Written by Ashley Jackson

Images by JR Lawless

Week 2 is in the books and what a spectacular week it was. These rookies are proving why they should have a spot on a major league roster with their outstanding performances. There were so many great players that are deserving of this award, and while I can’t give it to everyone, we can at least mention their fantastic performances. Without further ado, here are our Players of the Week for Week 2.

Offensive Player Of The Week

Offense can make our break your team and if they are not on point, then you will lose. Whether it’s high flying acrobatics of the wide receivers, or bowling over the D-lineman as running back, you need to find a way to win. Our Offensive Player of the Week led his team to victory in an all-star performance, and he is Mr. LA Roux, quarterback for the Annapolis Navigators. In their win over the San Jose Flight, 21-17, Roux had 26 completions out of 36 attempts, 287 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. Despite his 1 interception, he had a completion percentage of 72.22 and his longest pass was 71 yards. Completing most of his passes and coming through in the clutch in a game is a must, and that is exactly what he did. Great job and congratulations LA!!

Honorable Mentions

Runner up for OPOTW is Mr. Christopher Brown, quarterback for the Birmingham Fuel. He too contributed to his team’s win by putting the ball where it needed to be. Brown had 42 completions out of 63 attempts for 383 yards and 3 touchdowns. He did have 1 interception but his completion percentage was 66.67 and his longest pass was 48 yards. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed by the league and his teammates. Congrats Christopher!

Another honorable mention goes out to Mr.GP Wells, RB for Salt Lake City Rustlers. Despite the loss to the Fuel, Wells had 25 carries for 121 yards and 2 touchdowns. He his longest carry was 54 yards and he averaged 4.8YPC. Congrats GP!

Defensive Player Of The Week

Defense is vital as their job is to protect that goal line and stop the O-line from scoring. Being a beast on defense is a great way to strike fear into your opponents. In a much needed win over the Salt Lake City Rustlers, 27-24, the Birmingham Fuel did a number on their offense. Our Defensive Player of the Week had a stellar performance, doing something that is one of a kind in this league and he is Mr. Tom Creeg, Strong safety of the Fuel. He had 10 tackles and 2 tackles for loss but where he really shined were his 2 crucial sacks to have a direct effect on the game. Strong safeties don’t usually make plays of that nature, so this award was well deserved. If he keeps making great plays like that he will be in the HOF in no time! Congratulations Tom!

Honorable Mentions

The runner up for DPOTW is Mr. Emmanuel Blackman, free safety for the Ottawa Calvary. In a stunning win over the Albuquerque Atoms, 29-7, Mr. Blackman contributed to his team with 5 Tackles, 1 interception for 94 yards and 1 touchdown. He made it hard for the Atoms to score and I’m sure his team views him as a valuable asset. Congrats Emmanuel!

Our second honorable mention goes to Mr. Kristopher Magle, Strong Safety of the Salt Lake City Rustlers. Magle had 10 Tackles, 1 pass deflection, 1 interception for 26 yards and 1 Fumble Recovery. Congrats Kristopher!

Special Teams Player Of The Week

Special Teams Player of the week is awarded to Mr. Jack Lewis, kicker of San Jose flight. Even though they lost to the Navigators, 21-17, Lewis made a valiant effort to keep his team in the game.  Lewis had 1 field goal made out of 1 attempt and his longest field goal was 40 yards. So far he is perfect for the season and we hope this continues. Congratulations Jack and keep on kicking!