yards in a single season having 722 yards. Just 6 yards shy of Ottawa Calvary’s alumni, Jean Valentine currently siting at 727 yards. Clearly the ball is in “Good Hands” with this record holding player. Congratulations Riley!

Defensive Players of the Week

Playing a game of any sport creates emotional content. Whether you are happy or mad about the outcome of that game, it may have sent you through a whirlwind of emotions. Defense can win a game any given day!

The Albuquerque Atoms definitely had the energy from the recent game loss and much needed rest of a bye week to get the win over the Salt Lake City Rustlers 26-16.
Atom’s strong safety and Defensive Player of the Week, Mr. John Stramango, helped keep the Rustlers out of the end zone. Stramango had 7 tackles, 1 assist and 1 interception for yards for 11 yards. Congrats for helping your team stop would could have been some game changing plays and leading your team to victory John!

Runner-up for DPOTW is Mr. Andrew Roush, cornerback for the Ottawa Calvary. In their loss to the Birmingham Fuel 20-26, our runner up did what he could to get things turned around for his team. Roush had 3 tackles, 2 assists, 2 pass deflections and 2 interceptions for 12 yards. He helped keep the game close with his willingness not to give up. Congratulations Andrew!

Honorable Mention goes out to linebacker, Mr. Maverick Hughes, of the Memphis River Runners. Hughes had 9 tackles and 5 assists which helped his team to victory over the Annapolis Navigators 23-20. Congrats Maverick on a job well done!