Written by Ashley Jackson, Graphics by Jonny Law

The final curtain closes on Season 15s’ regular season and what an emotional and exciting week it was. This marked the beginning of the playoffs and championship games for the top-performing teams of the season, and to those who made it, good luck, best wishes, and may the best team take home a new, shiny championship ring. It also marked the agony of defeat and the start of reflection for others as they walked off the field for the last time till next season. To those teams remember to persevere over adversity and the losses, rebuild and learn from mistakes made, and be ready for S16. It was a time to leave your best work out there between the lines, and our picks did that and then some. And now, at last, it is time to delve, into Season 15’s picks for week 12.
Offensive Player of the Week
It is important to defend your home at all costs and the Eternal Frost showed that this week in a record-breaking way. They played like the fearsome “White Walkers” in the t.V series “Game of Thrones” as Houston Hyenas felt the bitter cold in their loss to the Vancouver Legion 76-13. Our Offensive Player Of The Week winner, quarterback Mr.Tom Pepper showed why he was the king of this game with his unforgettable performance. Pepper had 34 completions out of  41attemtps, 541 passing yards, and 6 touchdowns. He also had 2 interceptions but his longest pass was 71 yard and his completion percentage is 82.93. Winter is coming and if teams aren’t ready, they will become frozen in time as well. Congratulations Tom and keep grinding!
Runner up for OPOTW is none other than Mr. Sully Richardson, quarterback of the Carolina Skyhawks. In their very telling win over the London Knights 41-36, Richardson gave it his all with his all-star performance 30 completions out of 38 attempts and 376 passing yards. He too had 5 touchdowns, 1 interception and his longest pass was 75 yards. He continues to prove how valuable he is for that organization every season and he will continue for many seasons to come. Congrats Sully!
Honorable mention for OPOTW goes out to one of the players of the # 1 team in the league and that is Mr.Jarred McChesney, running back for Denver Nightwings. McChesney had 18 carries for 65 yards, 3.6 yards per carry, and 4 touchdowns with his longest carry being 13 yards. He also had 6 catches for 38 yards averaging 6.3 yards per catch and he even had 1 touchdown in their win over the Tulsa Desperados, 37-3. Congrats Jarrod and keep on truckin’!
Defensive Player of the Week
As I Stated previously defending your home turf is of utmost importance especially when fighting for higher placement in the rankings. The Baltimore Vultures show the Arizona Scorpions why they are a cornerstone team of the league and why they are one of the most dangerous. The Vultures defense, “The Wake”, devoured the Scorpions in the second half of their game-winning 44-27 and a very important player that was directly responsible for that was our Defensive Player of The Week is corner-back Mr. Ben Stackinpaper. His one a kind performance consisted of 11 tackles, 1 pass deflection, 2 interceptions. He also had 61 yards and 1 touchdown that was a pick 6! Clearly, been stacking paper since that draft day contract, and using progression points where it was needed. Congratulations Ben on a job well done!
Runner-up for DPOTW is Mr.Tank Bennett, strong safety of the Louisiana Revolution. In their loss to the Florida Storm, 24-14, was as strong as a Leopard 2A7+ tank with his performance. Bennett was all over the field with 20 tackles, 1tackle for loss, 1 pass deflection, and key 1interception was almost a game-changer. Keep being the Reactive steel that you are made of. Congrats Tank!
Honorable Mention for DPOTW goes to Mr.Delaney Nash, strong safety of the Fort Worth Toros In a great win over the Portland Fleet 26 -3, Nash had  4 tackles, 1 pass deflection, 2 interceptions, and 12 yards that directly affected the game. Congrats Delaney for helping to make your new team a force to be reckoned with.

Special Teams Player of the Week
The Arizona Scorpions traveled to Vulture Stadium needing to have this win to make it to the playoffs for Season 15 but in an unfortunate and disappointing loss to Baltimore 44-27, their season came to an end. Despite the loss, there was one player that truly made an impact for Arizona and is our Special Teams Player of the Week. He is Mr. Jacob McCall, wide receiver and kick returner of the Arizona Scorpions. McCall showed he had heart and spunk in this last game of the season with 6 kick returns for 229 yards. But where he shined the most was when he received the ball and ran it back down filed scoring a touch down for 104 yards. With that performance, he showed why he is a very important member of this team and the league. #cantguardMcCall showed diva essence and a snapshot of what’s to come next season and beyond. Congratulations Jacob!
Runner up for STPOTW is Mr. Kole Varner, Kicker of the Mexico City Aztecs. In their thrilling win over the Las Vegas Fury, 47-10, Varner outshined most kickers this week with 4 field goals made out of 4 attempts and his longest kick was 53 yards. The Aztecs made the playoffs and if he keeps on kicking like this, they just may find themselves in the championship.