Written by Hunter Norwood and Jack Wall

Edited by Mike Ahl

Images by Jonny Law

SFL Week 11 Top 11*
*Based on an aggregation of our 3 main Elo sheets.

Hunter Norwood (HN): 11 down. 1 to go. It’s been a journey.

Jack Wall is absent this week as he looks into a career as a dolly for a local moving company.

(-)1. Denver Nightwings (1650.33)

HN: Denver enters the final week as the top team in weighted Elo and the SFL after beating the #14 Las Vegas Fury. Like I had said last week, unless Denver loses they shouldn’t lose this top spot as they have ran away with the lead. The Nightwings play the #19 Tulsa Desperados this week to close out the season.

(-)2. Baltimore Vultures (1628.59)

HN: The Vultures have held onto the 2 spot this week after having a closer than expected win over the #22 London Knights. They will need a herculean effort to overcome the distance they have to make up to get to #1 but should be happy with a top 3 finish to the regular season here. This week they play the #17 Arizona Scorpions who are still looking to make it into the postseason.

(+1)3. Louisiana Revolution (1622.71)

HN: The Revs were able to get back to their winning ways this past week after dispatching the #21 Portland Fleet and locking up a top 2 spot in the SFL playoffs. Now for them to get top 2 here they will most likely just need a better win than Baltimore does. A good win this week means beating the #7 Florida Storm which is a good win any season.

(-1)4. Sioux Falls Sparrows (1602.26)

HN: Sioux Falls drops a late season game to the #17 Scorpions and falls one spot here but stays in the 1600 tier of teams. Getting much higher than 4 after next week will probably need a team above them to lose and with Arizona playing the #2 Vultures this week they may have a chance to do just that. They themselves play the #18 St. Louis Gladiators this week to close out the season.

(+1)5. Jacksonville Kings (1573.61)

HN: The Kings were able to stop their two game skid this past week after topping the #15 Fort Worth Toros away from home. After a loss by Florida the Kings were able to move back into the top 5 of these rankings but it looks like that is where they will end this season with only a single game left in the season. This week they close out the regular season against the #11 Charleston Predators at home.

(+1)6. Atlanta Swarm (1567.33)

HN: The Swarm were able to get off of the 7th spot this week after beating the struggling #16 Chicago Wildcats. The Swarm could still make it into the top 5 if the Kings slip up this week and Atlanta can beat the #13 Queen City Corsairs away from home. The Swarm could just as easily slip back to 7 though so they will need to be careful as they enter the final week looking for a playoff berth.

(-2)7. Florida Storm (1557.39)

HN: Florida has been all up and down these rankings throughout the season after starting 0-3 and tumbling from a top 5 to the bottom half. Now, after going 6-2 the past 8 weeks they have steadily climbed these rankings into a respectable top 10 place. The Storm were able to crack the 5th spot last week but after losing to the #11 Predators they are down here at 7 and will look ahead to the #3 Louisiana Revolution in this final week as they are still looking for a playoff berth.

(-)8. Vancouver Legion (1552.24)

HN: Vancouver was able to overcome an early deficit against the #20 Carolina Skyhawks on their way to a sixth win and a good chance of getting back into the playoffs. The Legion have sat in and around this spot all season and they look like they will be placing around here when the playoffs are seeded as long as they win this week against the #12 Houston Hyenas who are looking to get in themselves.

(-)9. Mexico City Aztecs (1539.88)

HN: Mexico City were able to defeat and knock out one of the Original 7, the #13 Queen City Corsairs, this past week. This is one of the few weeks that we don’t see Mexico City jump a few spots after a win and instead stay steady at 9th. The Aztecs will be happier with their playoff berth over wherever they land here though and they will look to confirm their top 5 seed this week when they play the #14 Las Vegas Fury who have already been knocked out.

(-)10. Lone Star Glory (1534.21)

HN: After a few strong wins in Lone Star’s late season push into the higher spots of these rankings the Glory have settled into the 10th spot and look like they will end in the top 11 at the very least. This week Lone Star plays the #16 Chicago Wildcats as they look to clinch a spot in this season’s playoffs.

(-)11. Charleston Predators (1513.18)

HN: The Predators got themselves a good win this past week over the #7 Florida Storm but were unable to make a push any higher in these rankings. The win kept their playoff hopes alive for another week and now they get another do or die game against the other team in the Sunshine State, the #5 Jacksonville Kings. Depending on results this week the Predators may be the only team to finish in the top 11 who is not also a playoff team but will leave it all out on the field as they look to slip in.

Team(s) that have fallen out: N/A

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