Written by Rachelle Colston, Ethan Kye, Matthew Slinn and Ray Bentley

Images by Jonny Law



Annapolis Navigators
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The Annapolis Navigators start off strong in the power rankings in the #1 spot as they were able to put up some great numbers against the Ottawa Cavalry, who were in last season's SFLm play-offs. This should really have the locker room hyped up going into next week as rookie QB Spenser Gordon and rookie HB Baylee O'Shaughnessy look to lead the way for the Navigators. QB Spenser Gordon would complete 34 of 47 pass for 252 yards and 2 touchdowns. HB Baylee O'Shaughnessy toted the ball 25 times for 67 yards and a touchdown. The standout WR was Josh Gill who had 8 receptions for 78 yards. The Defense wasn't too shabby but looking at the stats, the generic players balled out for the Navigators. Lets go ahead and shoot some rookie names out. CB Baeddan France had 3 tackles and a tackle for a loss. LB Jay Mart had 1 tackle 2 assisted tackles and 3 pat downs. FS Josh Rowe had 2 tackles and a pat down. The Navigators go forward to face off against the flight. Will the Flight take off with this game or will the Navigators navigate their way to win #2?


Albuquerque Atoms
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The 2nd ranked Atoms opened their season against the defending champions the Madison Lynx at home by defeating them 27-10. Their passing game was very shiny; however, the run game lacked luster. Quarter Back P.J. Slaughter had an impressive evening completing 23 passes for over 300 yards. Kyle Finnamore had five receptions for 92 yards and Nate Rivers had six receptions for 74 yards. On the down side running back Douglas Brown had twenty-three carries for only 28 yards. The Atoms defense, led by ILB Ryan Ray who had 9 tackles and 1 interception, held the Lynx to one touchdown and a field goal. With this win the Atoms will move up in the rankings; however, their run game will have to improve to keep their winning streak alive.


Birmingham Fuel
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A win to start the season out is always nice, but a win on the road is even sweeter, as the Birmingham Fuel confidently brought the San Jose Flight back down to earth with a 24-7 victory. While the margin of victory (+17) matched two of the other three winning teams for the week, only Birmingham was able to hold their opponents to a single score for the entire 44 minute contest. A stout defense from the Fuel was able to prevent San Jose from finding the endzone after their first trip in the first quarter, going so far as to keep them out of field goal range for the entire contest. Receiver Riley Quintero currently leads the pack of SFLm receivers with 20.1 yards per catch and two touchdowns, and will likely be aiming for higher numbers in next week's game. Birmingham heads home to take on the untested Salt Lake City Rustlers; hopefully they can continue accelerating before they get caught up in a stampede.
Memphis River Runners

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A huge game by tight end, Jason France, and a pair of touchdowns from Blair Jones on the ground helped Memphis overcome Tacoma in commanding fashion as they won the only Week 1 battle between new teams in the SFLm. Memphis, playing at home, took the lead in the 2nd quarter and never really looked back. Even when Tacoma drew close in the later portion of the game, the aforementioned France caught a superb deep ball by OJ Bruin and took it to the house. France has really emerged as a threat in the passing game, something SFL teams will be looking for after the success of Mike Daggs in Mexico City. Jones showed good burst and power on his TD runs, nearly gaining 100 yards to boot, and the defense was lead strongly by Max Night, the defensive tackle getting to the QB once during the game. Week 2 sees Memphis face what should be a much stiffer test as they travel to Madison to face the Lynx. Will the River Runners have what it takes to shock the champions and go 2-0?
Maddison Lynx
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The defending champions travelled to Albuquerque to take on the 4th ranked Atoms. Eric Price had a mediocre game with a 54% completion rate and 189 yards. The highlight of the offense was RB Charlie Biletsky who had 23 carries for 81 yards and Hubba Kimbrel who had 1 carry for 30 yards. Although the defense gave up 27 points, OLB Ronnie Watson had 9 tackles (3 for loss) and 1 pass deflection. SS Julian Valliere had 5 tackles and an interception. If the Lynx could find a way to improve their passing attack and keep the defense off the field, I believe they could put together some Ws.
Ottawa Cavalry
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The number two team from last season, the Ottawa Cavalry start off this season ranked number six. The Calvary had a rough go as they were only able to find the end zone one time through the air with QB Scar Patterson who would complete 9 of 21 attempts for 128 yards and a touchdown to WR Deuce Fenech, who had 2 receptions for 91 yards. HB Kevin Seay toted the ball 11 times for 76 yards and a touchdown. Other than those two scores the Cavalry would have a hard time scoring again and would allow the Navigators to score 27 on them. That's not to say the defense didn't try to stop the Navigators as LB Sean Moore would ball out with 9 tackles 5 assisted tackles and 2 pass deflections. CB Mike Scott had 7 tackles 1 assisted tackle and 1 pass deflection. DE Achilles Papatonis had 3 tackles 2 of them being sacks on QB Spenser Gordon. The Calvary face off against a hot Atoms team next. Will the Calvary charge their way to victory or will the Atoms radiate?
Salt Lake City Rustlers
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The Rustlers move up the Power Rankings this week, despite not actually taking a snap. Due to the peaks and falls of the other teams in the SFLm, Salt Lake City find themselves one of only five unbeaten teams in the league so far. Ok, all joking aide, I'm sure the coaches, players and fans are itching to get going in Week 2. It sees the Rustlers pitted against the Birmingham Fuel, who got to work against San Jose in Week 1. It will certainly be the tough test needed to welcome them to the league.
Tacoma Grizzlies
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After taking the lead early in the game, the Tacoma Grizzlies succumbed to a 34-17 defeat following a miserable second half in which they only scored 3 points. The Grizzlies couldn't keep pace with the River Runners and, despite a solid performance from former Lincoln QB Jay Cue, head into Week 2 with a 0-1 record. Thins did start well for Tacoma, culminating in a Cue TD pass, beautifully thrown by the 2nd year QB. They then headed into half time with all the momentum after a long scamper by Brad Jones resulted in 6 points and a one score deficit. Unfortunately, that was all for naught as the team simply couldn't get anything done for the rest of the game. The Grizzlies head into a bye week, giving them a chance to lick their wounds and fully prepare for the defending champions in Week 3. Expect the Grizzlies to come back with considerably more bite on offence next time out.
San Jose Flight
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San Jose's season started out auspiciously, as the Flight went two-and-interception to begin their game against the Birmingham Fuel. The first quarter itself would be the only time the Flight would find themselves lighting up the scoreboard, as they were stymied time and time again without even allowing Jack Lewis a single chance to attempt a field goal. On the brighter side, their defense was clicking, giving Birmingham quarterback Christian Brown a negative TD-to-INT ratio at 2:3. While Week 1 is always a 'roll of the dice' as far as final result goes, this is definitely not the one that San Jose wanted, especially with a road game against the Ottawa Cavalry on the docket for this week. Fortunately for the Flight, the Cavalry's defense was the most porous of all the Week 1 winners, which hopefully will give San Jose more opportunities in the red zone to work out the kinks.