Written by Rachelle Colston, Ray Bentley, Ethan Kye and Matthew Slinn

Images by Jonny Law



Annapolis Navigators
Annapolis navigates their way to first place in the rankings this week after a solid victory against the San Jose Flight, 17-21. After taking an early lead with a swing pass touchdown to running back Baylee O’Shaughnessy, the Navigators went scoreless the next quarter as the Flight tied the game up. Annapolis wouldn't let that happen again for the remainder of the game, crossing Hollywood Boulevard in each of the remaining quarters to give them the win - Baylee O’Shaughnessy once again found the promised land, this time through a run in the third, while it was Josh Gill who was able to put the points on the board in the fourth to put the Navigators over the top. While they sit at 2-0, there are a few kinks to work out, with an interception thrown to a non-user player by quarterback LA Reaux, as well as taking three sacks. There's still plenty of season left ahead of them, but for the time being, the Navigators are sailing smooth waters into their Week 3 matchup with the Salt Lake City Rustlers. Will they continue forging ahead, or will Annapolis get landlocked in the desert? Tune in to find out!


Birmingham Fuel
(▲ 1)
The Birmingham Fuel pulled off an amazing come back. You thought for sure the Rustlers were gonna ride off into the sunset as they led for most of the game. The Fuel managed to step on the gas pedal and turn up the nos in the fourth quarter to come back and pull off the win against the Rustlers. Coach Wiseman must've been sweating bullets as his defense gave up way to many points than he could care for. The Fuel face off against the Memphis River-Runners as they look to speed ahead to 3-0 and get that much closer to the top spot in the standings and the power rankings. Will the Fuel stall out or will the keep the pedal to the metal?


Ottawa Cavalry
(▲ 3)
After losing the first game of the Season to the Annapolis Navigators, the (0-1) 6th ranked Ottawa Calvary knocked the charge out of the 2nd ranked (1-0) Albuquerque Atoms defeating them 29-7. Scar Patterson finished the evening with 170 yards and one TD pass to his WR Ryan Roosevelt. Kevin Seay, who leads the league in rushing yards, had 106 yards on the night. The generic kicker went 3/3 on his field goal attempts. The Calvary defense hushed the passing attack of the Atoms by forcing two interceptions that were both returned for touchdowns. The defense, led by the player of the game Emmanuel Blackman who had one interception for a TD and 6 tackles, held the Atoms to only 7 points. Defense wins games. Especially when your defense outscores the other team’s offense. In week three the Calvary will travel to San Jose to take on the (0-2) Flight.
Albuquerque Atoms

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The (1-0) 2nd ranked Atoms started off the season with a bang by defeating the defending champions last week. This week they travelled to Ottawa to take on the (0-1) 6th ranked Cavalry where they would suffer their first loss 7-29. The offensive stats were very similar for both teams across the board; however, in the end the Cavalry defense would prove to be too much for the Atom’s offense forcing two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns. P.J. Slaughter had 173 passing yards with one TD pass to his WR, N. Ritters, who had 56 receiving yards on the night. Douglas Brown had another average game with only 66 rushing yards. The defense only gave up one Touchdown and three Field Goals and were led by Corner back Adam Leach and Linebacker Syrok Black who had 13 and 10 tackles, respectively. The Atoms will have a bye in Week 3.

Maddison Lynx
The Maddison Lynx leapfrog the opponent they defeated during Week 2, the victory taking the former champions up to 5th in these power rankings. As the 12-10 scoreline suggests, defense was king in this game and they kept a lid on the chance of any breakout offensive performances for both teams. QB Eric Price made it over the 230 yards mark, spreading the ball nicely between receivers Maximus Blue and Kae Marion, the latter getting on the scoresheet for Maddison's sole offensive touchdown. On the other side of the ball, Dan Tritz had a momentum-stuffing game with 2 sacks and linebacker Ronnie Watson also showed some promise at LB. Week 3 sees the Lynx travel to Tacoma to face a Grizzlies team coming off a bye. I think it's safe to say that a repeat championship will be a tough ask.
Memphis River Runners
(▼ 2)
After a great opening showing against fellow new team Tacoma last week, Memphis came back down to earth with a soft flop, fighting hard on the road against the champion Maddison Lynx. The Lynx haven't looked quite as slick as they did at the end of last season, but this will still count as a 'good loss' for the River Runners. Joseph Green had a fairly accurate but anemic game at QB, whilst running back Blair Jones couldn't quite find the holes that he did in Week 1, despite getting a TD early in the game. Defensively, the River Runners showed up, all secondary stars having effective games and linebacker, Maverick Hughes, playing like his name suggests with 13 tackles and 2 PD's. The newest kids of the SFLm take on the Birmingham Fuel next week, in what should prove to be a real test. Watch out for Riley Quintero, that's all that I'll say.
Salt Lake City Rustlers
The first game of the season for the for the Salt Lake Rustlers comes to a tough, tough loss. They were dominating the Fuel for 3 quarters of the game and had the better of the game plan. But alas, they ended up losing in overtime to the Fuel. The offense played well and was firing on all cylinders and defense did a bang up job up until Birmingham stepped on the pedal. The Rustlers are gonna be a force to reckon with as they go on to face the Annapolis Navigators next week. Can the Rustlers rustle up a win or will they fall off the horse?
San Jose Flight
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San Jose just can't seem to get off the ground, opening the season 0-2 with the latest being a heartbreaker against the top ranked Annapolis Navigators. While the first half of the game was a closely contested affair, with the teams taking a tie into their respective locker rooms, the Flight weren't able to get much going until the fourth quarter. By then, it was already too late. That's not to say there aren't bright spots for the Flight, as they were able to pick off the Navigators with a non-user player, and their two touchdowns from Jeff Banfield and Jimmy Hazzard show that they can find their way to the endzone through the air and the ground; they just need to be able to do it more consistently, throughout more than half the game. San Jose refuels to try and take flight this week against the Ottawa Cavalry. A win against them would certainly help boost the morale and help the team soar to new heights this season.
Tacoma Grizzlies
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The 0-1 Tacoma Grizzlies drop down a spot this week on account of the brave performance by San Jose in their loss at Annapolis. The Grizzlies couldn't quite keep pace with the River Runners in their first outing ass a team, but will hope to use the bye to help even up that record in Week 3. Friday sees them facing off at home vs the Maddison Lynx, the team that beat the River Runners this week. This could not be a better test for Tacoma to pass.