A Clearer Picture – Episode 4

A one on one interview with Doug Britton

Clear – Good evening and welcome to the fourth episode of A Clearer Picture, the interview series that uncovers the people behind the stars of the Simulation Football League. Tonight we are joined by season 15 rookie of the Las Vegas Fury, standing at 6’1 248lbs, fullback Doug Britton! How are you tonight, Doug?

Britton – I am doing great! Not the result we wanted in Vice Wars 7 but we will come back stronger.

Clear – You’re almost through your first season, but let’s turn back the clock a bit – how did the SFL find you?

Britton – It was after the NFL season had finished, and I was flipping around channels and stumbled upon it. I was happy to able to get my football fix and during the second game that day I heard about the league and that the player names on the field were real people.  I joined the Discord and started to do my rookie check-ins.

Clear – The Flight were unlucky in their pursuit of the inaugural SFLm title, what was it like playing in San Jose as a rookie?

Britton – My rookie season was great as an on-field player but I did not take advantage of the locker room as I should have.  I was just going through the motions waiting for the draft not understanding the importance of being active in the league.  That was a huge mistake when you look at the impact my fellow Flight teammates have already made on this league in year one, from being coordinators, scouts, league personnel, etc.  To name drop just a few Coach Craven, Ross Napoli, Ace Fenech.

Clear – You initially chose to play as a receiver, what was the motive behind that decision?

Britton – I played as a receiver in high school so I figured that was a good place for me to start in this league.

Clear – Hauling in 61 of your 98 targets for 690 yards and 4 touchdowns, were you happy with your minor league performance?

Britton – It was awesome getting to see my player catch so many passes and touchdowns every game from Ace Fenech. I thought the league was all about the gameday experience, which I learned later was very wrong.

Clear – Las Vegas drafted you in the supplemental rounds of the draft, what were your initial reactions when you got the call?

Britton.  I was so excited when Slinn Shady contacted me and wanted me to play fullback.  I had gotten several calls and had many interviews during the supplemental rounds.  I thought with my on-field performances as a receiver I could have gone much higher in the draft with the stat line you mentioned earlier.  It was disappointing but it was my off-field missed check-ins that were my biggest downfall, dropping me into the supplemental rounds. I got a big push from the Portland Owner at the beginning of the 7th round that was so big I even had to turn a team down during the 7th round to play OL which killed me having to say no, but I had already been contacted by Vegas that they wanted me at fullback and I really wanted to touch the ball in year one in the SFL.

Clear – Was the transition to fullback difficult?

Britton – The transition to fullback has been a breeze with the team and locker room here in Las Vegas.  It has been a change from catching the ball a lot to blocking for Scott Johnson and protecting Tom Ramen.

Clear – Every week you seem to get more and more involved in the Las Vegas offence, what are you planning on working on over the off-season?

Britton – I really want to get move involved in the run game and passing attack next season but that is up to the coaches to decide.  I knew this year would not be great for personal stats being a base copper player and needing progressions on a team with 4 star WR.  It is fun to see me open a hole for Scott or pick up the blitz to protect Tom but if I am being truthful I am looking to see more football next season.

Clear – What is the Las Vegas locker room like, and is there anyone you are particularly close to?

Britton – The locker room in Vegas is just incredible.  Everyone is so positive even though we are now mathematically eliminated. I think if we look back at having 7 rookies to progress especially on the offensive side of the ball we are probably where people expected us to be.  I have really gotten close to most of the team but if I had to pick out one player it would be my backfield teammate in Scott Johnson.

Clear – Is the story different for Las Vegas next season?

Britton – That is a question that will be answered as soon as the expansion teams are announced.  If Tom Ramen and his group get the LA expansion team, which for his sake he deserves, then it will be up to our general manager Slinn Shady and owners Jon Bond and Tony Benefield to fill those holes left in the lineup by the three Ramens.  Other than that, I hope to keep the rest of us together and progressing.  Maybe even a full-time scout position is in my future and a real playoff run for sure.

Clear – Thank you for your time Doug and good luck for the rest of the season.

Britton – Thank you for reaching out to players all season long, always a great read and I love to learn a lot about some other players in the league.  Good luck to everyone still fighting for a playoff spot.