Written by Ethan Kye, Bryant Dynasty, Jack Brown and Special Guest Writer, Ray Bentley

Just before the playoffs begin, here is a fun little piece to get your teeth into. Let’s see who the ‘experts’ predict will win the Season 15 SFL Championship.

Ethan Kye’s Pick – Denver Nightwings

I have the Denver Nightwings winning the Championship as they are the team that has proven that they can get the job done time and time again this season. They only had 1 loss the whole season and that was against the Baltimore Vultures. I don’t see Jeremy Vega giving up another loss to any team in the play-offs. They have been dominating the league and are the top team in the SFL to defeat, so with that, I stand by my pick of the Nightwings as S15 champs.

Bryant Dynasty’s Pick: Denver Nightwings

You’re only allowed to play the team in front of you every given week in the SFL. Everyone has their highs and lows but one team has had a lot more highs than anyone else in Season 15. The Denver Nightwings have stated their case for a championship season by simply winning. The return of owner Jeremy Vega to coaching duties this season has paid off in spades with an impressive 11-1 record. Leading the league in Points Per Game on Offense and Points Allowed on Defense will put you in the playoff contention, but actually securing the #1 seed and a Home Field advantage will get you over the top. Missing the playoffs last season was only a fluke and we should expect to see Vega and crew bringing home some hardware back to Denver.

Jack Brown’s Pick: Baltimore Vultures

The Baltimore Vultures, always a bridesmaid, never a bride when it comes to the SFL’s crown. This year I feel is gonna be different. Even with some of the older talent gone, there is still the same team fundamentally. Also, they were the only team in the SFL to beat the Nightwings in the regular season -should they meet again in the semis, I’d place my bets on B-more. From there, they just gotta keep strong where they are with that offense, and finally an SFL championship banner will hang in the Charm City.

Ray Bentley’s Pick: Jacksonville Kings

Long Live the Kings: Jacksonville Reigns Supreme

Hear ye, hear ye! A proclimation for today, the eleventh day of October, that henceforth LORD RAY BENTLEY stakes his claim and already tawdry reputation on the ultimate victory of the JACKSONVILLE KINGS in the Season 15 Simulation Football League Championship. Whereas it is just and reasonable, the 6th Seed in postseason contention has not left a match-up all season long without a double-digit score; and, whereas the quarterback for the Kings, Sir Christian Christiansen, has the second-best completion percentage in the league at 74.77% with his receiving corps averaging over 10 yards a catch; and, whereas the Jacksonville defense is tied for the fourth-best in stopping a scoring run (something which, considering this season’s glut of Bentley replicants, will come in handy); and, whereas their special teams unit has scored in every possible situation, with a punt return, kickoff return, and a (tied for) league-best 100% accuracy on kicker Anthony Cece’s field goal attempts; I do, therefore, declare my faith and belief in the Jacksonville Kings as the true heir to the Season 15 Championship title. I do hereby strictly forbid, on pain of my vocal displeasure, the concept of entertaining other clubs, henceforth known as ‘pretenders to the throne,’ as champions whatsoever. Jacksonville’s team has continually strived for postseason greatness, and it is the firm belief, held close to the heart of the Author, that Frank Goodin’s championship-caliber group will finally attain the crown which has eluded them thusly in seasons past.

Given at the SFL Beat Headquarters this Eleventh Day of October, Two-Thousand and Twenty, in the third year of my reign as the Greatest To Ever Take to the Field;