Written by Ashley Jackson

Images by Jonny Law

New excitement filled the air as new rookies took to the field, most for the first time. Now that SFL major league is nearing it’s end with playoff and championship games, we begin a second season of the SFL minors. This week was filled with rookies that went #fromcouchtofield and showed how they were going to #makeanimpact in the Majors. We take the time to recognize and honor the upcoming stars with Player of the Week honors for the SFLm this season. Rookies, go out there, progress and have fun while we celebrate top performances for Week one.

Offensive Player of the Week

Anytime your offense is firing on all cylinders, you are bound to have a win in the books which could even translate to a winning season. That said, our SFLm Offensive Player Of The Week is Mr. PJ Slaughter, quarterback for the Albuquerque Atoms. In a killer performance, the Atoms triumphed over the Madison Lynx, 27 – 10, and Slaughter gave his team the edge. He had 23 completions from 33 attempts, 313 passing and his longest pass was 37 yards. Although he did have 2 interceptions, he finished up with three touchdowns and a passing percentage of 69.70. Congrats PJ!

Honorable Mentions

Another quarterback that made a difference for his team this week was Mr. Spencer Gordon of the Annapolis Navigators. The Navvies beat the Ottawa Calvary 27 -14, and what a battle it was! Gordon had 34 completions out of 47 attempts for 252 yards passing. He also had two touchdowns, with his longest pass being 24 yards and a current passer rating of 98.9. Congrats Spencer!

Another honorable mention for offensive of player of the week is Mr. Blair Jones, running back for the Memphis River Runners. In their win over the Tacoma Grizzlies, 34 to 17, Jones had a great game with 30 carries, 492 yards and two touchdowns. His longest carry was 29 yards and he averaged 3.1 yards per carry. Congratulations Blair!

Defensive Player of the Week

Defense has been known to win games, because they stop the other team from scoring in crucial moments by making major plays. The Birmingham Fuel definitely showed this talent, winning their game against the San Jose flight, 24 to 7. Defensive Player of the Week and free safety, Mr. Eric Gugger, ignited the Fuel and sparked the win. Gugger had 5 tackles, 1 assist, 1 pass deflection. He also had 2 very important interceptions for 16 yards and went 10 long. Congrats Eric!

Honorable Mentions

Runner up Defensive POTW is Mr. Julian Valliere, strong safety for the Madison Lynx. In their loss to the Atoms, Valliere proved that he can be a highly effective player with 6 tackles, 1 assist, 1 interception and 1 forced fumble. Congrats Julian!

Our second honorable mention for Defensive Player of The Week is Mr. Sean Moore, line backer of the Ottawa Cavalry. Despite the loss, Moore had 9 tackles, 5 assist and 2 pass deflections. Congrats Sean!