Written By and Images by, Hubba Kimbrel

Hey Pop,

It’s me again. I must say, it has been quite an interesting week so far.  We got our first win of the season against an awfully good team last week! Big number 99 for Memphis, Max Night had a heck of a game! Like I said last week, slowing this team down and keeping Eric on his feet were daunting tasks. However, undaunted is what we needed to be and that’s exactly how we played. Our Defensive Tackle Dan (Tritz) shifted into a whole new gear this week, pressured the Memphis QB often and sacked’em twice. I didn’t impress anybody on the stat line this week, but I sure had a great time out there for my first home game. Their star LB racked up 10 tackles and I feel like I could have done better and been there to get in the way of some of those. Coach DeMoura told me I’m “looking great out there” Highest praise indeed from any head coach I’ve ever had. I do have a sneaking suspicion that coach Clear has a different opinion. He just wants what’s best for the team and right now, that involves me getting a heck of a lot better.

I have been able to talk to a couple of people representing pro organizations this week. The pro season is nearing its end and I’ve been told to do my best to get in touch with pro teams, so they know that I exist. The conversations I’ve had have been incredibly positive and encouraging. I’d be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t a little worried about the demand for a young Fullback in modern football. If the opportunity should come, I’ll be there! Until then all I can do is keep grinding away at practice and keep my butt out of trouble in the general public. I guess that means me and the guys probably shouldn’t make a habit of going to Dexter’s Pub after games (and practices). For the first time in a while I feel like I actually have something to lose again. After the injury, I guess I replaced my fear of injury with recklessness both on the field and off. I never liked the idea of playing it safe but if you get a second and then third chance to change your fortunes, you don’t waste it.

Once again, we are up against a tall task in Tacoma, WA. They’ve had a bonus week to prepare for us and they have one of the best defensive players in the league in O’Brannon, he is a monster DT, and I will have my work cut out for me trying to clear him out of the running lanes. Our corners may have a rough time against their rising star WR Lee, he has great hands and runs precise routes, but I have faith the coaches will put our guys in the right positions to be successful. Our Defense is developing a personality! I think they are coming together real nicely. Cold Forged is what I’ll call them. They don’t bend or break and to be quite honest, Madison is FREEZING! They will be utilizing the talents of a first-time starter so I hope our cold forged defense can keep him rattled all game.

I wanted to see if I’ve gotten weaker through the move and the extra practices, so I checked my 1 rep max deadlift and I have added 5 pounds to my max! Hopefully, the extra confidence will keep me dialed in during the game on Friday night. Eric and Bullet (Charlie) are gonna need me to be on top of my game this week. I know my assignments, so I know I’ll be where I need to be, I just need get there on time and execute when I get there! Simple as that! You know, Fullback is a remarkably simple position when you break it down. Its all about being where you are supposed to be and executing when you get there.

Football aside, I have started settling in just fine here in Wisconsin. The minor league pay table is not very lucrative as I’m sure you could imagine. I got myself a gig on a farm just west of Dane. I’m really just a stable boy but the family (the Smithsons) that owns the farm are big Lynx fans, said I could renovate the barn if I needed a place to stay while I’m here. Their son has gone somewhere neither of them talk about it much so I don’t pry.  Sheila hates me. She’s their prize mare. That’s gonna be a hard relationship to fix if she doesn’t stop biting at me! I’ve been doing everything for that stubborn mare. Brush her, feed her, and scoop up her crap. I guess I should be thankful to have something that kinda makes me feel at home. I do miss mommas potato soup though. I tried to fix it myself once, but me and kitchens just don’t mix.  Maybe we can have the guys out here for some R&R and a good meal. I don’t think any of us are from Wisconsin so it might be nice to have a good home cooked meal or we could cater haha!

I gotta get some rest. I‘ll write again next week!

Wish me luck!