By Ashley Jackson

Images by Jonny Law

SFL Players of the Week – Week 11

Simulation Football League fans were fortunate enough to see high flying action and hard hits this week as teams continued to make their way into playoff contention. There were also some upsets this week that made things very interesting for our Commissioner, Cameron Irvine to decipher the playoff picture heading into Week 12. Our picks for the week had top-notch performances on the field and deserve to be here in one way or another. This league will be around long past season 27 but for now, here our picks for Season 15, Week 11.

Offensive Player of the Week

Winning a game on the road in the SFL is definitely a feat that is hard to come by but Baltimore managed to do that in a very close game with the London Knights/ The Vultures pulled away winning 27-22 and if it wasn’t for the wings of our Offensive Player Of The Week, who knows what would have happened. He is Mr Ivory Ervin, wide receiver for the Baltimore Vultures. He had a phenomenal game with 7 receptions and 141 yards and averaged 20.1 yards per reception. But his 2 touchdowns scored and going 54 long during the game help give his team the edge and the victory. His sophomore season with a deadly combination with rookie quarterback Jack Wigmore will make Baltimore a force to be reckoned with throughout the playoffs. Congrats Ivory!

Runner up for OPOTW is Mr Bryant Dynasty, quarterback of the Atlanta Swarm. This all-star rookie contributed in a major outing, to help his team win over the Chicago Wildcats. Dynasty threw 25 completions out of 29 attempts and had 272 yards passing. He also had 3TD and no mistakes! If he keeps this up, Atlanta will be back in the championship. Congrats Bryant, aka Mr Hair Flip!

Honorable Mention for OPOTW is Mr Mike Daggs, tight end for the Mexico City Aztecs.
He surpassed the record for most TDs and receiving yards for his position in the Aztecs recent win over the Queen City Corsairs 26-16. Daggs had 8 receptions, 1 touchdown and 61 reception yards. Congrats Mike, or should I say, throw it to the tight end!

Defensive Player of the Week

Our Defensive Player of the Week was able to #makeanimpact in this game by simply terrorizing the quarterback at every turn it seemed. He is Mr Lee Adama, defensive tackle for the Vancouver Legion. In a narrow win over the Carolina Skyhawks 28-34, Adama had a stellar game with 7 tackles and a pass deflection. Where he really shined was having 5 sacks and 5 tackles for loss which gave Vancouver an undeniable edge. You have to be quick on your feet and strong to get to the quarterback 5 times and that is a sign of a true star. Congrats Lee!

Runner up for Defensive Player of the Week goes out to the defensive end, Jukin Roukyn of the Lone Star Glory. In their win over Tulsa 27-17, Roukyn showed why he gets paid so well having 4 tackles, 1 assistive tackle and 1 pass deflection. He also had 4 sacks and 4 tackles for loss as well. Quarterbacks try to juke him but cannot and that’s why he deserves this award. Congrats Jukin!

Honorable mention for DPOTW is “the Burner”, Zach Turner, defensive tackle of the London Knights. Turner’s high powered rookie performance deserves mention because not a lot of rookies have nights like this. He had 5 tackles, 4 tackles for loss and 4 sacks. Congrats Zach!

Special Teams Player of the Week

The Jacksonville Kings had a well-deserved win over the Fort Worth Toros. In a hard-fought battle, the Kings managed to score 36 points all up, and a lot of it had to do with our special teams player of the week, kicker Mr Anthony Cece. Cece contributed to his team winning by making 5 field goals off 5 attempts with his longest good for 51 yards. Kickers matter and I think with this performance this week, he is a shoe-in for Special Teams Player of the Week. Congrats Anthony!

Runner-up for Special Teams Player of the Week is Mr Kole Varner, kicker of the Mexico City Aztecs. He had 4 field goals made out of 4 attempts and his longest kick was 54 yards. Congrats Kole being a valuable asset to your team and the league!

Honorable mention goes out to Carolina Skyhawks kicker Mr Whistle Jones. Even though the Skyhawks lost their game Jones did what he could to keep them afloat. He had 4 field goals made out of 4 attempts and his longest kick was 50 yards. Congrats Whistle!