Written by Ashley Jackson

Images by JR Lawless

Another chapter of SFLm games have come to a close and there was no shortage of on field drama. Player of the Week selections become increasingly difficult each week because so many rookies are making an impact in these games. The action ranged from non-contested large score deficits, to come from behind wins and even teams barely hanging on to their leads to win. The emotional content is the reason why we watch this game of inches and ultimately the reason why we play. Experiencing the joys of winning and the agony of defeat makes us feel alive and makes the anticipation of next week even sweeter! Without further decree, here are the top performance picks for Week 3!


Offensive Players of the Week

If you can get a great start with the Offense clicking on all cylinders, then you are bound to put up a lead that the competition can’t surpass. Even though the Tacoma Grizzlies almost did that, they found themselves losing to the Madison Lynx 37-31. Madison controlled this game from the start in a big way and a lot of it was because our Offensive Player of the Week, Mr. Eric Price, Quarterback for the Lynx. Price had a solid and effective performance with 18 completions out of 29 attempts and 313 yards passing with 3 touchdowns. Even though he had 2 interceptions and was sacked once, he still managed to have a completion percentage of 62.07 and his longest pass was 66 yards. Madison has been on a roll with the wins so far having other teams pay the Price and it’s working wonders for them. Congratulations Eric!


Runner up for Offensive Player of the week is Mr. Tucker Warner, Wide Receiver of the Birmingham Fuel. With a jaw dropping win over the Memphis River Runners 42-8, the Fuel were gassed up and ready to fly, and so was Warner. He had 5 receptions for 51 yards and averaged 10.2 yards per reception. He also had 2 touchdowns and went 14 yards on his longest reception. Warner’s production helped spur this win as the Fuel hope to keep the fire burning. Congrats and keep up the good work Tucker!


Honorable Mention for Offensive Player of the Week is Mr. Kevin Seay, running back for the Ottawa Calvary. In an exciting come from behind win over the San Jose Flight 17-13, the Calvary proved why you never give up. Seay had 18 carries for 70 rushing yards, averaged 3.9 yards per carry and 1 touchdown and went 33 yards for his longest run. He also had 13 receptions for 37 yards and averaged 2.8yards per reception. Congrats Kevin!


Defensive Players of the Week

Having a strong defense is very important in any game played. Like a chess game, it’s important to be 3 steps ahead of your opponent to keep them on their toes. The Salt Lake City Rustlers had great defense in their win against Annapolis Navigators, 17-10 holding them to no points in the 1st and 2nd quarters and only 7 in the 3rd and 3 in the 4th. One of SLC’s most dominate players is our Defensive player of the week and that is Strong Safety, Mr. Kristopher Magle. Magle had a standout performance having 12 critical tackles with 1 assist, and 1 interception for 9 yards. This former coach must have tapped into his real life playing ability and transferred it to his player in this game. With eyes like an eagle, he spotted the ball and seemed to be where it was. Congratulations Kristopher!


Runner up for Defensive Player of the Week is none other than Cornerback, Mr. Ralgar Lawe, of the Birmingham Fuel. The Fuel had a rule the roost showing over the Memphis River Runners wining 42-8 and Lawe found himself having a great all-around performance. He had 1 tackle, 1 assist and 1 pass deflection. If that wasn’t enough, he had 1 forced fumble and 1 interception for 4 yards. The Law was laid down as he worked to defend his turf at all costs which could translate to many wins like this. Congrats Ralgar!!


Honorable mention for Defensive Player of the Week is Strong Safety, Mr. Blake Prine of the Tacoma Grizzles. In a heart breaking loss to the Lynx, 37-31, Prine was able to add to his stats, beefing up his draft stock. He had 5 tackles, 1 pass deflection, and 2 drive stopping interceptions for 28yards and his longest reception was 16 yards. Congrats Blake!