Article by Jeff Gagne with support from Eagle Mondavi and the Sim Scouts Inc Team

As the 2nd season of the SFLm gets started tomorrow night, we wanted to take a look at the pre-season top 30 for the prospects heading into the season. These players are returning for a second season, shown great activity in the chat, or have already started to show some off the field skills. It is hard to judge how a person will act once they hit the field, but this is how the pre-season rankings shake out heading into the season. Who will remain on this list come the first mock draft? Who will fall off? What sleepers are out there that haven’t made this list? That’s the beauty of the SFLm, on any given week any single person can make an impact and change their future in the SFL!

*****These are not ranked in any particular order*****

The Wiley Vets

A few players either didn’t get the chance they needed last year, didn’t get to be drafted at their position of choice, or are looking for a fresh start at a new position. They returned to the SFLm for a second season, and due to that experience, they are making the list. Will the second time around work out better, or will some dreams come to an end after the SFLm season 2?

QB PJ Slaughter

QB Jay Cue

QB Spencer Gordon

HB Kevin Seay

WR Jae Moss

WR CJ Arthur

DE Brock Kraven

ILB Gary Clem

OLB Devin King

CB James Troll II

The Active Chatters

Sometimes it can be intimidating to coming into the league as a rookie. These SFLm prospects have shown none of that fear, and really let us get to know them. They are active in chat and have even done some of the fieldwork for the league in some cases. Can they transition these strong personalities, this leadership, this creativity into a position in the SFL?

QB Colin Pierce

WR Josh Gill

TE Guy Clawson

DT Exodus O’Brannon

DE Cliff Grizzly

FS Vernard Smith IV

SS Mike Ryan

K Jack Lewis

The Legacy Players

These players are in some way related or close to a current SFL player or staff. You know what they say, it’s more about who you know than what you know. Will these players be able to leverage that relationship into a spot on an SFL team or will their play in the SFLm hold them back?

WR Maximus Blue

WR Deuce Fenech

TE Lauren Percoco

ILB Jay Mart

FS Peanut Seay

The Best of the Rest

There are a few players we have our eyes on. Be it because they have popped in and out of chat from time to time. Maybe it is because they have a strong build that will translate well to the SFL. It simply could be because they have come up in conversations with scouts and coaches. Whatever the case they are the first bunch on the “make or break” fence for SFL stardom heading into the preseason.

QB OJ Bruin

QB Tommy Utah

HB Baylee O’Shaughnessy

HB Blair Jones

HB Charlies Biletsky

FB Hubba Kimbrel

WR Doug Spelling

WR Chris Lee

TE Jason France

ILB Josh Farnzey

CB Mike Scott

Prospects, don’t see your name listed here? Are you sad, maybe even mad? Good. As we say every year, play to prove the scouts wrong. We have played zero weeks of football, there is a ton of time left to make a name for yourself. Talk with your coaches, speak with veterans in the league, and talk with teams. Be proactive in creating your future, it may not always be simply about your play on the field. We wish you all good luck, and again hope some of you show up on the first round of mock drafts who aren’t on this list! Your time starts now, good luck to all SFLm season two rookies.