A Clearer Picture – Episode 5

A one on one interview with Jay Cue

Clear – Good evening and welcome back to A Clearer Picture, the interview series uncovering the stories behind the stars, or in this case future star, of the Simulation Football League. To celebrate the beginning of Season 2 of our minor league, I check in with one of the top passers in the rookie class. One of the few players returning for a second run, welcome Jay Cue!

Cue – Thank you so much for having me here, Jacob!

Clear – I must first start asking, who is behind the player, and how did the SFL find you?

Cue – Well, behind Jay Cue there’s a 35-year old married Portuguese dude, that has now a 5-month-old baby girl, so he has entered a new phase in his life, one with a bit less sleep! I found the SFL through another sim football league I am in and the idea of having your own player and being able to really watch him on the simulation was very appealing. Still, I got to the league a bit later than what was considered desirable, I think there were 3 weeks to the draft, so it was going to be difficult if I wanted to play quarterback, as nobody knew who I was. So, I just racked up some check-ins, thinking I had to wait around 6 months until the draft when a couple of months later the SFLm was announced.

Clear – You were once a Lincoln Rattlesnake, what was it like in the season one locker room?

Cue – It was really cool because it allowed us to be a part of a locker room and to know what’s expected of an SFL player. I, fortunately, had the opportunity to be a part of the London locker room as a signed player for a few weeks, so I just tried to guide those who were there for the first time with Lincoln. Being on a completely different time zone makes things a bit difficult sometimes, but it’s cool. I can’t be 100% active during the most participating hours of most people, but I make it work.

Clear – Under the wings of head coach Adam Wiseman and offensive co-ordinator Tanner Hendrix, what was it like working with your first coaches?

Cue – It was really good. Even though the season did not go as expected, as we missed the playoffs, the season served as a benchmark for every player and coach. Coming into it, everyone was excited but not really knowing what would it be like, but the locker room was pretty active and we got to know a bit more of the tactical part of the simulator, mostly due to the coaches that always tried to explain their ideas.

Clear – Looking back on your first season, was there a highlight that stands out for you?

Cue – I guess that as a QB, you never forget your first TD pass. But to be honest, I really enjoyed a couple of rushes Cue had that nobody was expecting. I am a big fan of mobile QBs, but since unfortunately that’s not really an option with the SFL sim, I enjoy the few bits that make it seem like Cue can speed through the defenders.

Clear – Entering the draft, where was your head at? Were you confident?

Cue – Early on, I was somewhat confident I would be drafted. I knew there weren’t a lot of QB spots open and I relied on the fact that I was, if I remember correctly, Top 5 in check-ins and the #2 QB on the board. I also knew very well, that on a league like this, that’s not all that matters, as owners try to draft players that can offer something more than just a presence, due to the limited roster spots. In the end, I was not drafted and that’s that. I’m still here, despite that, so it just serves as proof that I am a reliable user that can commit to a team long term.

Clear – What sort of interest did you receive during the draft?

Cue – Not much. Even though I was high on the rookie board, nobody came to me to talk about the draft, so 100% of my interactions with teams were promoted by me. And with that, I started getting the feeling that I would be undrafted. Some retired players came back to play QB for some of the QB needy teams, reducing the open spots, other prospects offered more things than I could, so I wasn’t really in a position to be considered for a team.

Clear – I cannot help but ask; is there a current SFL quarterback you look up to?

Cue – I’m really trying to build my own path as I said on the numerous messages I sent to HCs/GMs before last season’s draft. I feel like I can be a great asset to any team, either as a QB or any other position and that’s not shown on the “Good morning SFL” we see spammed on discord every day.

Clear – Is there anyone outside the Grizzlies locker room you are quite close to?

Cue – I have a couple of people I talk to on a pretty regular basis, but this season I took a bit of a step back on Discord.

Clear – One game played, one lost, coming up short 34-17 to the Memphis River Runners, what changes have you made heading into Week 2?

Cue – Everyone who’s on this league knows that there’s a big random factor on results. It’s a game. But from what I could see, we had a few good moments during that game and we have a lot of great people working on scouting and game plan, so I feel like with some adjustments we can get onto winning ways. We have a bye week now, so there are 2 weeks to plan for the next game, which will definitely help.

Clear – Do Tacoma go all the way this season?

Cue – You never know. That’s the idea of the whole locker room, but every team on the league is pretty evenly matched. But with some luck going our way in a couple of games, we might sneak into the playoffs even though we started on the wrong foot.

Clear – Thanks for your time Jay and good luck with both the rest of the season and the draft.

Cue – Thank you so much for giving me this platform to speak for a bit, it’s a very interesting one, I hope I helped a bit!