Written by and Images by Hubba Kimbrel

Hey pop, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to visit, so I thought I’d write you once a week or so to tell you how life’s been treating me. It has been four years since I left Coffeyville in a trail of dust. I could have unpacked my stuff, boxed up my cleats after my knee got busted just before my Freshman Spring game at OU. Heck! I may have even been able to get back in the circuit, but you know where my heart is. I had to get my knee straight so I could get back on the field! I needed to be in the trenches with my brothers. There is no bond like the ones forged by the blood, sweat and dirt of the football field. 3 Months of rehab and 3 months of conditioning got me back on the turf for Dodge! I never thought I’d be that excited to play for Dodge City, but just like mamma said, “you get what ya get and ya don’t throw a fit!”.  I wish I could have seen you in the stands. I had been blocking my tail off all season and finally got to punch one in of my own last game of the season! Mamma was through the roof!

No scouts bustin` down the doors at Dodge City Community College though. I moved to the city and got a gig at Arrowhead! I just worked security but hey, I got to go to all the games. Never played defense, but I got to tackle a guy once at the stadium. Poor sucker had a few too many in the lot and tried to pull a fast one at the gate. Nobody knew my name but they did cheer for me after my epic take down. I’d been working there for a while when one of my old OU teammates saw me in the tunnel after the game and came up to me (poor guy got drafted by the Cowboys). I always knew he’d make it though, he was one heck of a WR! We met up after the game at Gates to shoot the you know what. After a plate of ends, he gave me his agents number. That sure was kind of him but I would never actually call, I mean who am I kidding, I’m just a has been from Coffeyville, KS who was fortunate enough to peak in community college.  I’m just thankful that I was able to get my hands dirty again.  

Well, you will never guess what happened the very next week. That agent called me first thing in the morning. Seemingly nice fella, told me If I wanted to turn pro there was a minor league program that needed a Fullback. I never been to Wisconsin but why not take my shot. I didn’t even know a minor league system was a real thing!  

I got to the team office in Madison and met my new OC, Coach Clear.  He says, “Welcome to the title defense!”, I guess in all the excitement, I never actually looked up the team. I was going to play for the reigning league champs! What a thrill! Had I known that, I would’ve worn my good hat. It was so close to the first game of the season, Coach told me he already had the playbooks ready to go assuming that he wouldn’t have a fullback. I figured that meant I would be able to kick back in my hotel room for a few weeks and maybe get some gym time. That was wrong! Very next day Coach tells me “I got a couple new formations for you, I hope you’re ready to play.”  Well I’ll be!

So the first game did not go as well as we hoped but the fellas in the locker room seem completely unfazed by the loss. We lost 27-10 in our game, but every game has a winner and a loser. Just gotta move on to the next one and do things right this time. Charlie Biletski, that’s our RB, had a great game! Our D just couldn’t quite rattle their QB. You know me, I’m always happy when the RB has a good game. Charlie was very upbeat after the game. He said, “We will work hard during the week, make the necessary adjustments and improvements and play harder next time!”.  We all knew that we were in for a tough week on the practice field this week. We are undaunted going in to week two, though stopping Memphis may be a daunting task. Like Charlie said, we have to work hard and make some adjustments, but I know the coaches will be prepared. We are going to have to show up and execute like we know we can.  

I feel like since I came into the locker room so late I have to step my game up a lot. I was doing ladders after practice, but of course with my dumb luck Coach Clear saw me out there and practically dragged me out to the sleds. I have never moved a single man sled so far in one day! It felt like I had pushed the sled from home all the way to Okmulgee. Without even hitting the showers, coach and I sat down and went through the playbook over and over again till I knew the playbook better than our QB. Then I sat through additional film time till I forgot what team I played for. My run blocking has gotten heaps better in just a weeks time. Hopefully by next week I can find a room with one of the guys or something. This hotel doesn’t have laundry facilities available, guess that means I wont be dating for a while, lol!